15 Best Product Review Videos Examples

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June 11, 2024


You want to buy a product online. What do you do before making a purchase? We look at the reviews from previous customers. We evaluate whether the product is worth it or not based on the opinions of people who have already used it.

This is where product review videos help brands represent themselves as problem solvers.

When prospects see these videos, they will be able to see if your product can help them or not. If the product is close to what they are looking for, there is a high chance of conversion.

According to Builderfly, 62% of consumers watch product review videos before making a purchase.

Now, you might be wondering,

  • How do I target review videos toward specific buyer personas?
  • Can review videos be used to address common sales objections?
  • Can these product review videos be integrated into a larger content strategy?

Below, you will find a list of 15 examples of product review videos used by brands. These can be included on landing pages, social media platforms, etc.

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    What are Product Review Videos?

    Product review videos feature customers sharing their opinions about the product.
    In these videos, customers discuss:

    • What they like about the product
    • What features do they use
    • What was unique about the product
    • Value proposition¬†of the product
    • How did the product address their pain points
    • Results after using the product

    When prospects see satisfied previous customers, they trust the product more. This provides a clear understanding of what they can expect, which encourages prospects to move forward in their buying journey.

    A few product review video ideas include:

    • Testimonial style videos
    • Q&A videos with satisfied customers
    • Comparison with competitors
    • Before and After
    • Product walkthrough videos with features and benefits

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    Examples of Product Review Videos

    Here is a list of the best product review videos discussing the features, advantages, etc.


    Title: Review 2020: I love

    Video Duration: 2 Minutes 10 Seconds

    Review given by: CEO of a management consulting firm


    • The video discusses the¬†competitors, positive ratings, and benefits¬†of using
    • The designations of customers, questions answered, and ratings given are displayed throughout the video.

    What stood out for the customer:

    • made it easier to consolidate information.
    • Enabled teams to collaborate effectively in one space.
    • Easy integration into the workflow with an intuitive interface.

    2. Slack

    Caption:¬†How does @salesforce‚Äôs sales team save 800 hours a week? They use Slack, so reps can focus on the work that matters. ūü§Ě

    Video Duration: 40 Seconds

    Review given by: Salesforce


    • Slack‚Äôs product review videos discuss the main features and benefits of using the product for sales teams.
    • It features the customer cut-out showcasing the features, emojis, and short animations.

    What stood out for the customer:

    • Sales cloud integration helps to update things without leaving.
    • Slack Connect is the easiest way to connect with customers.
    • Easy to use and increase the productivity of team members.

    3. QuickBooks

    Caption: Voiceover artist Lindy Flowers is constantly balancing her professional and personal lives as a dedicated wife, mother, and solopreneur. She shares how access to live experts in QuickBooks has helped her navigate complexity and transform her approach to bookkeeping, so she can save time and be confident at tax time.

    Video Duration: 54 Seconds

    Review given by: Voiceover artist Lindy Flowers


    • The video discusses Quickbooks‚Äôs use cases.
    • Quickbooks‚Äôs product review videos show the life and story of a satisfied customer. It also features the UI of the product with captions and product descriptions.

    What stood out for the customer:

    • Quickbooks Live makes bookkeeping simpler.
    • It provides live access to experts
    • The product also provides custom reports and helps in managing them.

    4. Zendesk

    Title: SMC: Agents love Zendesk

    Video Duration: 2 Minutes 15 Seconds

    Review given by: SMC


    • Customers describe Zendesk as amazing, smooth, and efficient. They discuss how the product helped them to reduce the number of tools used and do less manual work.
    • Zendesk‚Äôs product review videos show the UI and explain a problem. They show how the product works and introduce it as the solution.

    What stood out for the customer:

    • It is the easiest system to train and become proficient with.
    • The ability to keep tasks organized in one place.
    • Zendesk has faster response times and efficient communication.

