5 Easy Templates for Product Launch Video Scripts

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June 12, 2024


A company’s blood and sweat goes into creating and perfecting any new product. But all of this could go to waste if you’re not marketing it right.

Infact, according to Publicity, lack of efforts in the marketing strategy is the number one reason why 80% of the newly launched products fail every year.

To make sure that your new product falls into the 20% category, you need to bring your A game to the table. This article will focus on one of the key tools for a successful product launch campaign.

Product launch videos.

When it comes to visual media you have to be no Tarantino, but to make an impression on the audience your B2B Videos need to stand out. You want your product launch video to –

And to get all three just right, you need to write a good script for your product launch video. It will be the stepping stone in your video production process.

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    5 Product Launch Video Script Templates

    Video script templates are a great resource to have on hand when you have a blank canvas in front of you. Let’s go over what you should include in your script if you want your video to stand out, as well as some templates and examples you can use to get started.

    1. Character Led Announcement

    An easy and simple template you can customize to best fit your short and straightforward product launch videos. This cuts all the filler out and comes right at the viewer. An animated video would be the best option for this kind of product launch.

    Here’s a short 60 second video script you can adopt for your product launch video.

    Introduction + Set up:

    • Welcome to [Your product name]
    • Where you can [The solution/ service your product offers]

    Main body:

    • You get [Mention a unique benefit/ how your product stands out]
    • You just have to [A short two line guide on how your product works]
    • You can also [List feature 1]
    • To make things easier [Your product name] also allows you to [List feature 2]

    Call to action:

    • Sign up for [Your product name] today
    • [Your brand tagline]

    Here’s an example of a reusable module by Content Beta that you can use as well

    Any product launch announcements’ script can be easily tweaked depending on your SaaS product marketing needs.

    To keep the B2B product video interesting, you can include an engaging animated character along with music and smooth transitions to hold viewer attention.

    Any product launch announcements’ script can be easily tweaked depending on your SaaS product marketing needs.

    To keep the B2B product video interesting, you can include an engaging animated character along with music and smooth transitions to hold viewer attention.

    2. Establishing Common Ground

    A very famous way to go about any product launch among brands is to establish common ground by stating a situation everyone can relate to.

    This could be an inconvenience faced by a niche audience or an everyday problem for businesses.

    Here’s an easy script template you can follow for your B2B/SaaS. This type of product launch video also involves App/ SaaS tutorial

    Set up:

    • [Problem your product is solving] can cause [List problem-related issues]
    • [solution of the problem] can help you [Point benefits]

    Introduction of the product:

    • [Your product name] is for everyone combating [Problem] issues, no matter the scale of it.
    • We can help you through it.

    How it works:

    • Hop on [Your product name], once you’ve signed in/ downloaded/ set up the [product] you’re ready to go.
    • Now all you have to do is [tutorial on how to navigate the product]
    • With [Your product name] you can easily [List product feature]
    • There are [List of features] for when you’re [facing XYZ issue]

    Call to action:

    • Doesn’t that make your life easier? Head to [website/ playstore/ product link] now and [Brand tagline]

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    3. U-Niche Solution

    Modern problems require modern solutions. Likewise unique problems can be resolved with niche products. This is perfect for B2B/ SaaS product marketing because their software products are tailored to approach niche issues.

    You can follow this product launch script for your B2B/ SaaS

    Hook + Set up:

    • Are you looking for…?/ Do you want to…?/ Have you always thought that…?
    • Now you can get that and at the same time [Added benefits of your product]


    • Introducing [Your product name] the best in [business niche] domain
    • We offer [Main product feature]. With complete transparency/ integration/ we make achieving goals fun.
    • You can track/ organize/ set up your business seamlessly with [your product name]
    • But wait there’s more, you enhance your business by/ optimize your business by [2-3 Product features]
    • We understand how valuable time can be, that’s why [your product name] main goal is to cut the time you waste on organizing/tracking/ [solving the XYZ problem] so that you can give more important business needs priority.
    • [Your product name]’s latest features facilitates [percentage increase in sales/productivity/ results]

    Call to action:

    • Visit [Website/ product name] today and get personalized solution/ book a call to get started and see how we can help you

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    4. Tell A Story

    Throughout human history, stories have been a fundamental aspect of our society, and this holds true in the industry of B2B marketing as well. If you want your audience to really connect to your brand, tell them a story to remember through your B2B product marketing video.

    But making a story based product launch video, that too under 2-3 minutes is no easy feat. Here’s an easy template you can customize

    Set up + The hero (business owner):

    • The internet/web has changed everything. You care about your clients and want to solve their problems. With evolving tech in [Your business niche] needs your business is evolving too.
    • Isn’t that enough?/But is it enough?
    • Running/ managing a [Your business niche] business/ App is harder than ever.

    The antagonist (Problems):

    • You already had [Problem number 1]
    • You were already dealing with [Problem number 2]
    • But now you’re also faced with [Modern day problem]

    The build up:

    • You’ve given your business your life, but suddenly/ now its not enough
    • What if you could surpass these problems and do what you do the best?/ what if there was a way out of this cycle?
    • [List of solutions like, build better relationships/ get more clicks/ automate your business etc]
    • Lowered prices? Or better business results? Why not both

    Climax (Introducing the product):

    • Partner with/ download/ sign up [Your product name]
    • With [Product features] integrated right into your business, you can provide value to your customers/ get more customers/ save up so much time
    • [Your product name] gives your business easy [Solution to the problem] in minutes/ at your fingertips
    • Trusted by [Number of product users/ niche industry entrepreneurs]
    • Let us help you grow your business not your cost/ worry/ bills
    • [Your product name] [Brand tagline]

    5. Live Product Launch Videos

    When asked, about two-thirds of marketers answered they used live streaming to reach their target audience. And in recent years social media live streaming has become immensely popular.

