How Much Does A Promotional Video Cost?

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May 2, 2024


Have you ever thought of why promotional videos are important and what purpose they serve?

Promotional videos are valuable for communicating value propositions and functionality. They also increase user engagement and brand awareness.

Promo videos provide a sneak peek into the product, highlighting its USP(unique selling proposition). They grab the audience’s attention and persuade them to consider buying.

Well-executed promotional videos encourage prospects to explore free trials and demos of the product/service. These videos help prospects to move further in their buying journey.

According to Google Insights, 68% of users watched videos to make their purchase decisions.

Various types of promo videos include product launch videos, explainer videos, event videos, product intro videos, and video ads.

Questions you might have regarding promotional videos:

  • Do promotional video production costs vary depending on whether the production is done in-house or through external video production companies?
  • How does the chosen video style influence the overall budget for a promotional video?
  • How do complex scenes affect the promotional video cost?

Let’s talk about what influences promotional video costs and how much you might expect to spend.

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    What is a Promotional Video?

    Promo videos work well for promoting products or services. They are great at directly marketing products and convincing people to take action immediately.

    Promo videos encourage people to think about the brand as a solution to their problems. They are usually short and encourage prospects to take action.

    Promotional videos mainly aim towards

    • Keep potential customers interested and encourage them to make a purchase.
    • Brand recall to influence future purchase decisions.
    • Creating an emotional connection.

    Posting these videos on social media pages (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, X(Twitter)), landing pages, and video platform ads, and embedding them in blog articles and email lists can maximize visibility.

    The overall quality of promotional videos, including advanced features and effects, can directly impact promotional video costs.

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    Factors Impacting Promotional Video Cost

    Various factors impact promotional video costs. Let us discuss them.

    1. Complexity

    A video with simpler animation and minimal post-production work is budget-friendly. On the other hand, a video with detailed graphics, special effects, or complex scenes is likely to increase the cost of a promotional video.

    2. Type of Video

    Videos with stock footage and templates can lower the promo video costs compared to animated videos. On the other hand, live-action videos with real people cost much more than custom animations.

    3. Video Duration

    The cost of creating a promotional video also varies depending on the length. A 30-second promotional video costs less than that of a 2-minute one.

    4. Production

    You can carry out the production process using an in-house team, freelancers, or hiring a professional video production company. The promotional video cost can vary based on what you opt for.

    • Inhouse: Cost-effective, best for making simpler videos.
    • Freelancers: Affordable, Can be used for specific tasks (video editing, script writing).
    • Video production company: comparatively more expensive due to the expertise, quality, etc.
    • Hybrid: cost-flexibility, easier quality control.

    5. Post-production work

    Videos with Advanced Transitions, motion graphics, and 3D text cost more than simpler editing with standard transitions and minimal animations.

    6. Deadline

    The timeline for video creation can significantly impact promotional video costs. Rushed projects can lead to increased costs. The usual delivery time for a promo video is around 4 to 8 weeks.

    7. Revisions required

    The cost of the promo video is also influenced by the number of revisions needed. If there are numerous revisions, especially significant changes( graphics, animations, and script ), additional expenses may arise.

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    How Much Does a Promotional Video Cost?

    A business promo video cost depends on pre-production, production, and post-production work.

    A basic, straightforward promotional video costs from $1500 to $6000. However, more complex videos with advanced animations, high-end production quality, and longer durations can cost more.

    The promotional video production cost, quality, and delivery time differ based on whether you choose freelancers, in-house production, or professional companies.

    • If you produce the video in-house, the promo video cost may range from $1000 to $2500.
    • When choosing freelancers, promotional video costs can vary from $1500 to $3500.
    • Promotional video costs can range from $3000 to $6000 or more when you opt for a video production company.

    These promo video costs can vary based on the expertise, brand positioning, and location. They can exceed up to $15,000 or more.

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    Freelancer vs. Video Production Company

    Both freelancers and production companies have their pros and cons. Here, let us discuss what suits your brand.

    1. Expertise and Specialization

    Usually, freelancers are specialized in one specific skill such as scriptwriting or animation. They can help in creating videos that do not require different types of expertise.

    In contrast, video production companies have a well-rounded team with diverse skills. This combined expertise ensures that the video produced is of high quality.

    2. Cost Considerations

    Freelancers are cost-effective and suitable for simpler videos. You can negotiate rates for individual tasks and save on certain aspects of video production.

    On the other hand, video production companies have higher costs. But they take care of the entire process, from planning to post-production.

    3. Flexibility

    Freelancers excel in niche areas and can adapt to project requirements and schedules. They often have more control over their schedules.

    Production company teams have a variety of skills, making them flexible for various types of content. If the requirements are varied, they can easily scale up resources to handle the workload efficiently.

    4. Communication and Collaboration

    Collaborating with freelancers requires proactive communication, clear project guidelines, and a well-defined workflow. Coordinating multiple freelancers for various project tasks can be challenging.

    Video production companies usually follow organized methods. They assign a project manager or producer as the primary point of contact for clients. This makes communication simpler and less complicated.

    5. Quality Assurance

    Freelancers often specialize in a specific area. This allows them to deliver high-quality work in their domain. They work alone with little supervision, so quality issues may only show up in the end.

    Video production companies have skilled teams, standard feedback processes, and advanced equipment. This helps them in creating an industry-standard video. Opting for a production company increases the promo video cost. This increase is justified by the high-quality output they consistently deliver.

    6. Turnaround Time

    Freelancers are good for quick turnarounds on simpler videos. However, they have limitations and compromise on quality with overly aggressive timelines.

    Video production companies have multiple team members, effective processes, and a capacity buffer. This allows them to handle urgent requests without compromising quality.

    Both freelancers and video production companies are capable of producing impactful videos. However, production companies typically hold an edge in terms of expertise and quality.

    In fact, according to HubSpot, 42% of marketers surveyed say creating video content through an outside agency has resulted in better videos.

    Below are some tools you can utilize to produce a promotional video. Using AI-driven solutions can introduce flexibility in managing promotional video costs.

    • Scripting: ChatGPT,,
    • Video Making: Biteable, Synthesia, Pictory, InVideo.
    • Video Editing: Filmora, CapCut,, Adobe Premiere Pro.
    • Voiceover:, Speechelo.
    • Caption Creation: SubtitleBee,,
    • Design, Illustrations: Canva, Jasper Art, Microsoft Designer.
    • Image Generators: ChatGPT 4.0 (DALL- E), Pixlr, MidJourney.

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    Promotional videos are teasers that encourage prospects to make a purchase. They provide the most important information in a short time. They are best used for newly launched products.

    Make sure the videos have a clear CTA(call-to-action), effectively communicate the unique selling proposition (USP), maintain high quality, and are easily adaptable for cross-platform use.

    Whether you’re hiring freelancers, using video agencies, or making videos in-house, the factors that influence promo video cost depend on the video type, product complexity, and revisions required.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Video complexity, length, custom graphics or animations, and scripting are the factors that influence the cost of a promotional video. A few tools you can use are ChatGPT, Synthesia, and InVideo.

    Yes, there are additional fees for licensing music or using specific visuals in the video. A few tools include Music Vine and Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Yes, you can request changes or additions to the video after it’s completed, and it may impact the cost. Big changes in animation, graphics, and script can cost more, but small tweaks are cheaper.

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