Mastering Meme Marketing: 20 Genius Brand Examples

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Rishabh Pugalia

May 16, 2024


Memes are more than just online jokes. They have become strong marketing tools that make everyday situations relatable and easy to share.

If that is so, then here are some common questions:

  • Why do some memes become popular and others don’t?
  • How can a funny meme help a business?
  • How do you keep a meme’s original feel and still fit your brand?

In this read, we will try to understand the strategy and concept behind memes with examples.

Did you know – The Dancing Baby was among the earliest memes to become popular online. It was a straightforward image or GIF of a computer-animated baby dancing. AutoDesk, a software company, created the Dancing Baby as a sample file to demonstrate their animation plug-in’s capabilities.

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    What is Meme Marketing?

    Meme marketing uses popular internet images to promote a brand’s message, making it easy to relate to and share. For B2B marketers, it is about linking business stories with important cultural events.

    Meme Marketing isn’t just about sharing a laugh; it is an effective strategy that connects.

    Remember the Bernie Sanders meme that went viral?

    Now here is how a brand strategized to make that meme relatable to the users on Shopify. This is an example of meme branding.

    Three elements that stand out in the above meme:

    • Relatable
    • Humor
    • Share a Fact

    Choosing the right meme is like choosing the right words—it has to fit. It’s about understanding your audience, aligning with a meme that speaks to them, and delivering a message that sticks.
    While memes offer a fresh and engaging way to connect with audiences, there’s also power in revisiting and refreshing existing content. Old content can be given new life and context. If you’re curious about maximizing the value of what you’ve already created, explore our insights on Repurposing Video Content.

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    Benefits of Meme Marketing

    As you real-life meme marketing, ask yourself: Which meme will not only reflect your brand but elevate its message?

    1. Minimal Work, Maximum Hype

    Meme marketing requires minimal investment but generates high rewards. Popular memes can be tweaked to relate to products, making them highly shareable and engaging.

    2. Here Today, Trending Tomorrow

    Memes showcase what’s relevant and trending to pave the way for the next big meme advertisement. They also cater to a wider audience.

    3. Budget-Friendly Attention-Getters

    Meme marketing is cost-effective. With creative meme ideas and basic graphic skills, brands can produce content that resonates widely in the memes market.

    4. Meme It, Share It: Fans Join the Fun

    Campaign memes and content memes created by fans lead to organic user-generated content. This helps to spread the brand meme message and showcase real-world meme examples.

    5. Memes: Riding the Trend Wave

    Meme marketing allows brands to use popular memes and jump on trending topics. This showcases the brand’s relevance and timely engagement with current events, making every advertise meme count.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    How can marketers and brands use meme marketing?

    Although meme marketing is common among B2C brands, it is nearly as important and useful to use it for B2B as well. Let’s dive in to see how.

    1. Research, Target & User Persona

    Meme marketing starts with understanding the specific user personas. This ensures that the memes align with the audience’s preferences.

    2. Attention Time & Authenticity

    Authentic and relatable content ensures higher engagement, making your marketing meme more memorable.

    3. Collaboration & G2

    Partnering with influencers or meme creators can amplify your meme marketing efforts. It is helpful especially if you are promoting a G2 product or aiming for higher-tier promotions.

    4. Tofu & Bofu Promotion

    Meme marketing can be tailored for different stages of the funnel. ‘Top of the Funnel’ memes create awareness, while ‘Bottom of the Funnel’ memes can drive actions like purchases and showcasing successful memes in action.

    5. Monitor, Conversions & Repeat Purchases

    By tracking meme marketing performance, brands can measure their effectiveness in driving conversions and repeat purchases. Using popular memes at the right time can lead to renewed interest.

    6. Lead Generation

    Along with staying on-trend, brands should diversify their content memes. The goal is to turn meme engagement into tangible leads. This ensures a continuous cycle of engagement and conversion.

    As memes captivate audiences with humor and relatability, short form videos offer a dynamic way to convey a message in mere seconds. Platforms like TikTok have showcased the potential of these bite-sized clips. To explore further into this trend and its impact on marketing, check out our guide on Short Form Video.

