13 Ways to Use your Animated Product Demo Videos to Generate Lead and Sales

13 Ways to Boost Lead and Sales with Product Animation Videos

Written by Rishabh
Written by Rishabh

Rishabh leads the content strategy at Content Beta, an on-demand creative video and design team for Tech & SaaS companies.

Can an animated product demo be the missing link between your marketing efforts and increased sales? These videos do more than just look good; they make it easy for viewers to understand and appreciate your SaaS product’s features.

Product animation video is one of the visible ways to demonstrate the qualities and advantages of your SaaS demo product.

Interesting Fact: According to Content Beta, the ideal runtime for a product demo video is precisely 2 minutes and 31 seconds.

It is the optimal window where viewer engagement and content retention intersect. It allows you to convey your message without losing your audience’s attention.

So then,

  • How do you craft an interesting narrative within this limited time frame?
    Answer: Break down the complex steps + Use animation = easier understanding

Using animated product demos doesn’t just help educate your customers; it also makes it easier for your sales team to turn interested leads into serious buyers.

Let’s discuss this in more detail.

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What Is a Product Animation Video?

A brief video with animation highlighting a product’s features and benefits is known as an product animation video. These videos are frequently used in marketing campaigns to increase sales. Think of it as a lead magnet that draws people into your Marketing Funnel.

Offering animated product demonstration videos to potential consumers is one of the simplest ways to show or educate them on your technology, product, or service. These videos showcase the product’s USP(Unique Selling Proposition) screen by screen.

Using animated product demos helps customers understand your product and its contribution to the key financial metrics. By effectively showcasing your product’s capabilities, you’re more likely to convert interested viewers into paying customers, thereby increasing your revenue streams.

It is especially beneficial for technology hardware and software companies aiming to improve their ARR and MRR.

When planning your video’s content, consider what aligns with your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile). While the specifics may vary based on your product and target audience, the following elements are important for customer success:

  • Product Overview
  • Unique Features
  • Product Buying Benefits

By incorporating essential elements, you can craft an animated product demo that educates and drives revenue, thereby positively impacting your CAC: LTV ratio.

Benefits of Product Animation Video

Demo videos help the brand explain its products’ features. A B2B SaaS product demo video would offer additional features to improve the product’s quality and capture the audience’s attention.

1. Engage Customers

Animated demo videos are effective within your marketing funnel and help in:

  • Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) → Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).
  • Effectively communicate your value proposition
  • Customer engagement
  • Creating a brand presence that resonates

Animated videos elevate the Customer Journey, making it easier for customers to understand the product and enjoy the user experience (UX). By doing so, animated videos can effectively increase the rate of website visitors becoming potential leads.


Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

2. Demonstrate Functionality

In the B2B sector, animated product demos play an important role for sales purposes.


By offering a visual and interactive experience, animated demos simplify complex concepts. It is the ideal tool for highlighting your products’ significant features at a reasonable cost, with various extra added benefits.

Animated demos are more appealing than static content. This increased engagement can lead to better retention of information and a higher likelihood of conversion. It effectively moves prospects from the MQL stage to SQL in the marketing funnel.


3. Showcase User Experience

Product video animation offers a sandbox experience, allowing customers to visualize the product from multiple angles. It helps to improve customer education and contributes to customer success by showing how your product solves their pain points.

Lower churn rate = Higher customer success

A well-made animated demo can significantly reduce your churn rate by ensuring that the customer understands the value your product brings to their business.

We know how to sell your story using your product UI

10 Examples of Product Animation Videos

Below are 10 animated product demo videos for B2B SaaS companies for your inspiration.

1. OhMD


Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

OhMD, a patient messaging platform, collaborated with Content Beta to produce an insightful animated video. The video addresses challenges in healthcare communication by showcasing OhMD’s robust features from both healthcare providers and end-user perspectives.

Terms like “Product Demo,” “Features,” “Healthcare Perspective,” and “End-User Perspective” are relevant marketing terms that emphasize the product’s value proposition. Additionally, it contributes to the marketing funnel by attracting and informing potential leads.

2. Airtable


A software platform, Airtable aids users in creating the solutions they require to run their businesses. They have made an animated explainer video demonstrating how companies can use their Airtable software to start, build, and even launch their marketing campaigns.

Airtable’s video, with vibrant bursts of colors and graphics, showcases its software as a one-stop solution for managing marketing campaigns. The video effectively follows the AIDA framework and demonstrates how to organize, approve, and distribute projects all under one roof.

