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A Detailed Guide on Product Demo Video With Examples

Written by Rishabh
Written by Rishabh

Rishabh leads the content strategy at Content Beta, an on-demand creative video and design team for Tech & SaaS companies.

Product demo videos have been the most simple and effective tool for B2B SaaS brands to show product demos to potential customers. Nowadays it’s not about whether you need a product demo video anymore, but rather, what can you do to make your product demo video perform better?

We’ve seen brands struggle with questions, such as –

  • How long should my product demo video be?
  • Should it be animated?
  • What could I add to the demonstration video to make it the best ever?
  • What are my competitors doing? and a lot more.

Well if that’s why you are here, worry no more. Just for you, we have analyzed product demo videos from 100 top SaaS brands like Airtable, Ahrefs, Hubspot, Zendesk, and many more to help you understand how to structure your video.

Find product video examples sorted by length, style, and product category and see what the best in the industry prefer!

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What is a Product Demo Video?

A product demo video is a short, easy-to-understand video that presents a product or service. It’s a practical tool used by businesses to help potential customers understand the key features and benefits of a product. Product demos are typically designed to give them a quick and clear understanding of what a product does and how it can benefit them.

The ultimate goal of a demo video is to show how a product or service can solve a particular problem. The product demonstration allows potential customers to visualize how the product could fit into their life or business, making it easier for them to see its value.

Why Make a Product Demo Video?

We make product demo videos mainly for the following reasons:

  • Visual Explanation: It helps customers visualize how the product works. It is more effective than text-based instructions.
  • Highlight key features: You can focus on the unique selling points of your product. It helps the product to stand out in the crowd.
  • Customer Engagement: Videos tend to be more engaging than other forms of marketing.
  • Increase conversion rates: It can help convert potential customers into customers.
  • Resolve Queries: If customers often ask the same questions, a demo video can help answer these all at once. Addressing common customer queries in your product tutorial video can save time and improve customer service.

What is the Purpose of a SaaS Product Demo Video?

The purpose of a SaaS product demo video is to educate potential customers and help them understand how your product will solve their problem.

SaaS product videos are a great way to showcase your product to prospective customers. It can highlight your product’s features, provide demonstrations of how the software works, and address some common questions you’re likely to be asked by potential customers.

A product demo video is designed to showcase your digital product or service in an engaging and informative way. Best SaaS demo videos usually have a product demo video script that guides the narrative and incorporates on-screen graphics to emphasize key features and benefits of the product.

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How to Use Product Demo Videos for Different Stages of the Customer Journey?

There are basically four stages of the customer journey that includes:

    • TOFU: Awareness Stage
      At the top of the funnel (TOFU), your product demo video should focus on awareness. This is where potential customers are recognizing their needs and searching for information. Your video here should be informative, helping viewers understand what your product does and how it can solve their problems.
    • MOFU: Consideration Stage
      Moving to the middle of the funnel (MOFU), the consideration stage, your audience now understands their problem and is looking at potential solutions. Your product demo video here should be more detailed, showing how your product addresses specific issues.
    • BOFU: Decision Stage
      At the bottom of the funnel (BOFU), decision time, your product demo video should be aimed towards gently pushing the viewer to make a purchase. This is where you can get into the details of your product, possibly including customer testimonials, detailed use cases, and a strong call to action.
    • Loyalty Phase (where you stand)
      Here is where the focus shifts to maximizing the product’s value for existing customers. This might include detailed tutorials, tips and tricks, and updates about new features or services. Keeping your customers informed and engaged at this stage helps build a long-term relationship, encouraging repeat business and referrals.

What Should a Product Demo Video Include?

  • Introduction: Start the video with a brief introduction about the company
  • Product Overview: Give a brief description of the product and its purpose
  • Key Features: Showcase the unique features and benefits of your product
  • Instructions: Show how the product works in a step-by-step manner.
  • Use Case: Explain how your product can be used in real-life situations.
  • Customer Reviews: Share testimonials from customers who have benefited from the product.
  • Call to Action: Finish with a call to action, such as where to buy the product or how to get more information.
Product Demo Video

At Content Beta, we have analyzed product demos from the top 100 SaaS companies. You can access the full report here.

How Long Should a SaaS Product Demo Video be?

A good length for a SaaS product demo video is between 60-90 seconds (upto 2 mins) since viewers typically lose interest after that point. However some complex products might take a little more time and that is fine. The video should be long enough to cover all the necessary details but short enough to keep the viewer interested.