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    20 Meme Marketing Examples

    Memes are shared on a wide variety of platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, etc. Below are 20 examples from brands on how they used memes in their marketing –

    1. Google Maps

    Platform: Twitter

    Caption: ‘me if i go 2 hours without mapping myself to the nearest pumpkin spice treat’

    Strategy Analysis

    Google Maps has joined the seasonal trend of pumpkin spice. By humorously suggesting that even they can’t resist the temptation, they’re humanizing their brand and making it relatable.

    Why This Strategy?

    The tweet from September 1 aligns with when brands begin their pumpkin spice promotions. Google Maps timed their meme to catch the season’s initial attention.

    While the meme is humorous and light-hearted, it subtly reminds users of the primary function of Google Maps – to help users find locations.

    2. Hubspot

    Platform: Twitter

    Caption: ‘it’s not orange, it’s not @orangetheory, it’s actually HubSpot Solaris🧡’

    Strategy Analysis

    HubSpot addressed a user’s observation about the similarity between their logo color and that of another brand, OrangeTheory. Instead of ignoring or deflecting the comment, HubSpot humorously clarifies that their color is “HubSpot Solaris”.

    Why This Strategy?

    By responding to a user’s observation, HubSpot shows that they actively listen to their audience. It builds trust and encourages a sense of community.

    By naming their color “HubSpot Solaris” they reinforced their unique brand identity. It’s a subtle way of saying, “Yes, it might be similar, but it’s uniquely ours.”

    Instead of a defensive response, HubSpot chose humor. This approach is more likely to connect with audiences.

    3. Hootsuite

    Platform: LinkedIn

    Caption: ‘We could use some of that ✨ Kenergy ✨

    PSA to send this to your boss so they know Threads is all about conversations, memes, and experimentation!’

    Strategy Analysis

    Hootsuite’s Playful Commentary integrates popular culture by using characters from the Barbie movie in their meme. Barbie and Ken, holding contrasting signs, highlight the difference in social media management styles.

    Why This Strategy?

    Hootsuite’s meme marketing approach cleverly uses familiar characters to discuss a common challenge in social media management. By contrasting with Ken’s more relaxed approach, they spotlight the balance brands must find between consistency and creativity.

    This meme branding subtly shows Hootsuite’s skill in handling tricky social media branding.

    4. Kissflow

    Platform: Twitter

    Caption: ‘Now this is a tiff most of us wouldn’t want to get in the middle of! But hey, we know someone who might be able to help😉’

    #barbiethemovie #memeoftheday #lowcodenocode #memes

    Strategy Analysis

    Kissflow uses a playful tone to hint at a solution they offer, likely related to their low-code/no-code platform, in the context of a trending topic or popular culture reference.

    Why this Strategy?

    Kissflow is taking advantage of current trends to grab attention. They hint at having a solution to the above problem, reinforcing their brand’s problem-solving capabilities.

    Did you know we have helped Kissflow with their product training videos? Check out the case study here.

    5. Zoom

    Platform: Instagram

    Caption: ‘Suiting up for WFH👔’

    Strategy Analysis

    Zoom humorously addresses the common work-from-home (WFH) scenario where individuals might dress professionally on top for video calls, but casually below. The meme shows the essence of the remote work culture that many have adopted.

    Why this Strategy?

    As a video conferencing tool, Zoom is directly associated with WFH culture. The meme subtly reminds users of the platform’s central role in remote work settings.

    Such content memes connect with the audience’s personal experiences. This helps engagement (likes, shares, and comments) on platforms like Instagram.

    Memes are effective in digital marketing, but they’re not the only format gaining attention. As audiences increasingly consume content on mobile, vertical videos have emerged as a favorite. Explore how they can be used to widen your meme marketing approach.

    6. Salesforce

    Platform: Instagram

    Caption: ‘This is your sign.’

    Strategy Analysis

    Salesforce uses a meme to show its recipe for success. The sign “AI+Data+CRM = Customer Magic” tells us how they work.

    Why this Strategy?

    Salesforce’s meme branding makes their complex ideas easy to get. They show they’re good at AI, Data, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The sign is catchy, so people on Instagram might like or share it. And the words “Customer Magic” remind people that Salesforce aims to make customers happy.

