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What is a product demo video?

The main features and operations are visually highlighted in a product demo video. It communicates how the product can solve specific issues. Seeing the product in action builds trust and helps your potential clients decide if it’s right for them. Without a quality product video demo, your business could lose a chance to connect with your audience and convince potential buyers.

What should be in a product demo video?

The purpose of a product video is to display the product and the problem it solves prominently. Specifics like key features, user interface, integration of other tools, and navigation should be made clear for the audience to understand why your product stands out from the rest. Finally, a call to action will guide your customer to the next step of the buying process.

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How long should a product demo video typically be?

The length depends on the specific product, its complexity, and the needs of the ideal audience. However, the ideal length of the video should be between 2- 5 minutes long. It should be enough to showcase the key features and benefits of the product without losing the viewer’s attention.

What makes a great product demo video?

A great product video should communicate the audience’s pain points and tell a straightforward story. The video should be visually professional, concise yet detailed. There should be a strong message to engage viewers with clear audio quality. The brand identity should be intact with a call to action to guide viewers on what to do next.

How do you showcase the key features and functionalities of a product in a demo video?

To showcase key features and functionalities in a demo video, start by highlighting the problem your product addresses. Use clear visuals and voiceovers to introduce your product and its details. Demonstrate its real-world application with benefits and what sets the product apart. Simplify complex parts with animations, and add a strong call-to-action to guide viewers.

What are some of the ways you can use a product demo video to grow your business?

A quality product demo with your product in action, assures your potential customers of its efficiency. It builds trust and solves the complexities of your product with visually engaging clips and animations. It helps users understand the product’s usage and helps in increasing conversion rates.

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Why should you use a Product Demo Video?

A good demo video is one of the most essential pieces in your B2B marketing kit as it not only successfully gives the potential user a tour of the product, it subtly informs the user on the non-highlighted aspects like affordability, relevance, and usefulness, prodding the client into making a decision according to his needs and taking action sooner.

It is also used to demonstrate upgrades on the product, how to use previously launched products, or even answer frequently experienced problems, thereby severely improving the sales qualification process.

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Content Beta is a Creative-as-a-service that helps B2B SaaS and Software tell their product story using videos to drive leads, improve conversions, and increase engagement with marketing.

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Product Demo Video Production FAQs

The main difference is the audience in your Marketing funnel. If your audience is on top of the funnel, your goal is to tease them so they want to learn more about your product.

However, when the audience is in the consideration or conversion state, he’s problem-aware and solution-aware, your goal is to convert him into a demo request or maybe a paying customer. Product Demo videos show the use case by actually showing your product UI.

Yes. In fact, we prefer to record the screens ourselves since it helps us with getting the screen resolution right. We typically request for your product’s sandbox access and product docs or raw loom videos.

If you’re product involves complex integrations or features we may not be able to replicate easily, we will request for screen recordings in specific formats. We will recreate the scripts and sync it with your recordings.

We get it. You’re not comfortable with investing in product videos today. You’re thinking they’ll become outdated in the next six months or so. Instead of throwing outdated product videos when you have new product updates, we update the videos to keep up with your product’s speed.

We call it video refresh – get your videos refurbished when you want. Schedule a call with us to learn more.

We DON’T need your time to explain how your product works. We have tried and tested the process for knowledge transfer. All we need is your product docs or loom video and demo account credentials.

All of our content is made from scratch and you have full legal ownership of the files as soon as we deliver them to you. However, ownership to illustrations, vector files, stock videos, and images belong to third party and have license to use without crediting the creator.

We shoot for video delivery within 8-12 days. The two things that hold up delivery are

  1. How well-defined is the scope of the project
  2. The number of iterations of feedback given to our editors (it is best to give a large amount of feedback in the first or second iteration as opposed to many small points of feedback over many iterations).
Content Beta


Product Demo Video

Project Summary

Twixor is a CX automation platform. The company recently launched the product and wanted to create buzz around marketing. They wanted to highlight the use case of the product for different industries.

Content Beta's Involvement

Service Provider Pro

Product Explainer Video

Project Summary

SPP is a platform for productized service agencies, providing different tools to customers. They faced UI challenges, we helped by creating a simplified UI design for their explainer video.

Content Beta's Involvement


Product Explainer Video

Project Summary

Recurly is a Subscription Management Platform. We helped them create one central and six demo videos in the simplest way, overcoming their challenge of complex website structure.

Content Beta's Involvement


Product Demo Video

Project Summary

Spinify is a gamification platform that boosts team engagement and productivity. We helped them overcome challenges relating to sales qualification and customer education through our expert video content creation.

Content Beta's Involvement


Product Demo Video

Project Summary

OhMD is a Patient Messaging Platform, we helped them overcome their challenge by creating product demo video demonstrating its features for healthcare and end-user perspectives.

Content Beta's Involvement


Product Demo Video

Project Summary

uConnect is a Virtual Career Center Platform, we addressed their challenge by creating high-quality video assets for marketing, and sales enablement.

Content Beta's Involvement


Product Demo Video

Project Summary

UpperInc is a route optimization software, we helped overcome their challenge by producing 1-3 min videos for their FB Ads and homepage reaching more delivery companies.

Content Beta's Involvement

Good Lab

Product Demo Video

Project Summary

Good Lab is an ESG Software. They are primarily a services company and recently launched a product. They wanted to make the product demo self-service so the leads are qualified before they book a demo.

Content Beta's Involvement


Product Demo Video

Project Summary

Recurly is a Subscription Management Platform. We helped them create product demo videos in the simplest way, overcoming their challenge of complex website structure. This project is part of an exhaustive demo video series.

Content Beta's Involvement