Unleashing Design Creativity with Perchance AI

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Rishabh Pugalia

July 1, 2024

Unleashing Design Creativity with Perchance AI

Images speak louder than words. However, creating fresh, engaging visuals consistently can be challenging. We all face moments when new ideas seem out of reach. That’s where tools like Perchance AI come in.

It is not a typical AI graphic generator. It is a randomization tool that can create text descriptions, simple graphics, and even game elements. This randomness can help designers to break free from conventional thinking patterns.

You might be wondering –

  • To what extent can the perchance image generator be considered a collaborator in creative projects?
  • Does it truly create, or is it merely a sophisticated tool for manipulating pre-existing data?
  • How can we leverage this tool to enhance human creativity and innovation, rather than simply replacing it?

This blog will explore how Perchance AI works and its impact on marketing. We’ll also provide a step-by-step guide to help you start using the AI tool for image generation.

This Perchance AI image is created using the prompt – “A serene sunset over a calm ocean with a silhouette of a sailboat.” For settings, I selected painted anime art style, landscape shape, and 6 images to be generated.

Perchance AI image

Let’s explore how randomness can lead to innovation.

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    What is Perchance AI?

    Perchance AI is a unique tool that focuses on randomization and procedural generation. It is designed for marketers, designers, and anyone who needs high-quality images quickly. But it is not just for images – it can also create text, data, etc.

    This particular AI tool stands out for its flexibility. It’s not limited to a single type of content generation. It democratizes the whole process, making it accessible to everyone.

    The UI is inspired by WebCore aesthetics. The minimalist, functional design shows hints of the old web layout. The UI focuses on ease of use, so the format is clean and uncluttered. Navigation is straightforward. The overall look is more utilitarian than artistic.

    Perchance AI home page

    Impact of Visual Content in Modern Marketing

    Visual content dominates online spaces. Social media feeds, websites, and advertisements – all rely heavily on images and graphics. So much so that it can help a marketing campaign succeed.

    For instance, social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are designed around visual content. Hence, brands need to create attractive and engaging visuals. It can differentiate your brand from competitors and make your marketing efforts more memorable.

    But why is it so impactful?

    1. Visual processing is fast. Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text (source). This means visual content can convey your message almost instantly.
    2. Visual content improves memory. According to Brain Rules, people remember 65% of information paired with an image, compared to only 10% of text-only information.
    3. Graphics simplify complex ideas. Infographics examples, charts, and diagrams can explain difficult concepts quickly and clearly.
    4. Images increase engagement. Posts with visuals get more likes, shares, and comments. They’re more likely to stop users from scrolling past.
    5. Visuals build brand identity. Consistent use of brand guidelines, such as colors, styles, imagery, etc., helps create a recognizable brand presence.

    15 Best Examples of AI Image Generation by Perchance AI

    Here are some of the top examples –

    1. Trade show booth

    Prompt – A B2B tech trade show booth with interactive displays, live demos, and a welcoming team of representatives.

    Image settings –

    • Art style – Concept art
    • Shape – landscape
    • Anti-description – clutter

    Added settings –

    • Modifier – none

    Here is the outcome from Perchance AI –

    Trade show booth

    2. Log cabin

    Prompt – A cozy, rustic cabin in the snowy mountains with smoke coming from the chimney.

    Image settings –

    • Art style – 3D Disney character
    • Shape – landscape
    • Anti-description – black smoke

    Here is the Perchance AI image –

    Log cabin

    3. Mushrooms

    Prompt – An enchanted forest with glowing mushrooms and fairy lights.

    Image settings –

    • Art style – professional photo
    • Shape – landscape
    • Anti-description – none

    Added settings –

    • Shot – low angle
    • Color – muted
    • Effect – background blur

    Here is the output from the Perchance image generator –


    4. E-commerce website

    Prompt – A modern eCommerce website homepage with a clean, minimalistic design featuring a hero image of a stylish product.

    Image settings –

    • Art style – concept art
    • Shape – landscape
    • Anti-description – too many colors

    Here is the image from the Perchance AI image generator –

    E-commerce website

    This is particularly helpful for presenting website design mockups to your client. For example, you can show the placement of an ecommerce product video, images, description layout, font, etc.

