Top 15 Explainer Video Examples for Procurement Software

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Rishabh Pugalia

June 13, 2024


Creating an effective explainer video for procurement software seems deceptively simple. But it’s not.

You may find yourself getting confused about:

  • Focusing on just a few of the many complexities of enterprise solutions.
  • Balancing the presentation of benefits and features.
  • Choosing the right mix of software UI and animation.

In this guide, we have collected a dozen-plus examples of explainer videos of different procurement software companies.

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    How to Strategize Your Procurement Explainer Video

    Here is a checklist of questions to discuss with your content strategy team before you start working with the video production team:

    1. Who is the¬†primary persona¬†you want to connect with ‚Äď Initiator, Influencer, Gatekeeper, Decider, Buyer, or User?
    2. What is your hook to grab the viewers’ attention within the first 10 seconds?
    3. What is the single most important USP (Unique Selling Proposition) you want your viewers to remember?
    4. Are there any differentiators like AI, RPA, or advanced analytics you can show with supporting graphics and animations?
    5. What analogies will you use to make your message relatable to procurement professionals?
    6. How much product demo footage is necessary to make the capabilities clear without overwhelming the viewers with too much intricate detail?
    7. Do you plan to add client and expert testimonials or case study anecdotes? Client validation stories can provide outside credibility.
    8. What¬†call-to-action¬†(CTA) do you want to encourage prospects to take at the end ‚Äď trial sign-up, demo request, or explore more content?

    Think content strategy in phases. In the next phase, explore if you need to produce additional micro-targeted videos for specific modules, user roles, or buying committees later after an initial broader overview video.

    With some context in place, let’s now study several examples of explainer videos of different procurement software companies.

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    15 Examples of Explainer Videos of Procurement Software Companies

    Before you start working on your explainer video, It’s a good idea to check how others have done it in this space. Here are 15 examples of explainer videos of procurement software companies:

    1. Coupa: Behold the Power of Spend

    Duration: 1 minute

    2. GEP SMART: Make Procurement Transformation a Success

    Duration: 3 minutes 45 seconds

    3. Procurify: A Spend Management Solution for Modern Businesses

    Duration: 1 minute

    4. Bonfire Procurement Software

    Duration: 1 minute 40 seconds

    5. Vendr: The no-brainer SaaS buying platform ‚ÄĒ that pays for itself.

    Duration: 1 minute 18 seconds

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    6. Tonkean: An overview of ProcurementWorks

    Duration: 4 minutes 54 seconds

    7. Tipalti: Supercharging Productivity with Oracle NetSuite

    Duration: 1 minute 8 seconds

    8. Xeneta: Welcome to data-driven freight procurement

    Duration: 1 minute 21 seconds

    9. Sastrify

    Duration: 1 minute 21 seconds

    10. Basware

    Duration: 1 minute 31 seconds

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    11. ProcurementExpress

    Duration: 45 seconds

    12. Oro labs

    Duration: 57 seconds

    13. Procol - Next Generation Procurement Software

    Duration: 44 seconds

    14. What is Precoro? | Procurement Software Demo

    Duration: 3 minutes 45 seconds

    15. OpStream

    They are yet to upload an explainer video on their YouTube channel (as of 12-Jan-2024).

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    Areas to Cover in Your Procurement Explainer Videos

    Here is a checklist of fundamental procurement activities that you need to keep in mind while you work on the video production plan for Procurement Software:

    A. Basic Procurement Processes

    These are foundational activities that form the core of procurement operations.

    1. Purchase Orders: Initiating procurement transactions.
    2. Requisitions and Budgeting: Managing purchase requests and financial planning.
    3. Procure-to-Pay Process: Steps from acquiring goods to payment settlement.
    4. Expense Management: Tracking and analyzing organizational expenses.
    5. Supplier Management: Managing supplier relationships and interactions.
    6. Spend Management: Monitoring and controlling expenditure.
    7. Contract Management: Handling agreements with suppliers.

    B. Intermediate Operational Enhancements

    These topics focus on improving efficiency, integrating systems, and managing resources more effectively.

    1. Supplier Onboarding and Lifecycle: Comprehensive management of supplier relationships.
    2. Inventory and Warehouse Management: Managing stock levels and storage.
    3. Invoice Processing and Payments: Handling billing and transaction processes.
    4. E-Procurement Solutions: Digital tools for procurement processes.
    5. Automating Procurement Workflows: Implementing technology for efficiency.
    6. Integrations with ERP Systems: Syncing procurement with enterprise planning.
    7. Compliance and Process Controls: Adhering to regulations and standards.

    C. Advanced Strategic and Analytical Tools

    These are sophisticated tools and methodologies for strategic decision-making, advanced analytics, and leveraging technology for insights.

    1. Strategic Sourcing: Optimizing sourcing for value and efficiency.
    2. Procurement Analytics: Data-driven insights for procurement decisions.
    3. Spend Visibility and Reporting: Transparency in expenditures and reporting.
    4. Procurement KPI Dashboards: Tracking key performance indicators.
    5. Procurement Risk Analysis: Assessing risks in procurement activities.
    6. SaaS-based Platform Options: Cloud-based procurement solutions.
    7. AI-enabled Analytics and Automation: Advanced AI for procurement processes.

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    Creating videos for a D2C product is easier. You just need to show an actor using the product. Add some trendy music and low-fidelity video editing, and it’s done.

    With Procurement Software and SaaS apps, the efforts differ. You need to balance storytelling with the product UI, its benefits, and features.

    You need to partner with a creative team that understands software and SaaS. The members must be UI-savvy, and they must have completed such projects many times in the past.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    An explainer video for procurement software differs from other marketing videos in:

    • more educational approach,
    • focusing on demonstrating the software‚Äôs features and benefits,
    • using simple language and visuals for easy understanding
    • emphasize in informing over persuading.

    The key elements to look for in a procurement software explainer video are:

    • Clear demonstrating features
    • Explaining benefits
    • Showcasing user interface

    An effective procurement software explainer video should typically be between 1 to 3 minutes long. This duration is sufficient to convey key information clearly and concisely without losing the viewer’s attention.

    Common pitfalls to avoid when creating a procurement software explainer video are:

    • Overloading with technical jargon
    • Lengthy duration
    • Lack of clear focus
    • Poor quality visuals and audio
    • Ignoring the target audience‚Äôs needs

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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