A SaaS demo video can be a great way to show off what your product does while also addressing the common questions that people might have.

How Do You Make a Good SaaS Product Demo Video?

A demo video for a software as a service product is an effective marketing tool that can help customers see your product in action. A software demo video should be short and sweet to ensure the viewer doesn’t lose interest or get bored.

This is crucial because if viewers don’t understand how your product works, they won’t convert!

Making a good SaaS product demo video is more than showing off the features of your product. It’s an opportunity to show your customer personas, how the features solve their problems, and why they should choose you.

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Step by Step Guide to Create a Product Demo Video

Here is a step-by-step guide to the process –

  • Planning: Identify the key features of your product. Figure out who your target audience is and what message you want to send to them.
  • Script Writing: Write the demo video script detailing what you’ll say and show in the demonstration video.
  • Preparing the Product: Make sure the product is ready for demonstration and in good working condition.
  • Filming: Use a high-quality camera to record the video.
  • Editing: Use video editing software to enhance the video. Trim unnecessary parts, add effects, and improve the overall look and feel.
  • Review and Revise: Watch the product demo video, gather feedback, and make adjustments as needed.
  • Publish: Once you’re happy with the video, publish it on your desired platform.

How Do You End a SaaS Product Demo Video?

A SaaS  product demo video should end with an email collection form or a call to action. The goal of any product demo video is to get the viewer to take action that will lead them to convert into a paying customer. If you are able, offer your viewers the opportunity to sign up for your service by adding a signup form at the end of your video.

The end of a SaaS product demo video is one of the most important parts. In many cases, the success or failure of a product demo video is based on how well it ends. Here are some things to consider when adding an ending to your product demo video:

List of Best SaaS Product Demo Videos

Here are the top product demo video examples to learn from :


Airtable is a software platform that empowers people to build the solutions they need to drive innovation and increase agility within their teams.

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey’s gives millions of people around the world a way to turn feedback into action that drives growth and innovation.


Zendesk builds software to meet customer needs, sets your team up for success, and keeps your business in sync.


Zoom brings teams together to get more done in a frictionless and secure video environment

Google Fi

Google Fi is a MVNO telecommunications service that provides telephone calls, SMS, and mobile broadband using cellular networks and Wi-Fi.


Helps users visualize their sales processes and get more done.


Enhance your social media management with Hootsuite, the leading social media dashboard.


It puts sales and marketing professionals in position to identify, connect, and engage with qualified prospects.


Slack is your single workspace that connects you with the people and tools you work with everyday, no matter where you are or what you do.


Grammarly Business helps 30,000 teams improve their communication at work. Grammarly offers detailed, real-time suggestions to help improve word choice, refine tone, make sentences clearer, and fix grammatical errors.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams brings together people, conversations and content along with the tools that teams need so they can easily collaborate to achieve more.


Optimize your website and get more traffic from Google.


Marketing, sales, and service software that helps your business grow without compromise.


Connect better with customers and partners


Sales Engagement platform for creating better buying experiences and closing more revenue.


Cloud-based collaboration tool for small to midsize businesses.


Leadfeeder shows you the companies visiting your website, how they found you and what they’re interested in.


The modern way to build for the web.


Business Messenger you and your customers will love.


Everyone can create professional designs with Canva. It’s easy to use and free.


Propel Engagement, Retention, and Conversion with Sendbird’s Chat and Messaging Solution.


All-In-One integrated marketing platform for small businesses, to grow your business on your terms.


On a mission to enable the world’s teams to work together effortlessly.


Powerful, self-serve product analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users.


Connect your apps and automate workflows.


Level up your social media marketing strategy. Schedule, plan, engage & grow.


No more messy folders or file names. No more hours wasted searching for your docs.


Helps efficiently and effectively engage prospects

Datagran (AdOptimizer)

Datagran brings the ML world with the Business world together effortlessly, so that you can focus on what’s important.


One app to replace them all


Streamline onboarding, benefits, payroll, PTO, and more with our simple, intuitive platform.


The platform provides the fastest way to build process apps at the lowest cost with the highest overall satisfaction.


Forge customer connections and drive growth with our data-driven, cross-channel solution


Gainsight helps customer success, post-sales, and product teams put customers at the heart of their business.


Visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more.