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Presentation design is visually enhancing the information you want to communicate. This can be done to improve clarity and engage the audience through visual aids, layout, and typography. Every presentation design follows a brand identity and is tailored for the audience.

A good presentation design consists of an easy-to-understand message in a visually appealing format. The information must also be presented in a storytelling flow, following a minimalistic design to not overwhelm the viewer.

A well-designed presentation helps transform complex business data into clear, concise information that elevates your brand’s perceived value. It also boosts engagement and retention, fostering persuasion and meaningful conversations, giving you a competitive advantage.

A well-designed presentation is always tailored to the intended audience. This helps better communicate the benefits to the audience, helping in information retention while conveying key points of the presentation. Ultimately, the audience will focus on the points that benefit them, their organization, and how you can help.

A well-designed presentation is clear and concise while harmonizing with the brand’s language and theme. It is also simple yet contains high-quality visuals. The result should feel less like a presentation and more like a walkthrough of your company and its offerings.

Presentation design turns numbers and facts into visual stories, making complex information easy to understand and engaging for the audience. Through visual storytelling, the viewer can retain and recall the data at a moment’s notice, compared to reading it off a plain document.

When data turns into an incredible story, it does more than inform- it excites the viewer. Imagine turning a boring lecture into a James Cameron blockbuster. They remember and can meaningfully chat about it, making those numbers mean something.

We offer various services, from designing slides from scratch to rebranding, redesigning, and proofreading. We also cater to different use cases, such as your sales, internal, and investor meetings.

The main mode of file transfer will be handled through Content Beta Cloud, our proprietary project management system. We can also handle other file transfer modes like Hightail, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more. On request, we can create a dedicated SharePoint site within Microsoft 365 for our customer, or they can also share credentials to their preferred site.

You can communicate and coordinate with us through the Content Beta Cloud, our proprietary project management system, through email or book a call on Google Meet.

Presentation design services are part of the Creatives-as-a-Service plan. We have transparent asset-wise pricing. Feel free to book a discovery call to learn more. You can also check out the pricing here.

We work quickly. For a project under 5 to 6 slides, we can deliver the project in under two days. For larger projects, delivery times might vary. But we’ll keep you posted about updates through the Content Beta Cloud.

If you let us know beforehand about any priority or upcoming projects, we can provide you with a 24-hour turnaround time.

Yes. Each project has a dedicated account manager who will be your point of contact. You can contact your account manager through the Content Beta Cloud or Slack or schedule a call within the platform.

All of our content is made from scratch, and you have full legal ownership of the files as soon as we deliver them to you. However, ownership of illustrations, vector files, stock videos, and images belongs to a third party and has a license to use without crediting the creator.

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