Product Launch Videos: How To Use Video To Increase Sales

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Product Launch Videos: How To Use Video To Increase Sales

In this blog, we’ll learn about ‘Product Launch Videos’ and how can we use them to increase our sales.

A product launch video is one of the most common marketing tools that companies use to promote the launch of their new products. If you are planning to launch a new product in the near future, creating a stunning product launch video will help you increase brand awareness and generate buzz about it.

  • In the first part of the blog, we will learn about ‘B2B product marketing’ and ‘how to use a product launch video to increase sales’.
  • Also, we’ll discuss how to create a product launch video that will more engaging and attractive for the customers.

Before we learn about – ‘how to use a product launch video to increase sales’, let’s understand B2B product marketing. –

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What is B2B Product Marketing?

As the name indicates, B2B product marketing refers to those marketing strategies which are specifically designed to service businesses or organizations. As part of this category of marketing, there are a number of activities associated with establishing brand awareness of B2B products, such as SaaS (software as a service), clothes, food products, and so on.

As a result of B2B product marketing, the goal is to provide information about new and innovative products in a more compelling and engaging way that attracts and converts leads into customers by providing them with relevant content.

The first thing you should do before strategizing your B2B product marketing strategy is to take a minute and analyze how product marketing videos or product launch videos can boost your sales and drive them to the next level.

In this way, you will be able to better serve your customers by improving the overall experience of your brand when interacting with them and speed up the purchase process for your brand, as a B2B marketer.

How to Use Product Launch Video to Increase Sales?


The purpose of product launch videos is to show the efficiency of the new product to the fullest extent possible. Customers or potential leads should have a clear understanding of how the product can help them, in terms of both what they are supposed to be doing and how they can use it effectively.

Product launch videos help to increase sales, as –

1. Product zeal


Product zeal or product excitement can be defined as an emotion associated with a product that will cause excitement before a product is launched. In this day and age, it is very difficult to sell a dull product that is devoid of excitement.

The market, on the other hand, can create a buzz when it knows there will be a new product that comes with certain features or certain capabilities. This will boost the sales of the product. As a result, people will be curious as to what the product is and what can it do for them if they use it.

A well-conceived and well-timed product launch can attract new customers and make your previous customers more loyal, nudging them to try out the new product that you are introducing.

It is essential to plan certain aspects in order to create hype in the market, such as –

Targeted Audience Identifying the target audience for your campaign is one of the most important things you can do. The next step is to understand the likes and dislikes of your target audience in order to design your product in a way that reflects their interests.
Launch Date Selection of the right launch date can possess a tremendous effect on your sales, so choose wisely.
Media Channels Selecting known media channels can create hype among potential leads about your new product launch.
Inventory management Keeping inventory management is very necessary for huge demand, unavailability of the product can lead to reduced sales.
Strategy Launching a new product requires a well-planned strategy. It takes a lot of time and money to launch a new product.

2. Product efficacy


A product marketing video promoting product efficacy or product efficiency will offer the customer the benefits and effective use of the product through its marketing characteristics and design.

Using the product marketing video as an example, customers can relate directly to what the product does, and therefore the likelihood that they will make a purchase increases.

As a software company, product marketing videos are an integral part of your SaaS product marketing strategy. Especially when you are marketing a SaaS product.

Product benefits can be either actual or perceived –

  • Actual product benefits – The product’s performance is one of the most important aspects of the product’s performance, as well as it’s design and cost-effectiveness.
  • Perceived product benefit – Positive perceptions relating to the product include factors such as its popularity, its image, and its reputation.

3. Product brand awareness


Product sales are directly proportional to brand awareness, how? There is no point in having a brand or a product if people don’t know about it, and that means you don’t exist. In order to prove your existence, you need to create buzz around you.

Here the role of product marketing video comes in. Small clips or videos that help to run a brand campaign can help to boost your sales. Brand awareness consists of some factors, such as –

  • Brand design
  • Website and marketing
  • B2B video marketing
  • Social media presence
  • Customer service, etc

In the world of ads, product marketing video helps customer to recognize your brand. This is because they become familiar with your brand and consider your product while making any purchase.

4. Visual trigger


The purpose of product marketing videos is to give customers a remarkable visual experience so that they can remember the product with some image or something that can help them remember the product.

There are several factors that matter when it comes to successful marketing strategies, but the most important factor is delivering your messages at the right time and to the right audience. As a result of this process, customers become more engaged with the brand.

The majority of people spend a lot of time watching screens. Especially when it comes to social media content, they are highly receptive to it. Nowadays, product marketing videos via social media ads are the key to success when it comes to product marketing.

Unless you are using videos as a marketing tool, then you are lagging behind your competitors if you are not using them.

5. Inspirational provocation

A product marketing video is an example of an attempt to give something inspirational through a product marketing video. Boosting your sales and providing your customers with something meaningful to look forward to will help you to gain more sales.

In consideration of some social messages, such as helping green or recycling, you can easily demonstrate your social presence if you consider such things. Having a good brand value and people’s trust will be beneficial to the company in the long run.

Types of Product Launch Video

Your product launch video can take on several different forms depending on what you want to do with it. Some of the top types that you can consider are listed below:

1. Brand Videos


A brand video is more concerned with telling a story than merely showcasing the capabilities of a product. There is a strong emphasis on the idea behind the product in this video. The brand videos can be produced in a live-action or animated form, depending on the client’s needs.

2. Product Overview Videos


A product overview video lets your audience see how a product works and why it is valuable by giving them a quick glimpse of how it looks and functions. Rather than simply describing what the product does, you take excellent footage showing how the company decided to create the product and the benefit it provides to the customer.

3. Explainer Videos


It is effective and prominent to use explainer videos to launch a new product as well as to update an existing one. Explainer videos can be created in live-action or in animation. Especially helps in B2B video marketing.

4. App Videos


Application videos are designed more for software and applications. A demonstration usually consists of a description of the application, what it is used for, and what the user is interested in. The user’s interface is usually shown throughout the video along with details about each feature.

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The use of product launch videos is prevalent both online and offline in order to boost sales. As a result of these videos, marketing and sales teams can get a global level of support. With global support, you will be able to generate leads around the world and conversions will help to grow your business.

Using screens and social media can be a good way of marketing a product or service, whether it is B2B, B2C, SaaS, etc. So, if you aren’t utilizing the most recent marketing channels, then you probably are lagging behind something for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As a marketing tool, a product launch video is one of the most common marketing tools that companies use when they are launching new products to promote the launch of their new products. Making an amazing product launch video is a great way to increase brand awareness and generate buzz about your new product if you are planning to launch one in the near future.

In the B2B industry, B2B product launch videos are highly beneficial since they provide them with the ability to portray both the efficiency of the product and its features at the same time. A B2B brand can also use B2B product launch videos to give information about the use of the product to the B2B market.

As the use of screens and social media continues to increase in the business world, B2B product launch videos will remain a very valuable tool in the future as the use of screens and social media will increase. There are many B2B brands that use B2B product launch videos to increase their sales as the primary source of revenue generation.

SaaS product launch videos are one of the most effective methods used by software companies to generate leads and convert those leads into customers. Through SaaS product launch videos, brands can generate leads and automate the customer process between them in order to grow their business.

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