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Matthew Holman
Matthew Holman
Marketing Director at
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We submitted a blog article about how to set up free shipping on your Shopify account - and they turned it into an amazing video! We are getting better engagement on that page and more page views now because of that video. The most important thing to me is that we are adding more value to our knowledge base. It's great!!

Does your content suck at acquiring and retaining customers?

You’re trying a lot of things but you aren’t getting results you want

Email Drip Campaigns


Product Documentation


Onboarding Software


Because what you really need to focus on is
"Teach First, then Sell"

Content Beta helps you with Product Videos to generate more leads, retain more customers, and help more people

Here's how we help you 2X your MRR.

Without you spending long hours in content generation

Thought Leadership Courses
Market your product while you educate the audience and create Thought Leadership
Lead Generation
Academy-as-a-service for SaaS
Get your Unlimited Customer Education content requests sorted in a few clicks
Content Generation
Action-focused Onboarding Videos
Transform your boring Knowledge base into bite-sized videos to maximise sftware adoption
Customer Retention


No one on your team can change how your customers
look at you. That’s why clients hire us.

A mere 5% reduction in churn can lead to a profit increase of 25-125%. Marketers, Copywriters, Customer Success guys don't know how to create clever scripts, storyboards and production for customer education content

We’re a team of instructional designers, script writers, content analysts, tech analysts, video graphers, talent managers, storyboarders, course producers. And spent years experimentating and mastering this process

Rabeea Anwaar
Rabeea Anwaar
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Content Beta helped us convert knowledgebase article to video tutorial. We now have fewer customer tickets and shorter onboarding calls

Still wondering how a world-class video courses will change your positioning in the market.....

Get better engagement than with only text or pictures

Become a thought leader

Higher trial to paid conversions

Reduced support tickets

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