10 Best Real Estate Testimonial Videos Examples

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June 11, 2024


Whether you’re a real estate agent, a property developer, or a B2B real estate software company – video testimonials have changed the way businesses used to run. You win trust, attract rich and qualified leads, and close deals – all using these endorsements.

Use real estate testimonial videos not just to show how happy your clients are, but to validate your professionalism. You also build your personal brand in a sector where trust is the starting point of every conversation.

According to Wordstream, businesses can have a competitive edge with a revenue growth of 49%, when they consider including video in their approach. Forbes asks to consider using videos as it raises purchase likelihood by 64%.

The significance of video content extends to the real estate space too. But before you read further, these queries may show up:

  • In what way are your competitors using testimonial videos? How do I stand out?
  • What are the ways to integrate real estate testimonial videos into my marketing strategy?
  • Does your agency have a unique selling point or niche that could be highlighted through testimonials?

Find a good video testimonial maker company. And who knows? After creating a testimonial for real estate agent, you can be like this guy, more often than not:

testimonial for real estate agent
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    Why create Real Estate Testimonial Videos?

    Real estate testimonials come in several forms – text-based reviews, video testimonials, social media posts, case studies, customer quotes, blog posts, and audio recordings. Each format offers unique benefits.

    But here is why you should give special attention to real estate video testimonials –

    1. Reusability of Video Content

    Testimonial videos can be used in many ways – on websites, social media, emails, online listing presentations, and advertisements. At Content Beta, we often re-purpose video content into various formats for various platforms.

    2. Personal Branding & Social Proof

    It needs familiarity and trust due to the high value of the transactions. Testimonial videos make it more approachable by putting a face to your company’s brand name.

    3. Online Visibility 24/7

    Once a video testimonial is made and uploaded, it acts as your 24/7 online marketer. You can still see client 7-year-old video testimonials in online searches.

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    Examples of Real Estate Testimonial Videos

    If you make your living in the real estate sector, use these real estate testimonial examples as inspiration to create your own testimonial videos.

    Let’s explore some of the competitive scenarios in the real estate space. Here is what you can do:

    1. If you are a real estate agent targeting first-time young home buyers

    Storytelling summary:

    • In your real estate testimonial videos, educate the client about factors a first-time buyer might not consider. For example – the importance of natural light and considerations for resale value.
    • It is one of the real estate agent testimonials examples where we see how an agent’s support throughout the bidding process, offering reassurance and strategizing on offers and counteroffers, are invaluable for a novice buyer.

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • Short video (100 seconds)
    • Slow panning
    • Various camera angles
    • CTA

    2. If you are a real estate agency targeting senior buyers or someone who is shifting states

    Storytelling summary:

    • Demonstrate a level of personalized service that goes beyond the transactional mindset.
    • Small things matter – meeting people for the installation of appliances, getting the house cleaned, and introducing them to the neighbors.

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • Brand logo animation
    • Short video (90 seconds)
    • Various camera angles

    Bonus Tip: Clients often found their realtor through Instagram by searching geotags of the area they were interested in.

    Repurpose your real estate video testimonials for different formats and platforms. This ensures a wider reach with the same content asset.

    3. If you are a custom home building company targeting premium buyers

    Storytelling summary:

    • Premium homebuyers look for more than just a house – they want a home that reflects their lifestyle and aspirations. They also want a seamless and stress-free experience. The builder’s “I can build that” attitude gave them confidence.
    • The builder uses CoConstruct (an online construction management and communication tool) to keep them informed and involved throughout the process. Using specific details, such as ‘a power-efficient home’, ‘quiet sanctuary’, etc. in a testimonial video adds uniqueness.

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • Drone shots
    • Footage of the process- from the designs to the initial raw form to the final finished view
    • A mashup of testimonials from two families for their homes.

    4. If you are targeting B2B buyers for a real-estate software app

    Storytelling summary:

    • This example of real estate testimonial videos shows how experience sharing from users across multiple departments (three) completes the big picture of the app’s use case.
    • The speakers provided specific instances where the app has been useful, such as-
      • Paying rent online
      • Leasing without the need for a physical presence
      • Easy interface navigation
      • Phone accessibility
    • The impact of efficiency on the company’s bottom line became the closing remark.

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • Intro footage using drone shots
    • A mashup of testimonials from three users, showing the product UI on screen with the user working on it
    • B-rolls from the office work environment.

    5. If you are targeting HNI real estate investors

    Storytelling summary:

    • A mashup of user-generated content (UGC) testimonials from as many as 10 investor clients that shows-
      • Multiple mentions of transparency
      • Excellent communication
      • Reliability in receiving monthly payments

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • An introduction featuring montage clips of multiple investors
    • Kinetic typography.

    Bonus tip: Here are 6 tips for making real estate testimonial videos targeting HNI real-estate investors –

    1. Feature clients who have achieved significant returns (ROI) on their investments through properties you helped them acquire.
    2. Include real estate testimonial videos from clients with whom you’ve worked multiple times.
    3. Include testimonials from clients with different investment goals, such as:
      • long-term rentals
      • fix-and-flip projects
      • vacation rentals.
    4. Feature clients who praise your responsiveness, transparency, and attention to detail
    5. Demonstrate a deep understanding of the local real estate market, especially in the case of real estate agent testimonials. This can include:
      • Trends
      • Neighborhoods
      • Factors affecting property values.
    6. If possible, show how you helped navigate complex transactions including tax implications, or resolve any property issues.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    6. If you are a real estate company recruiting new agents

    Storytelling summary:

    In this instance of real estate agent testimonials, an agent shares his 2.5-year journey at the company. The training program and support system enabled him to switch from a traditional 40-hour-per-week job to a ‘forever career’ in real estate.