    7. Semrush

    Platform: Twitter

    Caption: ‘when it turns into a Google Drive link😑’

    Strategy Analysis

    Semrush uses a meme to depict a common tech challenge: sending large attachments via email. The visual of a guinea pig, labeled as a hefty attachment, struggling to go down a slide labeled ’email’ humorously represents this digital dilemma.

    Why This Strategy?

    Semrush’s marketing about tech struggles relates to a shared experience many have faced: the struggle of emailing large files. The caption, “when it turns into a Google Drive link,” adds another layer of humor, as many resort to cloud storage links when files are too big for emails.

    This meme by Semrush is not just funny but also relates to a wider set of audience who may not be from tech.

    8. Atlassian Confluence

    Platform: Twitter

    Caption: ‘Doing everything manually is so 2022. 😉Level up with Confluence Cloud Premium and explore Automation.’

    Strategy Analysis

    Confluence uses meme marketing to make a point. They highlight the outdated nature of manual tasks. Their Cloud Premium service offers a modern solution with automation.

    Why This Strategy?

    Confluence’s meme highlights the transition from manual processes in “2022” to more automated solutions. It serves as a promotion meme, appealing to those seeking efficiency.

    The meme entertains and is a good meme example of guiding users. It directs them to their automation features. This can increase meme engagement and lead to more traffic.

    Memes capture moments, but a brand promotional video tells a story. Integrating promotional videos with memes can offer a deeper context. Together, they create a blend of quick engagement and sustained brand storytelling. Check out these standout examples of brand promotional video to shape your brand’s narrative effectively.

    9. Content Beta

    Platform: Instagram

    Caption: ‘An offer you can’t refuse!’

    #viral #funny #marketing #memes #ai #design

    Strategy Analysis

    The interaction humorously depicts the appeal of modern AI tools for designers.

    Why This Strategy?

    Content Beta’s meme marketing strategy matches the changing trends in design. By presenting the AI tool as an irresistible banana to the logo designer, they emphasize the growing importance of AI in the design world.

    Through this meme, Content Beta not only entertains but also subtly promotes the integration of AI in design, showcasing their brand’s forward-thinking approach in the digital space.

    Memes often come in GIF format, capturing short, relatable moments that appeal to viewers. If you’re keen on creating your own GIF memes, there are several Gif Maker Apps available that can help you craft the perfect looping animation for your marketing campaigns.


    Platform: Twitter

    Caption: ‘Webapp development in 2023.’

    #developers #Nextjs #prisma #reactjs

    Strategy Analysis’s modern development dilemma uses the popular “distracted boyfriend” meme format to comment on the AI-driven app generation versus traditional coding. The meme humorously shows the temptation developers might feel to opt for AI tools over coding a web app from scratch.

    Why This Strategy?’s meme emphasizes the appeal of AI tools in app development, resonating with developers considering a shift towards AI-driven processes.

    Through this meme, not only entertains but also subtly promotes the idea of embracing modern AI tools in web app development. It helps to position themselves as a brand in tune with current tech trends.

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    11. Zapier

    Platform: LinkedIn

    Caption: ‘And just like that…it’s a no 😉’

    Strategy Analysis

    Zapier’s meme humorously highlights the automation capabilities of their platform. The meme suggests that manual tasks, especially in sales, can be tedious and that Zapier can simplify them.

    Why This Strategy?

    The meme touches on the common pain points of manual tasks in sales, making it relatable to many professionals. The meme subtly promotes Zapier’s automation capabilities, reminding users that they can streamline their tasks using the platform.

    12. Netflix

    Platform: Instagram

    Caption: ‘the basics are classic for a reason’

    Strategy Analysis

    Netflix is one of the most popular B2C brands known for their funny and relatable memes. Netflix uses memes to highlight its shows. They blend humor with current trends to engage viewers and strengthen their brand connection.

    Why This Strategy?

    Netflix’s meme marketing connects with the common experience of many travelers: the classic photo pose with famous landmarks. By likening this universal moment to a scene from the ‘Heart of Stone’ movie scene, they emphasize that some things, no matter how basic, always remain the same.

