25 Unique Ways to Repurpose Video Content

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June 12, 2024


Videos have emerged as an impactful tool for storytelling and audience engagement. However, their potential doesn’t end with a single use. Repurposed video content entails transforming existing videos into new and diverse formats.

Repurposing video content maximizes variety, accessibility, and audience engagement. It caters to diverse preferences, extends content lifespan, and ensures relevance. As a result, this practice offers a cost-effective and efficient method to expand brand visibility, increase audience reach, and strengthen overall content strategy.

Due to these reasons, repurposing video content has gained immense popularity in the modern digital marketing domain.

This blog explores 25 unique methods of repurposing your video content. It showcases the complete potential of your video assets while giving an in depth account of how to repurpose videos.

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    What is Repurpose Video Content?

    Repurposing video content involves the process of taking existing videos and converting them into different formats to be utilized in various ways. Rather than generating entirely new content, repurposing allows us to derive additional value from the original videos.

    This can be achieved by:

    • creating shorter video clips suitable for social media platforms
    • transforming them into podcasts or blog posts
    • creating informative infographics
    • incorporating them into email newsletters

    Repurposing video content helps us reach more people on different platforms and saves time in content creation. By cleverly reusing video assets, one can connect with a broader audience and make their content more accessible.

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    25 Ways to Repurpose Video Content

    We have compiled a list of 25 unique ways to repurpose video content.

    1. Customer Testimonial Into Facebook Cover Video

    Integrating customer testimonials into your Facebook cover video presents a convincing display of positive feedback. This solidifies your brand’s credibility upfront.

    With this strategy, you can get the attention of visitors, as it offers convincing social proof for your page. The videos may include snippets of happy customers sharing their experiences with your product or service.

    This approach reinforces trust in your brand. It sets your brand apart in a memorable manner for customers visiting your page.

    2. Video Content To Create Infographics

    Repurposing video content to create infographics is an effective way to transform visual storytelling. By extracting key information and data from videos, infographics present complex concepts in a concise and visually appealing format.

    These graphics add to the SEO efforts by driving traffic to the original video source and encouraging backlinks. They creatively present statistics and insights which makes information more appealing.

    These infographics allow businesses to maximize impact and cater to diverse audience preferences. It also strengthens their digital presence and communication strategies.

    Given below is an example:

    3. Turn Into Podcasts

    Repurposing video content into podcasts is a great way to reach new audiences and make your content evergreen. When you reuse videos and convert them into podcast episodes, you offer valuable and easy-to-understand information for people on the move.

    Podcasts are usually preferred by those who like to listen while commuting or exercising. This makes your content more accessible. Additionally, podcasts allow you to explore topics covered in the video in more detail.

    This transformation expands the reach of your original video content and increases your brand’s visibility within the podcasting domain.

    Example: Exit Five Podcast by Dave Gerhardt

    4. Video Rich Snippets For Google Search

    Make your video easy to find with the right info, like URLs, titles, descriptions, and timestamps. This makes it more likely to show up when people search for related things.

    When your video comes up in search results, people can see a preview of it. This makes them more likely to click and watch the whole video.

    This brings more people to your video and helps you reach a bigger audience. Also, adding new videos regularly can help more people see your video when they search.

    For example:


    5. Animated Graphics And Gifs

    Repurposing video content into animated graphics and GIFs offers a creative way to attract your audience visually. By converting specific video segments into interesting animations, you can simplify complex ideas and convey them effectively.

    These animations are ideal for sharing on social media, websites, and other platforms – making your content more interactive. This unique approach helps bring new life to your video content and leaves a lasting impact on your viewers.

    As a result, your brand’s digital presence improves, and you can achieve higher levels of audience engagement.

    For example: Samsung has a series of GIFs, such as the one below 

    Source: Samsung

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    6. Add To The ‘About’ Page

    Including repurposed video content on your ‘About’ page creates a storytelling experience for your website visitors. It allows you to share engaging videos that highlight your brand’s journey, values, and achievements.

    By showcasing the people behind the brand and sharing testimonials from satisfied customers, you build trust and credibility. Videos can make your ‘About’ page more dynamic and interesting.

    Additionally, including videos on your ‘About’ page can make visitors stay longer. This shows search engines that your content is valuable and relevant. It results in increasing your website’s search engine ranking.