3. Survey Monkey


Survey Monkey provides millions of individuals with the tools they need to turn feedback into actions, promoting development and innovation. The company’s product animation video empowers strategy, research, and marketing professionals.

The video highlights their industry tracker tool for gathering data and spotting market trends. Unique animation, vibrant tone, and the convincing CTA make it clear that the next step is to book a demo.

We know how to sell your story using your product UI

4. Twixor


Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

Twixor, a CX automation platform, has partnered with Content Beta to create a compelling product demo video. The video aims to generate excitement and showcase the platform’s versatility across various industries.

It simplifies complex concepts, making it appealing to professionals in the marketing and tech fields in the US.

The one-minute video, accompanied by energetic music and expressive visuals, invites viewers to explore how their solution can change customer experiences on a large scale.

5. Google Fi


Google Fi’s product animation video dives into the unique selling points of their MVNO service, such as robust connectivity and secure data consumption.

The video’s vibrant animation and background music attract users, guiding them through the benefits of privacy and security features.

A convincing CTA encourages viewers to explore Google Fi’s offerings, aiming to convert them into Sales Qualified Leads (SQL).



Zoom is a communication brand in the business sector. They created an animated hybrid model video for DTEN ME’s home office solution for video meetings, phone calls, and interactive whiteboarding.

The video simplifies global communication through its platform, targeting professionals in the remote work sector.

The one-minute video with energetic music and expressive faces leaves a lasting impression, nudging the visitor to lead conversion rate.

7. Zendesk


Zendesk is a software business that creates products/services to meet the needs of its customers. They demonstrated how their solution could help a team be ready for success and keep its business in sync with their nearly two-minute animated video.

The animated demo video shows how Zendesk Connect manages proactive customer communication across channels to deliver better customer experiences at scale.

We know how to sell your story using your product UI

8. Upperinc


Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

Upperinc offers software that makes delivery routes more efficient for businesses. Their animated video, produced by Content Beta, is an effective marketing tool for their Facebook ads and homepage.

The video uses screen recording and UI animation to showcase Upperinc’s solutions to logistical challenges for delivery companies. The video’s primary goal is to reach more delivery companies and convert them into potential leads.

9. Salesforce


Salesforce is a software company that helps businesses manage their customer relationships. It offers tools for sales, customer service, and marketing, all accessible via the cloud.

The video is hosted by SalesforceUK and aims to provide an in-depth demonstration of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud capabilities. It uses a mix of visual elements, including Salesforce’s mascot, to guide viewers through the various features and functionalities.

The video is a valuable resource for customer education, helping existing users understand how to maximize the utility of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud.

10. Pitch


Pitch is a collaborative presentation software that allows teams to work together in real time to create visually appealing presentations. They are taking a significant leap forward by introducing recordings to their platform.

The video aims to showcase how teams can now transform presentations into compelling video narratives.

Elements that make this video a good animated demo include a clear voiceover, UI showcase, and synchronization with a good beat. This video is a way for Pitch to generate interest and awareness about their new feature, which could potentially attract more prospects.

We know how to sell your story using your product UI

13 Ways to Use Your Product Animation Videos to Generate Leads and Sales

There are various types of animated demo videos accessible now
that you, as a SaaS provider, can use in your marketing approach. As previously said, these videos have a considerably more significant impact than other forms of marketing.

Here are 13 ways to get leads and generate revenue using animation product videos.

1. Cater to Audience Needs

Understanding your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is essential for creating your product animation video and 3D product animation video.

Knowing your audience helps you create content that resonates and drives revenue. It’s not just about attracting visitors; it’s about converting them into leads.


Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

2. Add Clear, Obvious CTAs for Conversion

Always define your goal –

  • What is the outcome of watching the product demo video?
  • Do you want customers to buy, subscribe, or leave a comment?

After seeing your video, you want viewers to perform according to a CTA. Clearly define your Call to Action in your animated product videos to guide viewer interaction.

A well-placed CTA serves as your virtual handshake and helps improve your lead to MQL conversion rate. It’s the gateway to moving viewers further down your marketing funnel.


3. Use Videos as Gated Content

One of the most common types of interactivity is video gating. It limits video playback by requiring the user to take some action. You can use a product animation to showcase your content and encourage clients to use your SaaS solution further.