    5. Castle

    Prompt – A mystical castle on a hill, surrounded by a dense forest and a shimmering moat.

    Image settings –

    • Art style – fantasy painting
    • Shape – landscape
    • Anti-description – none

    Here is the result from Perchance AI –


    6. African lion

    Prompt – A majestic lion standing proudly on a rock in the African savannah.

    Image settings –

    • Art style – 3D Disney character
    • Shape – landscape
    • Anti-description – other animals

    Here is the Perchance AI image –

    African lion

    7. Night owl

    Prompt – A peaceful, moonlit night with a starry sky and an owl perched on a branch.

    Image settings –

    • Art style – medieval
    • Shape – landscape
    • Anti-description – none

    Here is the final image from the Perchance image generator –

    Night owl

    8. Virtual meeting

    Prompt – A remote video production team meeting with clients via video conferencing software discussing strategies and goals.

    Image settings –

    • Art style – No style
    • Shape – landscape
    • Anti-description – too many people

    Here is the outcome from the Perchance AI image generator –

    Virtual meeting

    9. Countryside

    Prompt – A serene countryside scene with rolling hills, a farmhouse, and grazing sheep.

    Image settings –

    • Art style – drawn anime
    • Shape – landscape
    • Anti-description – houses close-by

    Added settings –

    • Style – none
    • Effect – vintage

    Here is the generated image from Perchance AI –


    10. Lakeside

    Prompt – A tranquil lakeside scene at dawn, with mist rising from the water and a lone fisherman.

    Image settings –

    • Art style – cinematic
    • Shape – landscape
    • Anti-description – none

    Added settings –

    • Shot – wide angle
    • Color – warm
    • Effect – golden hour
    • Genre – none

    Here is the Perchance AI image –


    11. Carnival

    Prompt – A vibrant, bustling carnival with colorful rides, games, and people having fun.

    Image settings –

    • Art style – soft anime
    • Shape – landscape
    • Anti-description – none

    Here is the result from the Perchance image generator –


    12. VR in e-commerce

    Prompt – A virtual reality shopping experience where customers can browse and interact with products in a 3D environment.

    Image settings –

    • Art style – no style
    • Shape – landscape
    • Anti-description – multiple devices

    Here is the final image from the Perchance AI image generator –

    VR in e-commerce

    13. Japanese garden

    Prompt – A peaceful zen garden with a koi pond and a traditional Japanese tea house.

    Image settings –

    • Art style – digital painting
    • Shape – landscape
    • Anti-description – none

    Here is the final image from Perchance AI –

    Japanese garden

    14. A town in Europe

    Prompt – A charming European town with cobblestone streets and flower-filled balconies.

    Image settings –

    • Art style – professional photo
    • Shape – landscape
    • Anti-description – none

    Added settings –

    • Shot – none
    • Color – none
    • Effect – soft focus

    Here is the Perchance AI image –

    A town in Europe

    15. Green meadow

    Prompt – A lush, green meadow with wildflowers and a winding path leading to a cottage.

    Image settings –

    • Art style – casual photo
    • Shape – landscape
    • Anti-description – none

    Added settings –

    • Shot – handheld
    • Color – warm
    • Effect – none

    Here is the final product from the Perchance image generator –

    Green meadow

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    How to use Perchance AI Tools for Image Generation?

    Let’s discuss how to get started with Perchance AI image generator –

    Step 1: Getting started

    The common prerequisite of using any tool on the internet is signing up or logging in on the website. But it is not mandatory for Perchance AI. It allows unlimited free access to their image generation tool without signing up or logging in.

    Step 2: Access the Image Generation Tool

    Once you are on the landing page, navigate to the image generation tool. It is interlinked with the text on the page. The interface is user-friendly, making it easy to locate the tools you need.

    Access the Image Generation Tool

    Step 3: Enter Your Prompt

    In the image generation tool, you’ll find a text box where you can enter a description of the image you want to create. Be as detailed as possible.

    For example, instead of typing “a cat,” it is better to type “a black cat with green eyes sitting on a red cushion.”

    Note – There is also a scratchpad available for brainstorming, taking notes, and saving good prompts. It stays there even if you refresh or close the tab.