    The proof – he surpassed his initial sales expectations by selling 17 houses, compared to the anticipated 5-10. It is one of the real estate testimonial videos new agents will be looking for.

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • Different camera angles
    • A “sticky footer” with contact details
    • Brand logo display

    7. If you are a property management company targeting homeowners

    Storytelling summary:

    • Many homeowners and buyers can relate to this real estate testimonial—the dilemma of buying a new home and wanting to rent out the old one without the responsibilities of being a landlord and using the passive income to pay off the mortgages early.
    • The property management company has been praised for being “super professional, super polite,” and proactive (lease renewal reminder). The homeowner was happy with the property’s financial performance and rated the company’s services 10/10.

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • Different camera angles
    • Occasional use of the “shaky cam” technique.

    8. If you are a property management franchisor targeting aspiring business owners (Example 1)

    Storytelling summary:

    A franchise business needs three qualities to succeed:

    1. Alignment of the franchisor and franchisee’s core values,
    2. A well-known brand, and
    3. A proven business model with systems, processes, and support.

    In this instance of real estate testimonial videos, all three were communicated by interviewing multiple franchisees.

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • The footage (including slow-motion b-rolls) captured property visits
    • Business owners in the office
    • Key handovers
    • The collective working experience of three business owners.
    • Towards the end, a man pastes a “Rented | More Wanted” label on a For-rent signboard.

    9. If you are a property management franchisor targeting aspiring business owners (Example 2)

    Storytelling summary:

    • The focus is on support from the franchise. This includes tools, resources, systems, and processes provided by the franchise network. Getting industry-insider information, such as the importance of maintenance and repairs and additional revenue streams besides rent (pet fees) – is a bonus.
    • The video ends with the franchisee sharing how satisfying the sense of ownership is when you’re “not just a cog in someone else’s wheel”.

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • Beautifully executed drone shots
    • Different camera angles of the interview
    • The franchisor’s inside-office view.

    10. If you are a service provider targeting real estate companies

    Storytelling summary:

    • The agent introduces himself and his marketing challenge: his target audience is flooded with too many digital ads, making them ineffective. The result: money wasted on online ad campaigns. This instance of real estate testimonial videos shows how he tried the paper mail solution (postcard) and succeeded.
    • In this testimonial for real estate agent, the campaign funnel has been narrated while showing the numbers on screen: two different target audiences, 1000 cards per month to each group, 10-15 responses, and finally, 2 conversions worth $51,000 in gross income.

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • On-screen visualization – showing a picture of the actual postcard (product), campaign funnel
    • A clear CTA at the end.

    Why Choose Content Beta?

    Creating a professional-looking testimonial video requires more than just a camera. Consider the real estate testimonials examples: you will find how testimonials for real estate agents differ from those of real estate software companies targeting B2B buyers.

    Also, anything minus brand voice isn’t what you would be looking for. Here’s how Content Beta can help you:

    • We can understand your unique story. It includes the challenges your ideal customer may face.
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    Whether you’re an agent, property manager, or software developer, we are equipped with the means that will demonstrate your value proposition.

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    Real estate testimonial videos are a must if you’re in this profession. They’re NOT meant to be just some “fluffy-salesy” video. To create effective testimonials, focus on authenticity, specificity, and relatability while targeting different audience segments.

    Generic praise and “scripted” testimonials are boring. Mention the quiet street and the amazing kitchen. Investors want numbers, first-time buyers want hand-holding. Speak their language.

    Utilize various video production techniques and repurpose content across multiple platforms for maximum reach. Convincing clients to participate requires making the process easy and highlighting the benefits for their business.

    With proper planning and execution, real estate video testimonials can serve as compelling 24/7 online marketers.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    A real estate testimonial video should ideally be between 1 to 3 minutes long. This duration is sufficient to convey the message without losing the viewer’s interest.

    A real estate testimonial video should include:

    • Introduction of the client to establish credibility.
    • The challenge they had before engaging with the real estate service.
    • The solution provided by the real estate service.
    • The tangible outcomes, like selling a property above asking price.
    • The client’s opinion about the overall experience.
    • Call to action to encourage viewers to contact the real estate service.

    You can choose which clients to feature in testimonial videos by considering the following criterias:

    • Select clients with varied backgrounds
    • Prioritize clients who have experienced significant, measurable success as a result of your service.
    • Look for clients who are genuinely enthusiastic about their experience
    • Choose clients whose stories will resonate with your target audience
    • Opt for clients who are credible and relatable to your prospective customers

    Legal considerations for real estate testimonial videos are –

    • Obtaining written consent for use,
    • Ensuring testimonials are truthful,
    • Respecting privacy laws,
    • Securing copyright permissions for any additional content, and
    • Adhering to industry regulations and advertising standards.

    The common pitfalls to avoid in testimonial videos are:

    • Lack of authenticity
    • Poor production quality
    • Lack of focus on specific benefits or outcomes
    • Not showcasing a range of client backgrounds
    • Neglecting consent, which can lead to legal issues.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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