    For example: Hubspot’s “About Us” Page

    7. Landing Page Videos

    Repurposing video content for landing page videos is an effective way to draw in and convert visitors. Adding videos to your landing pages quickly catches your audience’s attention and delivers essential messages.

    These videos introduce your product or service, showcasing its features and benefits. They build trust and credibility. This is because reviews from real people or product demonstrations can create a strong emotional connection with potential customers.

    Additionally, landing page videos address customer questions and concerns. This reduces friction in the decision-making process and guides visitors toward taking action.

    8. Turn The Explainer Video Into A Video Ad

    Transforming your b2b explainer video into an ad is an effective way to promote your brand. With visuals and storytelling, you can motivate customers to engage with your repurposed content.

    A well-crafted video ad can hook viewers in the first few seconds, making them want to learn more about your product or service. By condensing your key messages and using appealing visuals, create a short, impactful video that presents your brand’s value.

    With the right targeting and distribution, your SaaS explainer video turned ad can reach a wider audience, improve your brand’s visibility and conversions.

    Refer to this video ad by Semrush

    9. Webinar Into A Lead Magnet

    Converting your webinar into a lead magnet is a clever way to generate valuable leads. After repurposing video content into downloadable resources, such as eBooks or PDFs, you can provide valuable insights to your audience.

    Potential customers can access these resources in exchange for their contact information, such as email addresses. It allows you to nurture these leads through email marketing. This builds a strong relationship and increases the chances of converting them into paying customers.

    Moreover, repurposing webinars into lead magnets extends content lifespan. By offering educational resources, you establish authority and expertise.

    For example: Take a look at these eBooks by Salesforce

    10. Make A Webinar Out Of Videos

    Using your existing videos to make an interesting webinar is an effective method to deliver valuable content to your audience. It’s essential to curate relevant videos and arrange them logically to deliver a cohesive message.

    Repurposing videos into a webinar transforms passive viewers into active participants. This strengthens the impact of your content. It also solidifies your relationship with the existing audience and allows you to reach a new audience.

    By turning your videos into a webinar, you can create a dynamic and memorable learning experience that leaves a lasting impression on your viewers.

    For example: ContentBeta worked with ManyChat on the following case study

    11. Turn Customer Testimonials Into Video Ads

    Transforming customer testimonials into video ads is an effective way to demonstrate your products or services. By converting feedback from happy customers into visually engaging stories, you build trust and credibility with potential buyers.

    These video ads act as strong social proof, showcasing the positive results your brand delivers. When viewers see customer satisfaction, they are more likely to choose your products or services. This, in turn, leads to quicker conversions.

    By transforming customer testimonials into video ads, businesses can hook their audience and enhance their brand’s reputation.

    For example: DropBox’s video ad campaign which consisted of customer testimonials.

    12. Video Stories Into A Monthly Recap Video

    Transforming video stories into monthly recap videos is a great way to summarize and share your brand’s journey. By compiling the highlights and key moments from each month, you can keep your audience engaged and informed.

    These recap videos create a sense of continuity and connection, allowing viewers to stay updated on your latest developments. Additionally, they serve as a valuable tool for reinforcing your brand’s identity and maintaining a strong online presence.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    13. Use Video Content To Promote Itself (Teaser)

    By creating short and intriguing teasers from your existing videos, brands can generate curiosity and capture their audience’s attention. These teasers provide a sneak peek into your full video content, encouraging viewers to explore further.

    They are impactful promotional tools, driving more traffic to your main videos and increasing engagement. Moreover, teasers are highly shareable on social media platforms, allowing your audience to easily spread the word about your brand and content. This can lead to increased brand awareness and reach.

    Teasers in email marketing campaigns can increase open rates and engagement by urging subscribers to watch the full video content. By strategically repurposing video content into teasers, you can build anticipation and excitement around your brand

    For example: The Samsung unpacked introduction was a captivating promotion of the event.

    14. Different Formats For Different Platforms

    Repurposing video content into different formats suited for various platforms is a strategic approach to maximize its impact. By adjusting your videos to fit the specific needs and preferences of each platform, you can engage diverse audiences and reach more people effectively.

    For instance, short and catchy clips work well on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where attention spans are limited. On the other hand, longer, more in-depth videos may be suitable for platforms like YouTube or your website, where viewers seek detailed information.

    This tailored approach to repurposing video content elevates your brand’s presence across various platforms and encourages better engagement with your audience.

