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Onemagnify is performance marketing and technology agency that provides marketing solutions from customer experience and brand strategy to digital and business intelligence, taking their customers from Insight to Impact. Their top solutions include CRM, digital media, web development and business intelligence.


Detroit, Michigan, United States



Revenue (2023)

$238 million


Onemagnify Creative team


Quick turnaround and creative assistance on these assets
🡪 Presentation Decks
🡪 Case Studies
🡪 Datasheets
🡪 Ad creatives


🡪 Agencies not accurate and quick enough
🡪 In-house team is occupied with client deliverables
🡪 Other resources and options not cost effective
🡪 Strict adherence to brand guidelines

Content Beta isn’t just a team of designers and visual artists. Our focus on B2B businesses allows us to understand exactly what teams need.

Onemagnify works with giants like Ford, Merkel, and many more, which compels them to be precise with their branding and presentations. There’s no way they can slip up and appear sloppy. And with Content Beta, this is exactly what we help them do- look creative and be professional at the same time.

1. Creative Rework through collaboration

Our experienced graphic designers and visual artists don’t just do a creative makeover. Their technology industry backgrounds help them provide input and suggestions that other junior editors might not be able to provide.

This creative makeover not only helps the output turn out great but also creates better trust and a smoother process.

2. Iterations and brainstorming

Our team quickly shifts context between assets and works on them simultaneously.

They can get our help on a 20-slide sales deck, a one-page case study, work samples, LinkedIn ad creatives, datasheets, or anything else. The Content Beta team does not restrict them with capability constraints.

In addition, Onemagnify would get at least three variations for each copy, with different sizes, aspect ratios, and visual designs, giving them enough options to choose from.

3. Lightning quick turnaround

Would you believe that the Content Beta is able to turnaround 300+ slides in a monthly subscription plan? Because this is exactly what Onemagnify has been getting consistently for the past quarter with the Content Beta team

For a particular 22 slide deck the team took exactly 5 hours 30 minutes to come back with the final version.

Amazing right?

Even freelance platforms can solve the problem of simply getting extra hands on deck, but that doesn’t actually solve what they actually need.

We work with 120+ SaaS and Software tech companies. Our team has extensive experience understanding their challenges, what works, and what doesn’t. Our input comes from real-world experience, not just aesthetics.

What does this mean for any clients working with us? Minimum hand-holding throughout the project duration.

The deliverables were beyond what an in-house team could handle—both in terms of quality and quantity within the given time frame and no lead time. The project star as soon as the brief is shared with Content Beta.

While traditional creative agencies take days to turn around such projects, Content Beta can deliver the same in hours..

Discuss your content needs for creative needs with us today.

❝ Content Beta quickly grasps our briefings with minimal to no back-and-forth. Their efficiency saves us time and ensures seamless project progress. Highly recommended! ❞
Scott Jefferson Artboard
Scott Jefferson
Associate Creative Director, OneMagnify
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