Gated content can be a terrific strategy to generate leads if you have excellent videos available. It is also a strategic way to generate MQLs and move them closer to becoming SQLs.

4. Offer Related Content for Download Next to Your Videos

Along with the video, it is also vital to provide some related content that the consumer may keep with them for future usage.

Providing related downloadable content alongside your best product animation videos to offer additional value serves as a lead magnet and helps in customer education.


We know how to sell your story using your product UI

5. Focus on Your SEO

Consumers often favor video content over lengthy, technical text. Incorporating animated demos can increase your site’s traffic and engagement levels.

You improve your SEO metrics by enhancing your website’s stay time through engaging video content. Product animation video can significantly improve your site’s stay time. Better SEO means more visibility, which means a higher chance of converting leads into customers.


6. Explain your Product/Services

Use animated product demo videos as explainer videos to showcase your product’s benefits. 3D product videos are more effective than text in helping your audience understand your product.

For Example: Dismantling a product or reassembling a shelf becomes easier when we follow and do it along with a video.


7. Turning Views into Leads

As a SaaS provider, use demo videos for lead scoring, as they’re currently the top content choice among consumers.

Lead scoring is simply determining which videos your prospective customers watch the most and what else you can do to convert them into leads. It helps to refine your marketing funnel and prioritize SQLs effectively.


8. Embed Lead Gen Forms Directly Into the Video Experience

Incorporate lead generation forms into your product demo animation videos to get organic leads. Instead of a standard lengthy document, you can utilize conditions similar to hilarious quizzes or questionnaires for customers to fill out.

These forms can be the first step in your sales enablement process, helping you identify high-quality leads.


9. Promotion on YouTube

When you upload content on YouTube, there are two ways to use promotional content: cards and end screens. You can use Cards to promote your animation demo video, a playlist, or a channel.

On the other hand, the end screen can be used to promote subscribing to the YouTube channel. These features can help you move viewers further down your marketing funnel, turning them from mere viewers into potential leads.


Additionally, you can run video ads on YouTube, targeting specific audiences based on demographics, interests, or keywords (YouTube community).

This paid option complements your organic efforts, giving you a broader reach and accelerating the conversion of viewers into potential leads. Understanding YouTube ad specs is key to maximizing your ad’s reach and impact. It will ensure your video looks and performs its best.

10. Add Video to Email

Inform email subscribers about new product videos in your monthly newsletter and share them with interested potential clients. It is an effective way to nurture leads and update your audience on new offerings.

We know how to sell your story using your product UI

11. Paid Promotion on Facebook

Leverage paid promotions on Facebook to maximize ROI. Use targeted product animation video to capture leads and drive conversions.

Paid Facebook ads can be an important part of your recommended marketing spend, offering a solid ROI when done right.


12. Paid Promotion on Linkedin

LinkedIn is one of the finest platforms for demonstrating how to use your product to solve business challenges. Use targeted 3D product animation video with embedded lead forms to interact with potential clients effectively.

13. Share on Social Media

Posting SaaS product demo videos on your social media pages can help raise product awareness and drive organic traffic to your website. By showcasing your SaaS product on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, you help in brand recognition and contribute to significant brand growth.

Increasing your social media following will help attract new audiences and nurture potential leads. Social media can be a valuable for customer acquisition, helping you improve your opportunity to customer conversion rate.

We know how to sell your story using your product UI

How To Make Your Own Product Animation Video Stand Out?

A product animation video or a 3D product video is a great way to share product information with a large audience in a single shot. But how can you ensure it’s not just any animated video and that people watch it? Let’s discuss.

1. Motion Graphics Videos

Motion graphics videos are the new standard for showcasing your SaaS product and connecting with potential customers. You can use 2D or 3D effects to make it more appealing, which customers will remember for a long time.


2. Features Highlights/Overview Videos

How you market your product will ultimately determine how well it sells. A product animation video will often assist you in highlighting the features and benefits of your product. These videos work well in technical businesses where users want to know every detail about the product.


3. Story-telling Videos

Story-telling videos are animated representations of communicating a product’s utility and benefits through a short, concise story. Narrative telling works well in a SaaS firm when users can see how the product can help them in real time.


4. Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation generates a B2B product demo video that looks handwritten on a classroom whiteboard or a white background. Because the bare pictures are simple to understand, it’s a popular technique to express detailed information.