    For example: DocuSign has playlists on YouTube, since YouTube is suitable for longer content.

    15. Shorten Into Pre-Rolls

    Pre-rolls are short video ads that appear before the main content, such as before a YouTube video or while using certain mobile apps. By adjusting your videos to fit the concise and attention-grabbing style of pre-roll ads, you can get more people interested and reach a wider audience.

    Pre-rolls are particularly useful for platforms where users may have shorter attention spans or are looking for quick and concise content. By condensing your message into a short and impactful video, you can deliver your brand’s key points efficiently.

    Overall, repurposing video content into pre-rolls allows you to improve brand awareness, message recall, and effectively promote your brand across various digital channels.

    16. Several Videos Into A Roundup Post

    A roundup post allows you to showcase the diversity of your video content and highlight different aspects of your brand or industry. It gives viewers a well-rounded perspective on the subject matter and keeps viewers interested for a longer duration.

    These posts allow you to promote your videos and direct viewers to each video, increasing overall views and engagement. It can also encourage viewers to explore other content on your website or platform.

    Strategically organizing and presenting your videos in a roundup post helps you leverage your existing video library.

    For example: Linkedin posted a roundup post on Confusing Workplace Jargon

    17. Turn B-Roll Footage From One Longer Video Into Multiple Shorter Videos

    Repurposing B-roll footage from longer videos into multiple shorter clips increases content diversity and enhances audience engagement. By crafting focused videos, brands extend the life of their original content. They help to maintain a strong brand presence.

    Shorter videos enable brands to highlight specific aspects, customize content for different platforms, and maximize audience appeal. This strategic approach creates better audience connections and optimizes content strategy.

    Example: Shopify’s YouTube Shorts

    18. Create An Image/Graphic Carousel

    Repurposing video content to make an image or graphic carousel is an interesting way to tell a convincing visual story. This format presents multiple images or graphics in an interactive post, providing an immersive viewer experience.

    Cohesive storytelling allows brands to communicate effectively, encouraging users to explore further. Moreover, the swipeable design of carousels enables audience interaction and allows for showcasing various aspects of the brand or highlighting key features. This versatility leaves a lasting impression and maximizes brand visibility.

    For example: Apple has a carousel series of “ShotoniPhone”

    19. Tailor For Events

    Tailoring video content for events is a strategic approach that adds value to the overall experience. By creating event-specific videos, brands can align their messaging with the event’s theme and objectives. This leads to resonating more effectively with the audience.

    Event-specific videos serve multiple purposes – promoting the event beforehand and capturing memorable moments. Attractive visuals and storytelling increase event attendance, drive audience participation and build a sense of brand connection.

    Sharing event videos on social media strengthens their impact by reaching a broader audience. It also maximizes the event marketing’s return on investment.

    For Example: ServiceNow advertised a reel during Pride month – representing the same during a parade

    20. Transform Video Content Into Instagram Reels

    Transforming video content into Instagram Reels engages the audience and maintains relevance on the platform. Short-form videos attract viewers and display creativity and authenticity. Brands can deliver impactful messages that resonate with their target audience.

    By repurposing existing video content into Instagram Reels, brands can rejuvenate their material and reach a broader audience. The platform’s algorithm favors Reels, increasing visibility and engagement.

    With music, effects, and captions, Reels offer an interactive format for storytelling and brand promotion. Embracing this trend builds stronger connections with followers and stands out in the competitive social media space.

    For example: Take a look at the reels posted by Manychat

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    21. Create memes

    Memes are known for their viral nature and ability to resonate with social media users. This automatically makes them an effective means for increasing brand awareness and engagement.

    Creating and sharing memes is a cost-effective way to rejuvenate your video content while extending its lifespan. It also maximizes its impact across various social media platforms.

    By extracting funny or memorable segments from your videos and transforming them into shareable memes – you can connect with your audience on a more lighthearted level.

    Here is an example of a meme posted by Microsoft. This effectively communicates its message.

    22. Lives Into Blog Post

    Repurposing live video content into blog posts enables catering to diverse audience preferences. Some people prefer reading at their own pace, making blog posts a useful option for them. Therefore, this strategic approach ensures more accessibility for your valuable content.

    Transcribing and structuring the key points in written form ensures broader reach and better SEO rankings for relevant keywords – driving organic traffic to your website.