    5. Airtable

    Title: Code and Theory saves more than 10,000 hours a year with Airtable

    Video Duration: 1 Minute 57 Seconds

    Review given by: Code and Theory


    • This product review video discusses the¬†benefits and the success story¬†of using Airtable.
    • They highlight the major impacts and results seen using the product, such as saving 10,000 hours with a Text overlay. The text is bold and easy to read.

    What stood out for the customer:

    • How the product reduces cognitive load.
    • Using the product resulted in significant time savings.
    • Helped in creating standardized onboarding experiences.

    6. SentinelOne

    Title: Norwegian Airlines chose SentinelOne to replace legacy AV with a unified EPP and EDR solution

    Video Duration: 2 Minutes 5 Seconds

    Review given by: Norwegian Air Shuttle


    • In this product review video example, the customer discusses various features, advantages, and capabilities of SentinelOne.
    • All the features mentioned by the customer are highlighted with a checkbox containing text. When the features and console are mentioned, they showcase the product‚Äôs UI.

    What stood out for the customer:

    • Capability to block and remediate attacks with a simple one-click rollback feature.
    • Cleverly designed console for easy use and proactive and autonomous approach to security.
    • Attack storyline feature to understand where the problem occurred.

    7. Bigin by Zoho

    Title: V4 Creative records a 40% increase in productivity and customer engagement with Bigin.

    Video Duration: 3 Minutes 38 Seconds

    Review given by: V4 Creative


    • The video starts with the results seen from using Bigin. It discusses the use cases, benefits, and the impact of using the product.
    • The UI of the product is shown for every feature described by the customer.

    What stood out for the customer:

    • Ease of using the product and its cost-effectiveness.
    • Easy to communicate with the internal team and clients.
    • Customer retention with features such as connected records, workflows, and review dashboards.

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    8. SurveyMonkey

    Title: IBM enhances market research with online global research panel from SurveyMonkey

    Video Duration: 1 Minute 48 Seconds

    Review given by: IBM


    • This product review video discusses the efficiency and capabilities of SurveyMonkey.
    • The product‚Äôs UI and the research and publishing tasks completed with it are shown.

    What stood out for the customer:

    • The product is flexible and agile.
    • Provides critical insights to stay innovative
    • Quick access to panels and expertise.

    9. MongoDB

    Caption: Radar is a startup that helps companies make better decisions with location data. Their technology is installed on more than 25 million devices and they process billions of locations per week. They chose MongoDB and AWS so that they could easily scale and grow as they bring on more customers.

    Video Duration: 2 Minutes 10 Seconds

    Review given by: Radar


    • MongoDB‚Äôs product review videos discuss the features, expertise, and support provided to its customers.
    • The video shows the customers using the¬†product in real time¬†with soft background music.

    What stood out for the customer:

    • The ability of the product to scale up based on requirements.
    • Features such as geo-spatial queries, indexes, and web dashboards for analysis.
    • The ability to select the underlying cloud provider.

    10. Zoom

    Title: Campus and Tech Recruiting at Capital One

    Video Duration: 3 Minutes 13 Seconds

    Review given by: Capital One


    • Zoom‚Äôs product reviews video discusses the personalization capabilities and results of product implementation.
    • Various features such as breakout rooms, chat windows, and whiteboards, are highlighted with upbeat music and stock footage.

    What stood out for the customer:

    • Made it easier to hire and interact with students irrespective of their locations.
    • Doubled the number of attendees for an event.
    • Filters and settings, such as backgrounds and emojis, make the product interactive.

    11. ClickUp

    Title: How Finastra Boosts Business Performance and Scales GTM Activities with ClickUp

    Video Duration: 1 Minute 28 Seconds

    Review given by: Finastra


    • The results, overall benefits, and product‚Äôs effectiveness are shown.
    • Features such as widgets, dashboards, and analytics charts are shown with a highlighted text overlay.

    What stood out for the customer:

    • The product‚Äôs usability helps with mass rollouts.
    • Automation and optimization capabilities.
    • Its ability to act as a central hub for all global go-to-market plans.

