How much does a Product Demo Video cost?

We have analyzed product demo videos from 100 top SaaS brands like Airtable, Ahrefs, Hubspot, Zendesk, & many more.

How much does a Product Demo Video cost?

Product demo videos are top priority for any SaaS company’s marketing strategy. According to Google, 55% of consumers use videos for purchase decisions. Please videos present the opportunity to control the narrative, highlight the benefit of the product and showcase the working of its UI on different devices.

The cost of creating a Product Demo Video depends on factors like the product video type, animation style, video length, average rate per hour of the freelancer or agency, etc. Such videos can help in increasing awareness. encouraging trail sign-ups, and pushing potential leads past the consideration stage to conversion.

Table of Contents

7 Sections to Ace for creating an effective In-house Product Demo Video

A. Script

Script is a key factor to the success of any product demo video as it underlines the systematic breakdown of the product features and decides the trajectory of the story.

Things to cover
1. Quick overview of your product
2. Introduce the problem
3. Answer the problem with your SaaS, emphasize on benefits
4. Call to action
5. Broadcast your well-known clients

Tips Softwares to use
Keep it brief Final Draft
First 30 seconds- key message and value proposition Celtx
Speak in 2nd person WriterDuet
Keep the language simple Trelby
Add humor if possible Google Docs

B. Voiceover

The voiceover decides the tone, emotion, and style of storytelling for a video. A good voiceover artist can help in resonating with the viewer and keeping them hooked to the video till the end.

Things to cover
1. Take time to study the script
2. Clarity is essential- pronounce every word correctly
3. Understand what language and accent would work
4. Make sure the emotions in the voice resonate with your brand’s voice

Tips Softwares to use
Hire an artist Hire on
For self recording, rent out a soundproof studio
Don’t compromise on sound quality Craigslist
Keep copies of the recordings Fiverr

C. Storyboarding

Storyboarding helps in establishing a timeline, chalking out details for every scene, identifying important visuals, and identifying problems that might come up in synchronizing the motion graphic effects and the voiceover.

Things to cover
1. Draw out the frame by frame breakdown of the entire script
2. Tally the storyboard with the and voice over
3. Do multiple revisions
4. Cut out filler content

Tips Softwares to use
Analyze whether or not your visual styles and story resonate with your brand's mission and objectives Plot
Artemis Pro
Keep the color scheme of the brand in mind Astropad Standard
Get feedback on the drafts makeStoryboard
Work on reducing the length PanelForge

D. Music & sound effects

This covers all the sound effects that are played with every animation and special effect in the video, as well as background music which goes on behind the voiceover. And therefore the tone and tempo of this sound needs to be just right for the product demo video to work well.

Things to cover
1. Understand what type of music would work for the video and demographic
2. Keep a few back up, royalty free options
3. Experiment with A/B testing

Tips Softwares to use
Don’t overdo the sound effects MusOpen
Free Sound
Make sure the music doesn’t overpower the voice over YouTube
Check the sound file’s licensing agreement beforehand Audio Jungle
Keep a few backup, royalty-free options Audacity

E. Production

This involves the actual act of getting all the raw material together, editing and creating the final product demo video.

Things to cover
1. Study multiple tutorials of the software you zero down on to get the best results
2. Great resources for advancing your knowledge of video production

  • Lynda
  • Udemy
  • Ripple Training
  • Larry Jordan
  • Premiere Gal Media
  • Inside the Edit

3. Edit mercilessly

Tips Softwares to use
1. Can outsource to a video agency for a more professional result- Content Beta, Demo Duck, Wyzowl, LessFilms, Flikli, Explainly, Studio Pigeon Animatron
Adobe After Effects
Go Animate
Get feedback from a beta group Videoscribe

F. Marketing

The marketing strategy is what ultimately decides the success of the product demo video. This usually involves identifying the target audience, platforms on which to push the video, and the budget to be invested.

Things to cover
1. Draw up a budget for investment
2. Hire a marketing strategist if possible
3. Analyze channels of maximum lead influx for better ROI on advertisements

Tips Softwares to use
Use SEO to generate more leads Put up on landing pages
Keep testing the performance Include in emails
Offer free trials and make sign-ups easy for more conversions Include on website
Optimize your videos and target for each channel Ads on social media platforms
- Facebook
- Instagram
- LinkedIn
- Twitter

G. Analytics

It would be wise to invest time in an analytics platform to study and make changes to your product demo video, from time to time, to optimize its performance and increase the the ROI.