    Moreover, incorporating relevant visuals and call-to-action buttons within the blog post can increase engagement rates and lead to higher conversions. This approach increases the overall impact of your content.

    Example: Mailchimp has several blogs highlighting a vast series of topics.

    23. Webinar Into A Condensed TLDW Video

    Transforming a webinar into a condensed “Too Long, Didn’t Watch” (TLDW) video effectively captures its essence in a concise format. By carefully selecting and summarizing key points, you present valuable insights and highlights to your audience.

    TLDW videos cater to those with limited time or attention span, making it easier for them to grasp the main takeaways without watching the entire webinar. Moreover, creating a TLDW video extends the reach of your webinar’s content as you can repurpose and share the condensed version on various platforms.

    This attracts a wider audience and maximizes the impact of your webinar. Whether used as a teaser for the full event or a stand-alone summary, TLDW videos offer a valuable resource that keeps your audience engaged and informed.

    24. App Store/Play Store Video

    Repurposing video content into captivating App Store and Play Store videos is an effective way to showcase your mobile app’s unique features.

    When creating these videos, focus on the key benefits of your app and demonstrate how it provides value to users. Highlight its capabilities and showcase real-world scenarios where it can make a difference.

    Ensure the video is interesting and informative, so users quickly understand your app’s value proposition. With a well-crafted App Store or Play Store video, you can significantly increase your app’s visibility and downloads.

    Here’s a small snippet of the PlayStore video for the WebEx Meetings application

    25. Webinars Into Tutorial Videos

    By breaking down complex topics covered in the webinar into step-by-step tutorials, you provide viewers with practical guidance and hands-on learning opportunities.

    This approach caters to different learning styles. It ensures that your audience can easily implement the knowledge gained from the webinar.

    Tutorial videos allow you to address specific pain points or common questions raised during the webinar, offering in-depth solutions and demonstrations. Repurposing webinars into tutorial videos strengthens your expertise and credibility in the industry.

    For example: MasterControl has an Educational Series which are tutorial videos.

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    Repurposing video content provides valuable opportunities for brands to maximize their video assets and connect with a larger audience.

    By adopting these 25 unique repurposing strategies, businesses can effectively communicate their story through various methods.

    We hope that these content repurposing examples have proved to be inspiring and enable your brand to repurpose video content too.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Using Animation Software: Utilize animation software like Adobe After Effects or Canva to create custom animated graphics and GIFs from video clips.
    2. Frame-by-Frame Illustration: Convert video frames into individual illustrations and arrange them to create a GIF animation.
    3. Motion Tracking: Apply motion tracking techniques to extract specific elements from videos and animate them separately.
    4. Animated Text and Icons: Animate text and icons in videos to create visually attractive GIFs that convey key messages.
    5. Animated Transitions: Transform video transitions into seamless animated GIFs to add flair to your content.

    These animated elements add dynamism and appeal to the content, making it more shareable and memorable.

    Turning video content into memes helps brands connect with their social media audience through humor, relatability, and viral potential. Memes add entertainment value and make content more shareable, fostering a sense of community and loyalty among followers.

    They showcase brand relevance and appeal to tech-savvy audiences, enhancing the brand’s presence on social media.

    • Enhanced Brand Visibility and Reach: Converting explainer videos into captivating video ads increases brand exposure across various platforms and target audiences.
    • Emotional Connection and Higher Engagement: Captivating video ads evoke emotions, foster a stronger connection with viewers and lead to increased engagement as well as brand recall.
    • Effective Communication of Value Proposition: Video ads effectively communicate the brand’s unique selling points, leading to better understanding and interest among potential customers.
    • Storytelling through Visuals: Image/graphic carousels allow brands to tell compelling narratives through a sequence of visually engaging images, keeping the audience captivated.
    • Increased Engagement and Interaction: Carousels encourage users to swipe through multiple images, leading to higher engagement and increased time spent on the content.
    • Versatility and Adaptability: Brands can present various aspects of their story, product, or services through carousels, catering to different audience preferences and platforms.

    Businesses can effectively repurpose live video content into blog posts to cater to diverse audience preferences by transcribing key points into written form. This provides accessible and shareable information, expanding the reach of the content.

    Optimizing the written content with relevant keywords also improves SEO rankings, driving organic traffic to the website and maximizing the impact of the original video content.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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    Content Beta