5 Kickass Product Demo Video Script Templates

Generative AI surely enables you to create a product demo script in no time. But how do you ensure it captures the essence of your products or service, prompting conversion? This is where the importance of a well-crafted script comes into play.

Ask yourself –

  • In focusing on a video’s visuals, are you overlooking the script’s importance?
  • Can the product demo script alone be the deciding factor for lead conversion?
  • How can you combine Gen AI and Marketing Psychology to increase sales?
  • How is the script for a product demo video different from other types of videos?

These questions are significant, especially when considering the long-term commitments often seen in the B2B sector.

According to Gitnux Market Data 2023, the average contract length in the B2B sector is about 2 years. A compelling product demo video, backed by a robust demo video script, can be the difference between a one-time purchase and a long-term partnership.


What is a Product Demo Video Script?

A Product Demo Video Script is a written outline that serves as the blueprint for creating a product demonstration video. It details the dialogue, visuals, and actions that will occur in the video.

Why is it important?

1. Engagement vs. Distraction

Without a tight software product demo script template, even the most motion-heavy graphics can distract rather than attract. It’s the script that ensures visuals complement the message rather than overshadow it.

Try out various video storytelling techniques to find the one that helps you create effective video scripts.

2. Software Complexity Simplified

B2B SaaS solutions involve multiple UI screens and not-so-easy configuration. The right SaaS demo script template converts this complexity into understandable chunks. This ensures viewers grasp the product’s core value. It answers the most fundamental question – “What’s in it for me?”

3. Conversion Starter

A good script uses a clear call to action, guiding the client from mere interest to a genuine desire to adopt the SaaS solution.

How to Write a Product Demo Video Script?

1. Know What your Audiences are Coming in for

It is typically based on their needs or pain points.

For Example: If you’re targeting small business owners, your research might show that they struggle with time management. Tailor your script to show how your product provides a solution.

2. Starting Strong

Start with a statement, a fact, or a statistic – use a hook that catches the audience’s interest.

For Example: Open with a question like, “Did you know that businesses waste 20% of their day on inefficient processes?”

3. What is the Flow of the Video?

Transitions can be a powerful component to help us in this step. Well-crafted transitions can help the narrative flow, making it easier for the audience to follow along and absorb the presented information.

The most common one we see is usually:
Problem → Solution → Features → Benefits → Testimonials → CTA (this can vary depending on the industry or whatever angle you are trying to sell)

For Example: Start by discussing the problem of inefficient processes, introduce your time-saving software as the solution, showcase its features, explain the benefits, show testimonials, and end with a CTA.

4. What is Special About Your product/service?

This is either about the key features or unique selling proposition of your product/service.

For Example: “Our software fits right into how you work and gives you instant tips to save time.”

5. Proof and Connection

How do you make them trust your product?

  • Storytelling techniques to create a narrative that viewers can relate to, such as music or sound effects that align with the product you’re trying to sell.
  • Genuine testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Awards/ Recognitions received.

For Example: Tell a short story of “Sarah,” a small business owner who was overwhelmed until she started using your product, turning her business around.

6. The Final Touch

This mainly involves the concluding line, which could be a catchphrase followed by a CTA. Remember that CTAs are actionable. Make them time-sensitive to create a sense of urgency.

For Example: “Don’t let another minute go to waste. Sign up for a free trial now and reclaim your time!”

Here are some other things to remember for creating a product demo video script:

a. Always keep your product demo script template short and simple.

For example, let’s say your SaaS product helps businesses manage their inventory. A complicated product demo video script might go too much into technical details, confusing viewers.

On the other hand, a simple, straightforward script would focus on how easily a business can track inventory levels, reorder supplies, and prevent stockouts using your software.

  • This approach maintains the focus on UX while naturally incorporating the importance of keeping the script short and to the point.
  • Prioritizing UX means you’re considering how the viewer interacts with your content. One aim is to make that interaction as smooth and enjoyable as possible. By having a positive UX, you’re more likely to attract and keep the user’s attention. This will make your content more valuable in this attention-driven economy.

b. Always ensure to include adding captions in the software demo template. Why?

  • Captions make your video accessible to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. This will ensure that you don’t alienate a part of your potential audience.
  • Search engines can crawl text but not video content. Adding captions can improve the SEO ranking of your video, making it more discoverable.

c. Remember, the demo script template should align with the buyer persona. You can include various elements to the demo video to get across your message.