5. Tutorial Videos

When individuals want to learn something and test it out, they watch tutorial videos. When potential leads watch your demo videos and decide to buy the product, tutorial videos will help your SaaS business.


We know how to sell your story using your product UI

6. Landing Pages

A landing page is a separate web page that a visitor “lands” on after watching your product animation video. Every content strategy should involve using landing pages to convert more traffic and conversions.

Here are some simple steps to help you get started on your product animation video:

1. Identify The Aim of the Video

Start with a clear aim for your product video or 3D animated product videos. Planning is crucial; it sets the stage for how your product will be portrayed. A well-defined purpose can guide the video’s content, ensuring it aligns with your marketing funnel objectives.

2. Select a Path

Select the right format for your animated product demo, whether it’s a classic demo, how-to video, or tutorial. The chosen format should align with your budget and effectively engage your target audience, guiding them further down the marketing funnel.

3. Creating a Video Script

An effective script is the backbone of any successful animated product video. Keep it crisp and focused, ensuring it aligns with your marketing objectives and timeline. A well-crafted script can significantly improve your lead conversion rate.

4. Storyboard

Utilize storyboarding software like FrameForge or Visme to pre-plan animations and characters. A well-thought-out storyboard can simplify the video production process and help you stay within budget, ultimately aiding sales enablement.


Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

5. Music Augmentation

Choose background music that complements the graphics of your animated demo video. AI tools like AIVA AI, Musenet, Magenta, Musico, Humtap, etc., can help you create a track that enhances the viewer’s experience, making your product more memorable.


Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

6. Animation Creation

Select animations and graphics that fit your product’s theme. Tools like Adobe Animate and Blender can help bring your product animation video to life. Quality animation can improve your lead to MQL conversion rate.

We know how to sell your story using your product UI

7. Adding Minimal Graphic Texts or Elements

Incorporate minimal text or graphic elements to emphasize key features or benefits in your animated product demo. Make sure to include a clear call-to-action (CTA) to help users interact with your product, improving your conversion rate from SQL to opportunity.

Why Choose Content Beta?

At a time when product animation video is a crucial tool for lead generation and sales, choosing the right creative partner is important. That’s where Content Beta comes into play.

Specializing in superfast video and design for tech marketing, Content Beta offers a dedicated creative team and project manager, all without the overhead. The Creative as a Service (CaaS) model provides you with many creative offerings for a flat monthly fee.

What we offer:

  • With a 1-2 day turnaround for simple design tasks, Content Beta ensures that your marketing funnel never experiences a creative bottleneck.
  • Enjoy flexible pricing where unused credit hours roll over to the next billing cycle, ensuring you only pay for what you actually use.
  • Whether you’re a high-growth B2B tech startup or have volume-based projects, Content Beta has a tailored plan.

Quality and Customer-Centric Approach: Two pillars we never compromise on are the quality of service and customer priority.

With a focus on maximizing ROI and quick turnarounds, Content Beta is your go-to creative partner for elevating your product animation video and overall lead generation strategy.

Schedule a call with us to discuss more.


A product animation video is a good investment for SaaS companies aiming to generate leads and improve conversions. These visually engaging videos simplify complex product features and grab the viewer’s attention.

They offer a dynamic way to showcase your product’s capabilities, making it more accessible and appealing to potential customers.

While written content has its place, the impact of a well-made animated video is unmatched. It’s not just about showing off your product; it’s about doing so in a way that connects with your target audience.

Ensure creativity and a focus on customer solutions to ensure your video stands out in a crowded market. The goal is to make every second count, turning viewers into loyal customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Product animation videos can simplify complex features, attract viewer’s interest, and provide a memorable way to showcase your product. They are also widely adopted because of their captivating presentation of complex concepts.

They can help in lead generation and conversion rates, ultimately impacting your marketing and sales efforts.

The best types of product animation videos for websites include explainer videos, demo videos, how-to tutorials, and feature highlights.

These formats can cater to different marketing funnel stages, from awareness to conversion.

A product animation video should include a brief product overview, its unique features, and the benefits it offers to customers.

It should also have clear steps on how to use a product or service in its intended way. A clear call-to-action (CTA) is also essential to guide viewer engagement.

With advanced animation and expert voiceover, a demo video costs can range from $5000 to 20,000.

The cost of the video can vary widely based on complexity, length, and production quality. It’s best to consult with a video production agency for a tailored quote.

We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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