    Through this meme, Netflix not only entertains but also subtly promotes its collection of content, ranging from the latest hits to timeless classics, showcasing its brand’s vast offering. Netflix uses almost all platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram stories to spread their memes.

    Memes grab attention, but Instagram stories keep it. For a deeper connection with your audience, see how Instagram story videos can elevate your business strategy.

    13. Canva

    Platform: Twitter

    Caption: ‘When your manager calls you a creative genius’

    Strategy Analysis

    Canva shows a relaxed Albert Einstein, known as a genius, at the beach. The funny mix of Einstein’s beach look with the caption highlights those times when someone praises our creativity.

    Why This Strategy?

    Canva’s meme marketing approach cleverly combines a universally recognized symbol of genius with a relatable workplace compliment. By showcasing Einstein in a relaxed setting, they playfully suggest that even geniuses need their downtime.

    Through this meme, Canva not only entertains but also subtly aligns its brand with creativity and design, reminding users of the platform’s purpose to empower everyone to design.

    14. LinkedIn

    Platform: LinkedIn

    Caption: ‘Me and the crew when a new LinkedIn newsletter drops.’

    Strategy Analysis

    LinkedIn’s old meets new meme uses an old-timey image of scholars looking at a scroll to joke about how people get excited about new LinkedIn newsletters. The old picture mixed with a modern caption makes it funny and relatable.

    Why This Strategy?

    LinkedIn’s meme connects old ways of sharing info with current digital updates. The caption about a new newsletter dropping makes it current and relatable.

    With this meme, LinkedIn reminds users it’s a top spot for fresh professional news.

    15. Scratchpad

    Platform: LinkedIn


    #Sales #Revenue #GTM

    Strategy Analysis

    Scratchpad showcases the frustration many feel when dealing with scattered data sources. The product meme’s title paints a picture of the challenges in inspecting pipelines across various platforms.

    Why This Strategy?

    Scratchpad’s meme marketing addresses a common pain point – the struggle of managing data across different tools. The visual of the overwhelmed man connects with anyone who’s tried to make sense of data from spreadsheets, BI dashboards, and Salesforce reports.

    Through this meme, Scratchpad not only connects with its audience’s challenges but also positions itself as a potential solution provider.

    16. Xero

    Platform: Instagram

    Caption: ‘If you know, you know🫠’

    Strategy Analysis

    Xero’s late payment drama meme branding uses a photo of two actresses that visually depict the stress of late payments.

    Why This Strategy?

    Xero’s meme speaks to the common problem of waiting for payments. The relaxed ‘late payments’ actress versus the frustrated ‘me’ shows how businesses feel.

    With this meme, Xero hints they can help handle payment issues for businesses. It makes financial management smoother and more efficient.

    17. Litmus

    Platform: Twitter

    Caption: ‘Skipping steps? Email marketers would NEVER!’


    Strategy Analysis

    Litmus’s meme showcases the hurdles in email marketing. Each skipped step represents a task in the email marketing process, highlighting the shortcuts or oversights that can occur.

    Why This Strategy?

    Litmus’s meme points out the steps in email marketing that might get overlooked or rushed. This serves as a meme advertisement, suggesting that the right tools or approach can help marketers avoid these pitfalls.

    Through this explainer meme, Litmus connects with the challenges of its audience and positions itself as a potential solution.

    18. Gong

    Platform: LinkedIn

    Caption: ‘BUILD THAT RAPPORT.’

    Strategy Analysis

    Gong uses a movie scene meme where an actor claims to be “something of a whatever you just said myself” to humorously depict how salespeople often try to build rapport by finding common ground, even if it’s a stretch.

    Why This Strategy?

    Gong’s meme marketing shines a light on a familiar sales tactic – connecting with potential clients by relating to their interests or statements. The meme, though exaggerated, resonates with salespeople who’ve tried to build connections in similar ways.

    Through this meme, Gong not only entertains but also subtly emphasizes the art of rapport-building in successful sales strategies.

    19. Audible

    Platform: Instagram

    Caption: ‘Sorry, just gotta finish this chapter real quick, you understand.’

    Strategy Analysis

    Audible’s meme highlights the book listeners priorities. The scene captures that moment when a listener is so engaged that they can’t be interrupted, even by a friend.