Examples: Motion graphics, Animated UI, Beat syncs, Voice Over, Screen Recording, and many more.

If you want to get more clarity and some ideas on how with examples, you can refer to our blog on Top 100 Product Demo Videos.


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5 Kickass Product Demo Video Script Templates for Top B2B Companies

The easiest way to understand a well-written product demo script template is by looking at the video. Therefore, we have selected five of the best videos that showcase a perfect product demo video script.

These videos can be used as an example while your SaaS business is trying to design its next product demo video.

1. Zendesk

Zendesk is a software platform designed to address customer requirements. In their 2-minute software demo video featuring a male narrator, they demonstrate the simplicity of accessing data using their software.

Here is the breakup of the video and product demo script template for your understanding:

  • Customer Pain Point – The video highlights the pain point of most companies – a great customer experience.
  • How the product solves the problem – The video described how their reporting functions could help better manage their teams and efficiency.
  • Key Features/Benefits – Zendesk uses an example of how to use the software and shares what it can offer to its clients to help the company make the best decisions for its customers.
  • CTA (Call to action) – They also had something close to a call to action, but instead of explicitly saying “check out the product,” they subtly communicated the message by concluding with, “This is just the beginning; Zendesk has so much more to offer.”

2. Zoominfo

Zoominfo is a software and data company providing information and data to companies and individuals. Zoominfo has shared yet another video showcasing how sales and marketing professionals can identify, connect, and interact with other qualified prospects.

Here is the breakdown of their demo video script:

  • Customer Pain Point – The video focuses on the pain points of companies – that want to focus on closing deals, but everything that goes behind it becomes a struggle.
  • How the product solves the problem – The video describes how professionals can bring their contact info on their app, and an automated dialer can assist in handling repetitive tasks. At the same time, they focus on the main task of closing the deal.
  • Introduction line – The video highlights the pain point, “So you want to spend more time closing the deal?”.
  • Key Features/Benefits – Zoominfo used character animation and started the video by telling what the professionals wanted. It is a perfect video with humor, soft background music, and a good-paced voice-over, sure to keep the customers interested.
  • CTA (Call to action) – They closed the video by highlighting why people should use their software, i.e., to increase their sales by adding that you can use it easily with the existing apps.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs provides all SEO tool sets to companies for growing traffic and optimizing their websites. Ahrefs launched its product, which can aid businesses in optimizing their website and getting more traffic from Google. Let us look at how they scripted and designed this video:

  • Customer Pain Point – Starting a video with a problem statement does wonders, especially when the person watching on the other side is looking for a solution. That is what Ahrefs did by sharing the problem area. They talked about how the investment of time and money goes to waste if your website fails to rank.
  • How the product solves the problem – Ahrefs tells how they can help highlight the keywords that can help generate more traffic to their website.
  • Introduction line – The first sentence in the 1-minute and 30-second video is, “Here’s the problem,” where they right away address the challenge of the customers.
  • Key Features/Benefits – Ahrefs uses motion graphics to vividly illustrate the challenges businesses face in attracting customers via Google search. By repeatedly emphasizing the term “competition,” Ahrefs draws attention to a critical issue, encouraging viewers to explore how their solutions can address this challenge.
  • CTA (Call to action) – Their CTA asked people to start with a free trial and see an improvement in the SEO game.

4. Upperinc

Upper Route Planner offers delivery route planning and optimization solutions available across iOS, Android, and web platforms.

  • Customer Pain Point – They discuss the five pain points their customers face when the video begins.
  • How the product solves the problem – The example demonstrates how their route planning and optimization software can make things easier and much faster and reduce cost per delivery.
  • Introduction – The video started with soft and relaxing music displaying the company’s name and logo. They have cleverly incorporated their brand color as well as adhering to the brand guidelines.
  • Key Features/Benefits – USP: They don’t have to download the app, send emails, or contact directly; fast and efficient even with last-minute changes, eagle eye view, and tracking.
  • CTA (Call to action) – Their CTA displayed their name and a click button where customers can reach their website easily. They closed the video by sharing why people should invest in them.

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Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

5. Canva

Canva needs no introduction, and people use it globally to create designs using both paid and free versions. Canva used a different product demo template, unlike the other videos mentioned above.

