MoEngage Academy Overview

Learn the science of customer-engagement-led growth.


Indicative course names:

Customer Onboarding, Building a Modern Data Stack in 30 days, User Retention Foundation

Key features

Tips from Sajeesh Sahadevan, Academy Manager, MoEngage

How old is the Academy?

The MoEngage Academy is nine months old, born in 2020.

What are your favorite tools and gear?

Pre-WFH, we used a Sony a6400. These days, mostly webcam.

For video recording, we use Soapbox (from Wistia). It allows us to seamlessly switch from talking head to slide to split-screen. For editing, we use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Who do you take inspiration from?

All kinds of educational content irrespective of topic. Mostly YouTube but also online courses and podcasts.

Biggest lesson learned creating video content for Academy?

This goes beyond just content creation but – It’s more important to just get started and put something out there. Of course, you can’t edit a video as easily as written content, but you get better if you get into execution mode after basic preparation rather than overthinking it.

How many students go through the Academy per year?

We have ~1500 learners (and growing) visiting per year

What does your program receive praise for?

It helps learners understand basic concepts so they feel empowered to run experiments and learn further.

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