    For example take the ultimate business social media, LinkedIn. LinkedIn Live has grown by 158% since February 2020. It also generates a lot of engagement. Live videos are receiving 24 times the comments of a typical video post.

    You can also launch your B2B product marketing video on Youtube,  TikTok, Instagram or even events.


    • We’re at [Event name] and we’re excited to announce the launch of [Your product name] into the [Niche business] sector/ domain

    Main Body:

    • [Your product name] is a valuable asset that can help business [List of benefits]
    • Customers can access [exclusive product features] with a click of a button/ for free


    • We’ll show you exactly how you can do that right here. Let’s take a look
    • [Step by step guide to your product/ service interface]
    • With [Your product name] your business will no longer need to worry about [Niche business problems]

    Call to action:

    • We offer different packages for different business needs.
    • Visit [website] to sign up today/ Subscribe to our newsletter so that you don’t miss out on any future events like these

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    Elements Of A Great Product Launch Video Script

    There are numerous approaches to writing an excellent B2B product marketing video script. While some people prefer to write marketing video scripts in the style of a movie script, with visual details written alongside the dialogue, others prefer to organize the script visually by using a table or including a storyboard.

    Whatever script format you choose, there are a few elements that all great marketing video scripts have in common:

    1. Clear Audio And Visual Details

    Do you want upbeat music? Voice over? Smooth transitions? Or quick cuts from one frame to another?

    When it comes to videos, the script is more than just what is said on camera or during the narration. In order to demonstrate how the visual and audio elements work together to tell a complete story, you must include both in your script.

    Like given above, you can make separate tables for all your audio and visual elements that you want in your product launch video.

    2. Crisp And Concise Dialogue

    People’s attention spans are short. That is why it is important to limit your B2B product video script to only the most necessary dialogue or details. This does not imply that the video must be devoid of personality. However, when you get to the editing phase, make sure you trim out all the fluff.

    Making an outline before you begin writing is one of the best ways to ensure that your script contains only the necessary details. An outline will assist you in staying on topic while discussing the most important aspects of the subject.


    You can take a look at scripts from well performing product videos to get an idea. Your product launch video can do well even when there’s no voice over.

    3. The Hook

    You have 15 seconds. The first 15 seconds of any video decide the success. It’s here when the viewer makes the choice if they want to continue watching or scroll past.

    If you don’t want your B2B product video to end up at the bottom of the feed with 3 likes and 7 views, you need to make sure that the audience stays till the end.

    This video by Adobe is an incredible example of hooking in your viewer and making them stay. It beautifully sets up an environment of anticipation and gives you the feeling of sitting on the edge.

    4. Clear Call To Action (CTA)

    A call to action is a must for any marketing video. You must make it clear what you want the viewer to do or where they should go next. The CTA should motivate them to act on the information they just saw. This could be a request to make a purchase, download a resource, begin a free trial, or simply subscribe to your YouTube channel.

    Use clear and concise language so that there is no doubt or confusion about what they should do next.

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    Like this product marketing video asks its viewer to book a call immediately after they’ve outlined the product benefits.

    Whatever you’re launching, a video is an excellent way to spread the word and generate excitement for your new product. You might even strike it rich and go viral.

    The key is to keep it brief (under two minutes) and focused on the user’s benefit. Even if your product is cool and cutting-edge, the cold hard truth is that people only care about how products will benefit them.

    Yes, you can (and should) discuss your distinguishing features. But keep your focus on explaining the tangible benefits and how they will help improve the user’s life or solve a problem they’re facing.

    Putting together a product launch video on top of handling your B2B video marketing and business needs can be overwhelming. Take some weight off your shoulders and get in touch with Content Beta.

    Trusted by 100s of B2B Marketers all over the world, Content Beta offers all in all solutions to all your video needs. If you want your videos to stand out from the crowd you need a solid team behind your back.

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.


    There is no doubt that when sound, music, and moving pictures come together in harmony to support a narrative, it is the most effective way to engage an audience. And who wants to read long jargon filled articles when they can simply watch a 2 minute video?

    No matter how the marketing sector evolves, B2B video marketing videos are going to be center stage. And you want your product to be the spotlight. In this article we’ve shown you 5 different product launch video templates for writing the perfect script.

    1. Announcement
    2. Establishing Common Ground
    3. U-Niche Solution
    4. Tell A Story
    5. Live Product Launch Videos

    We also shared some must include elements so that your product launch video is perfect and ready to shine.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The video should not just tell any story, but the story of the customers through which the product leads them. The product must create an “aha effect” at the end of the story. Ideally, the video should also be shot at a “point of interest” of the customers. And remembering too much information is overwhelming.

    The elements of a successful product launch video include:

    • Answering the what, why and how of your product.
    • Leveraging story telling to hook readers.
    • Building anticipation or sense of wonder.
    • Clear audio + engaging music.

    A 1-3 minute video is the perfect length for a product launch video.

    The cost of creating a Product launch Video completely depends upon the way you choose. Cost can be determined by factors like the type of product launch video, animation style, video length, freelancer or agency hourly rate.


    The cost of creating a product marketing video can be anywhere around $2,000 and $40,000 or more depending on your vision and budget.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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