  • Customer Pain Point – Since Canva already has a loyal base, they chose to open the video by talking about Canva itself.
  • How the product solves the problem – In this video, Canva spoke about how a small button can be added anywhere on the business website and help customers create free designs. The video also shows the different templates, elements, and graphics and how to add photos, texts, and videos in Canvas with a drag-and-drop tool.
  • Introduction line – “Meet the Canva Button,” a simple yet wanting-to-know-more introductory line. It is perfect for a business that already has a mark on the market.
  • Key Features/Benefits – Canva has mixed animation while explaining its product. They have tried to showcase as many buttons as possible during their 1-minute video for people to know about their product.
  • CTA (Call to action) – Canva closed the video with a powerful CTA and an action statement, “So what are you waiting for?” while mentioning that it is free.

These product demo video templates are sales enablement tools, equipping your sales team with the resources they need to close deals effectively.

Utilizing a product demo script template ensures your video focuses on key performance indicators like engagement and conversion rates, aligning perfectly with what the modern audience seeks.

What Elements Should a Product Demo Video Script have?

Wherever a company plans to create a video, there is a reason and purpose behind it. A B2B product demo should be perfect for making people understand how the product can make a difference in solving their problem areas.

As a SaaS company, your first focus should be on creating a product demo script template that can offer the below-mentioned to its audience:

1. Understanding the product

Your SaaS product demo video explains the UI of your SaaS product in a simple and easy-to-understand way to the audience. Achieving a product-market fit is essential. Tailor your product demo script to meet the specific needs and preferences of your target market.

For instance, add animation to your script if your target audience prefers watching animated product demo videos.

2. Call to action

A convincing CTA can effectively guide the viewer through the conversion funnel from awareness to action. Therefore, your sales demo script should include a powerful CTA that encourages potential customers to get in touch, book a demo, start a free trial, or subscribe to learn more about the SaaS product.

In a survey done by Content Beta, more than 68% of the product demo videos had a CTA in some form. A proper CTA will ensure that your customers know the next step.

3. Brand Awareness

Whether your SaaS company has been in the industry for a while or is a newcomer, following brand guidelines can help with product success. Keeping your brand the same across all customer interaction points helps you better track and understand how people move through the buying process.

A carefully crafted product demo script template should emphasize your brand’s color schemes, logos, and style. As viewers interact with the video content, they also recall the brand by its unique style and logo.

4. Highlight features

In a crowded SaaS marketplace, what sets your offering apart? Your product demo script template should spotlight your unique selling proposition (USP) to differentiate you from competitors.

Remember, videos have the power to shift buyer perceptions and influence decisions. So, utilizing the right software demo video template can transform even the most complex solutions into easily digestible content, capturing viewer interest.

So, as you craft your app demo video template, pay careful attention to your product’s unique features. Make them the star of your script to ensure your video not only educates but also persuades.

Here is an example of a sample script template of a demo video for reference.

Scene Narration Visuals
1. Say hello to [Your Product], your shortcut to [Desired Outcome].
  • Tight shot of the speaker's face
  • Product name and logo appear on screen
2. With [Your Product], you're not just solving [Problem], you're revolutionizing [Industry].
  • Montage of the product in action, showcasing its impact, benefits, etc.
  • Narration syncs with visuals
3. Simplicity meets efficiency. Our [Standout Feature] is innovative.
  • Close-ups of the standout feature in use
  • Text highlights appear in sync with narration
4. Ready for a change? Choose [Your Product] now. [CTA for immediate action].
  • Wide shot of the speaker, with room for text (testimonial)
  • Product logo and CTA info appear on screen

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A product video is an excellent way of showcasing the product’s features, benefits, and USP. Hence, when writing a Product demo script template, companies must ensure they incorporate everything needed to make it a success.

They should also remember the benefits a great demo video can do for their company. If you have a well-written video script, convincing your audiences will be fine. Figure out how much money they plan to invest and how long the video will be.

With a well-prepared script in hand, producing a SaaS product demo video turns into a manageable process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While writing a product demo video script, consider your target audience, the stage of the sales funnel they’re in, and the key features you want to highlight. Align the script with KPIs like conversion rate and include a strong call-to-action (CTA).

A product demo video script should include –

  • Introduction to the product
  • A problem statement
  • The solution your product offers
  • Key feature highlights
  • Closing CTA.

To write a product demo video script, start by researching your target audience and defining your objectives. Create an outline that includes all key sections. Write the dialogue and directions, incorporate a CTA, and then review and revise as needed.

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