    Enter Your Prompt

    Step 4: Select Image Settings

    Perchance AI allows you to customize various settings for your image. You can choose the art style, shape, and how many images you want. You also have the option to add what you do not want. These options help ensure the generated image aligns with your brand’s aesthetics.

    Select Image Settings 1
    Select Image Settings 2
    Select Image Settings 3

    Certain art styles give you added settings. For example –

    1. Concept art named art style gives you an added setting – modifier.
    Select Image Settings 4
    1. Painted anime art style gives 2 added settings – style and effect.
    Select Image Settings 5
    1. Casual or professional photo art style gives you 3 added settings – shot, color, and effect.
    Select Image Settings 6

    Step 5: Generate the Image

    After entering your description and selecting the settings, click the ‘Generate’ button. Perchance AI will process your request and create images based on your input. This usually takes a few seconds.

    I used the prompt mentioned in step 3. For settings, I selected painted anime art style, landscape shape, and 3 images to be generated. For the additional settings, I went with Ghibli art style and ethereal effect. Here is the outcome –

    Generate the AI Image

    Step 6: Review

    Once the images are generated, review them to ensure they meet your expectations. If necessary, you can tweak the settings and regenerate the images.

    Here I regenerated the 2nd and 3rd images.

    Review the AI Image

    Step 7: Download and Use

    After finalizing your image from the ones generated, download it to your device. You can now use the image in your marketing materials, social media posts, or any other platform you like.

    Here is the final image I decided on –

    Download and Use the AI Image

    Perchance AI for Design Creativity

    Perchance AI might not replace your primary design tools, but it can significantly improve your creative process. Here’s how:

    • Idea generation: Use Perchance to create random combinations of design elements. This can spark ideas you might not have thought of otherwise.
    • Overcoming creative blocks: When you’re stuck, a random prompt can help shift your perspective and get ideas flowing again.
    • Building design systems: Create generators for consistent design elements across a project or brand.
    • Creating variations: Generate multiple versions of a design concept quickly. This is great for presentation design ideas to show clients or exploring different directions.
    • Developing fictional brands: Use Perchance to generate random color schemes or product aesthetics. This is useful for mockups or speculative design projects.

    Tips for Maximizing Perchance AI

    Here are a few tips to maximize the effectiveness of Perchance AI –

    • Be Specific with Descriptions: The more detailed your prompt is, the better the AI can generate an accurate image. Include specifics like objects, context, etc.
    • Experiment with Styles: Don’t hesitate to push the principles of design and try different styles and settings. This experimentation can lead to unique visuals that stand out.
    • Try out the features: Take advantage of the different features to fine-tune your images. Small adjustments can make a big difference in the final output.
    • Combine with other tools: Use Perchance outputs as inputs for other AI image enhancement tools (like Topaz, Magnific, etc) or as starting points for manual designs.
    • Experiment with constraints: Sometimes, limiting your options can lead to more creative solutions. Use Perchance to set random constraints for your designs.
    • Stay open-minded: Not every output will be usable, but even “bad” results can lead to unexpected insights.

    Final Thoughts

    Using Perchance AI image generator for design highlights its simplicity and efficiency. This tool offers a unique approach to exploring new ideas and sparking creativity.

    Experiment with different prompts and generators. Do not be afraid to modify and combine outputs to suit your needs. Start small, with simple generators. As you get comfortable, try more complex scripts. Over time, you’ll develop a sense of how to best use this tool in your design process.

    Remember, it is not about replacing your skills but enhancing them. AI tools work best when combined with your expertise and judgment. Use it to generate ideas, then refine and develop various types of graphic design and visuals with your own creative touch.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Yes, Perchance AI is easy to use for beginners. The interface is user-friendly and doesn't require advanced design skills.

    The main features of Perchance AI are -

    • Scratchpad,
    • Description box,
    • Random idea generator,
    • Keyword-based idea generator
    • Choice of art style,
    • Choice of shape

    Yes, Perchance AI is free to use.

    It usually takes a few seconds to generate an image with Perchance AI. The process is fast and efficient.

    Common use cases for Perchance AI are:

    • Marketing: Creating visuals for ads and social media.
    • E-commerce: Generating product images.
    • Content Creation: Designing graphics for blogs and websites.
    • Presentations: Making professional slides.
    • Personal Projects: Crafting custom images for hobbies and creative work.

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