    12. Zscaler

    Title: Wipro Eliminates Firewalls and VPNs to Shut Down Advanced Threats

    Video Duration: 2 Minutes 45 Seconds

    Review given by: Wipro


    • This product review video discusses how the product helped with IT efficiency with its¬†holistic solutions and capabilities.
    • All the features and results of using the product are displayed with a text overlay, infographics, and stock footage.

    What stood out for the customer:

    • Ability to provide secure access to private apps for improved cybersecurity.
    • Made more than 106B+ transactions with high security.
    • The product elevated the user experience and productivity.

    13. Asana

    Title: Viessmann is leading the digital workplace transformation with Asana

    Video Duration: 1 Minute 49 Seconds

    Review given by: Viessmann


    • Asanas‚Äôs product review videos discuss the use cases and positive outcomes of using the product.
    • It features employees of Viessmann talking about how satisfied they are with the product. A few snippets of Asana‚Äôs Ui are also shown.

    What stood out for the customer:

    • The product‚Äôs ability to have discussions and communicate deadlines.
    • The centralized project management capabilities of the product.
    • The scalability of the product allows customers to accommodate their large workforce.

    14. GoodData

    Title:¬†GoodData + Zartico: ‚ÄúGoodData gives us the ability to deliver analytics anywhere.‚ÄĚ

    Video Duration: 4 Minutes 18 Seconds

    Review given by: Zartico


    • Product review videos of GoodData are Q&A-style videos.
    • A question flashcard pops up, followed by the customer‚Äôs answer. The video has slow transitions with upbeat corporate-style music.

    What stood out for the customer:

    • The ability of the product to define metrics in a simplified way.
    • Its ability to act as an API layer.
    • The values and objectives of GoodData.

    15. Mailchimp

    Title: Event ticketing company gets higher open rates with Mailchimp tags

    Video Duration: 1 Minute 7 Seconds

    Review given by: Ticket Alternative and Freshtix


    • The video discusses the¬†key roles, positive outcomes, and future outlook¬†of using the product.
    • The video features the customer, their office space, and UI snippets of the products with subtle rock-style music.

    What stood out for the customer:

    • The product‚Äôs ability to manage marketing activities and campaigns in one place.
    • Tagging contacts within the platform to send emails efficiently and save time.
    • Reports and analytics help create emails based on preferences.

    With the help of product review video maker tools, you can create videos without spending too much.

    • Product review video script tools:¬†ChatGPT,,
    • For video creation:¬†Biteable, Synthesia, Pictory, InVideo
    • Video editing tools:¬†Filmora, CapCut,, Adobe Premiere Pro.
    • Voice-over tools:¬†, Speechelo.
    • Caption generating tools:¬†SubtitleBee,,
    • Product review video template:¬†Canva, Speechify.

    These video tools are helpful, but creating them in-house can be time-consuming and difficult if you have no experience.

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    Product review videos effectively show how the product solved a particular problem with its unique features and capabilities. These videos provide social proof and increase prospect’s trust in the product.

    Make sure these product review videos highlight the USP, benefits, and results after implementing the product. Keep the videos short and incorporate video testimonials, user interface, infographic examples, etc.

    When done right, these videos engage the audience, increase traffic, improve brand visibility, and eventually also convert prospects into customers. Choose a product review video service provider to create high-quality videos.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Some common mistakes to avoid when making product review videos are:


    • Keeping the video too long.
    • Using biased or insincere reviews.
    • Not including visuals of the product.
    • Poor audio and video quality.
    • Using overly technical language.

    A product review video should be between 1-2 minutes long.

    The key elements of a successful product review video are:


    • Showing the UI of the product.
    • Highlighting the USP (unique selling proposition)
    • Incorporating testimonials of satisfied customers
    • Show the features, benefits, and cost-effectiveness of the product.
    • Include the results achieved by customers using the product.
    • Use subtle animations
    • Add captions and text overlays

    Yes, product review videos can influence purchasing decisions. By showcasing real-time use cases and results, these videos remove hesitation and encourage prospects to make a purchase.

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