How Rudderstack built its video strategy with Content Beta?




Short product demos to achieve higher conversion, podcasts for brand awareness, and long product training videos for a customer data platform.


Perfecting onboarding

Rudderstack felt that some of their features needed to be showcased and explained during onboarding. These features were important since they helped differentiate them from the competition. The showcase needed to be in such a way that it made feature adoption easy, ‘wow’ the viewer and communicate the use-case of the tool in a lucid manner.

Social media needs

Rudderstack is a relatively newer company founded in 2019. Owing to a lean team focused on building a superior product, the social media needs were often being left unfulfilled. The team understood the importance of this channel and wanted to grow it with value-added content.

Podcasts FTW

Every company wants a successful podcast since they are the future. Rudderstack powers ‘The Data Stack show‘, a podcast for the engineers by the engineers. While Rudderstack had a stellar lineup of guests, they wanted to split their longish podcasts into digestible bits for distribution over several channels.



With Content Beta, Rudderstack was able to get three categories of videos.

  • Long product training videos (>10 mins)
  • Short feature demo videos (<4 mins)
  • Shareable podcast clips


Rudderstack’s customers are fairly sophisticated. Hence majority length of the video was technical and UI-centered.

Rudderstack sent us screen recordings of the demo, voice-overs, and webcam recordings of their in-house leaders.

While a great portion was done for us by the Rudderstack team, we still needed to do some heavy lifting through a slew of graphics, animations, and heavy video editing that was optimized for viewer retention and success.


At the end of 3 projects our collaboration produced 4 product training, 4 feature demo and 6 podcast clips.

RudderStack helps businesses consolidate all of their customer data, which is now typically generated and managed in multiple places, and then extract value from this more holistic view. In short, Rudderstack offers an open-source alternative to customer data management platforms like Segment.

Because it is open-source, companies can run RudderStack anyway they want and current users include IFTTT, Mattermost, MarineTraffic, Torpedo and Wynn Las Vegas.


Customer Data Platform


Rudderstack swears by Content Beta’s quality and turnaround time. If not we wouldn’t have worked on 3 projects over the course of several months.

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