How ORO Leverages Content Beta to Supercharge their Partner Video Content Strategy?



Unlimited video subscription for partners and customers of an end to end procurement software


Partner Videos

ORO partners and helps other companies to solve their procurement and supply chain problems. Now for that they also provide video courses for the customers of these platforms to understand the solution better.

As the customer list of ORO grows, so will the amount of these videos.

Bandwidth and Resources

As a stealth startup looking to stay nimble and lean, the team at ORO already has a lot on their plate.

Video production is a separate vertical altogether that one needs considerable resources to build and scale.



To create a scalable system for ORO to produce these videos fast without compromising on quality.


The ORO team hops on a call explaining their requirements.

The Content Beta team then takes over to make the videos from scratch. The team spends time understanding the product, designing elements that could make the visuals more appealing, and make the video more engaging.

We work to enhance brand visibility, sharing tips and showcasing the features in a more digestible format. It was our instructional designers who spend time with the product and pinpoint each small element that could be added to the video to create amazing output.

We make sure that it takes minimal effort from their part. Our expert instructional designers work out an amazing script and storyboard while the editing team works through motion graphics, animations, and video editing that is developed especially for user retention and product adoption.


ORO has subscribed to our UNLIMITED plan to have take care of their huge needs and access to a dedicated team for the whole time.

With this they also get unlimited revisions and absolutely no restrictions on their video requirements.

ORO is a modern procurement fabric that helps orchestrate end-to-end procurement across teams, systems and processes.


Supplier engagement platform


Amazing improvements in metrics were shown across the board.

ORO loved Content Beta’s attention to detail, understanding of video, and response times.

The objectives ORO set out to achieve with Content Beta were met times over.

Content Beta