Top Tips to Reduce Customer Churn

In episode #13 of New things in Customer Education, David Ashworth and Rishabh discuss different strategies for customer onboarding and some insider tips on cracking churn.
Top Tips to Reduce Customer Churn with David - Content Beta Video Production Company
Is customer churn a problem for you right now?
We see it as a problem. Even though it doesn’t exist, you always have to defend against churn by executing well. The sales team might sell a deal and they are very happy but the deal may not stick because they didn’t sell it well. And this is one of the things on the premises that we are selling on.

We are called a proof of performance platform. And our goal is to say what the product actually is during the sale which continues through success to a very frictionless renewal because you continue to prove your promises all the way through.

So that’s how we believe our products should evolve and it brings in customers collaboratively, your partners and your teammates I speak to slack, to CRM, but it’s one pane of glass that allows me to do all this work and understand what I need to do to reduce the friction of closing that sale and to ease that handoff to the next team.
What’s the onboarding time for a new customer?
I could use these videos in different places in my product that the customer would then invoke when they want to or when they would invoke them through Zendesk articles or through icons presented on the screen that would bring up a Pendo Guide.

So I have Pendo and Zendesk. I’m looking at using Loom. Loom means I’m doing the video myself and hence it doesn’t have very high production quality. When they first log in, they get a beautiful onboarding video from you.

Throughout the site, they get loom videos from me. Maybe in marketing, I have a video that I can use as an attachment, or embedded inside my email from you with higher production quality.

Right now, it’s okay to have Loom inside the product because it’s more personalized. That doesn’t have to be high production quality which makes it real. But the first one I see should be a little more polished.
One last question for SaaS, how should they try to reduce churn and what are the top 2-3 things you would advise?
Do what you say you’re going to do is a big one. Reduce friction for your customer by not asking your customer to repeat themselves to every team that they encounter. So your left hand knows what your right hand is doing in your organization, your customer has this white-glove experience but it’s all automated.

So it’s not a big burden on the team’s giving the experience. Customer Success needs to understand the product, understand how to identify hurdles, challenges, whitespace and speak the customer’s language. They’re not there to chase renewals.

That should be a very small part of their job. Unfortunately, most successful organizations have a very big part of the job, because we haven’t done all the other things correctly.
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