    Why This Strategy?

    Audible’s meme marketing showcases a relatable scenario for audiobook lovers – being so engrossed in a story that the world around them fades.

    Through this meme, Audible not only entertains but also subtly promotes the immersive experience their service offers. It reminds users of the joy of getting lost in a story.

    20. Zendesk

    Platform: Blog

    Caption: ‘ Things Real People Don’t Say About Your Customer Support.’

    Strategy Analysis

    Zendesk’s customer support meme highlights the unrealistic nature of such a positive reaction to a common support issue.

    Why This Strategy?

    Zendesk’s meme marketing approach addresses a shared pain point for many customers – the annoyance of having to repeat information to customer support. The lady’s overly positive response, contrasted with the caption, drives home the message that businesses should improve their support processes.

    Through this meme, Zendesk not only entertains but also emphasizes the importance of efficient and empathetic customer support.

    Twitter is one of the most common platforms used in the examples above. For SaaS businesses looking to expand their reach on social platforms, a Twitter video ad can be a key advantage. Pairing meme marketing with targeted video ads can help you reach a wider audience and drive meaningful interactions on Twitter.

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    Meme marketing tips

    Here is another example from one of the most popular meme pages on the internet – 9Gag

    Caption: ‘Being a programmer and working with dumbhead non-technical clients is literal hell.’

    This is a meme that was shared on their Pinterest page. Below are some tips you can follow –

    1. Leverage into Trends

    Use trending topics to create popular memes that match with the moment.

    2. Relate to Industry Pain Points

    Address common challenges in your industry with humor.

    3. Engage with User-Generated Content

    Encourage your audience to create social media memes about your product or service.

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    How to create your own marketing memes?

    Now that we have covered the basics, let’s see how to create one.

    1. Choose a Relevant Meme Format

    Pick a meme format that fits your brand and connects with your audience.

    2. Use a Meme Generator Tool

    There are several online tools and apps available for meme creation, such as Canva, Mematic, ImgFlip, and PhotoDirector. These tools allow you to upload images and overlay them with text, making the meme creation process simple.

    3. Craft a Catchy Caption

    It should be concise, witty, and relevant to both the image and your marketing message.

    4. Incorporate Branding (But do not overdo it)

    This could be through colors, logos, or even specific catch phrases associated with your brand.

    5. Analyze and Iterate

    Look at metrics like engagement, shares, trends, and, if applicable, click-through rates. Feedback goes a long way.

    Why Content Beta?

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    As we have seen from the examples above, meme marketing is a valuable asset for brands today. With the right approach, memes can make a brand relatable and memorable. It’s all about timing, being genuine, and sparking real conversations.

    As you explore meme marketing, think about:

    • When is the best time to use a trending meme?
    • How can you ensure your meme feels real? And not just like an ad?
    • How can memes lead to more interactions with your brand?

    Remember, in meme marketing, it is key to connect with your audience genuinely. Are you ready to use meme branding to increase your brand’s presence?

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Yes, memes can be used for marketing. They can convey a brand’s message in a humorous and relatable way, making them a valuable tool for a marketer.


    Especially with the rise of social media, meme marketing has become a popular strategy for many brands.

    Numerous brands, ranging from startups to global giants, have integrated memes into their marketing strategies. Some notable examples include Netflix, Wendy’s, and Nike.


    B2B companies like HubSpot and Salesforce have also successfully employed meme marketing to connect with their audience.

    Meme marketing falls under content marketing and social media marketing. It involves creating or using existing memes to promote a brand, product, or service.


    The goal is to engage the audience more informally and entertainingly, encouraging shares, likes, and comments.

    The legality of posting memes depends on the content and its copyright status. If a meme uses copyrighted material without permission, it could be subject to copyright infringement.


    However, many memes can fall under “fair use” if they are transformative, used for commentary, or non-commercial purposes. It’s always best to be cautious and seek legal advice if unsure.

    Meme ads, or meme advertisements, are promotional content created in the style of popular memes. They blend the brand’s message with the humor and format of a meme.


    The aim is to make the advertisement more engaging and relatable, increasing the chances of it being shareable and memorable.

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