Things to cover
1. Measure video engagement regularly
2. Tweak it to understand what works
3. Try multivariate testing

Tips Softwares to use
Note down the data in Excel sheets to improve engagement Wistia
Google Analytics
YouTube Insight

Things to keep in mind while deciding upon an agency for your SaaS Product Demo Video:

  • Evaluate the portfolio to understand their style and quality
  • Go through their clientele
  • Communication and flexibility are important factors
  • Research and understand the pricing
  • Understand what level of customization they can provide
  • Understand their working and timelines

5 Kickass Softwares to help create Product Demo Video for your SaaS

No. Software USP Pros Cons Pricing Used by
1. Moovly High-quality options,versatile software Video editor is advanced
Timeline with a dropdown menu for every scene
Completely customizable templates
Easy to use
Many editing options
Paid subscription needed to download video
Basic video editing skills are required
$24.92- $49.92/month Marketers/ business owners/ startup founders
2. VideoScribe Whiteboard animation maker Wide array of tools and features
Available offline
Not too customizable
No branding features
13 Euros/ month
550 Euros/one-off
Marketers/ business owners
3. RawShorts Artificial Intelligence option Pre-made templates
Can create videos from text
Can design from scratch
Essential Plan: 25 downloads- $39/month
Business Plan: 50 downloads- $59/month
Solopreneurs/ business owners
4. Adobe Spark Easy content creator Can upload your own images from Dropbox and Google Drive
Scene editor is simple
Image search option shows results from all over the web
Limitations to text placements
No stock video options
No animation options for text and elements
Can only upload video from computer
Free trial
Paid plan- $8/month
5. Renderforest Perfect for creative branding Style pack options after which AI will select the scenes
Many styles to choose from
Can’t change packs once chosen
Hard to customize
$9.99- $49.99/month Solopreneurs

An excellent alternative to Softwares, In-house methods and Freelancers for making a Product Demo Video

Content Beta is a video marketing agency and has helped Rudderstack, TapClicks, ManyChat and 60 other B2B SaaS companies to onboard, engage, and retain users with studio-quality product demos and training videos. It excels in creating engaging UI animation and spellbinding motion graphics. Content Beta has a skilled team of tech analysts, video marketers, scriptwriters, video editors, copywriters, story boarders and have spent years experimenting and mastering the process.

Advantages of working with us are that we really understand B2B SaaS, we provide full service from script to storyboard to video editing to the final video, the pricing is fixed and transparent. Content Beta is also low touch, which means no need to spend hours on zoom calls explaining your product and offers fast delivery (max 8-10 business days).

  • The Pricing for a 2-minute product demo video is around $810.
  • Content Beta even offers to update product videos according to the changing features of your SaaS.
Benefits Content Beta Benefits Content Beta
Wide Skill set From Idea to Final Video Scale Up to 100 videos a month
Software/Tech Specialist Yes Process Autopilot
Unlimited Revisions Yes Timeline 8-10 days
UI/UX Updates Yes Quality Control Yes
Account Manager Yes 24/7 Email Support Yes
Dedicated Client Portal Yes Cost Starts $450/video
Pricing visibility Yes Videos Examples Check here:
Started 2020 Type of video Animated graphics, Hybrid motion graphics
No. of Clients 60 G2 reviews 4.9


Even though it might seem like an expensive investment, in the beginning, a professionally made Product Demo Video can go a long way in increasing the discoverability of the product, invoking trust in the brand, increasing MQLs, helping with fast convergence and eventually in building a community of faithful users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Basic product demo video can cost between $1,000–$5,000 while a more complex, lengthy, detailed, with motion graphics can one cost upto even $50,000.The price cap also depends on whether the videos being made in-house, by a freelancer, a small agency or an established video production agency.

An effective product demo video needs to highlight the Benefits of the Product or Service in under 2 minutes.

A Product demo video is usually 60-second long and can cost between $1,000–$5,000 on an average- depending on style, effects, complexity & scope of video production service.

Product Demo Video creates awareness about the existence of a product or service and highlights the benefits and explains the working of the SaaS or software which aims to solve the problem that the user is facing.

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