Marketing Video Production Guide

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June 21, 2024

Marketing Video Production Guide

Technologies like 4K cameras, drones, and AI-powered editing software have democratized video production. It makes brand marketing video production more accessible and affordable than ever before.

The barriers to entry are lower now. This lets businesses and creators of all sizes and backgrounds tell their stories with visuals. But with this new accessibility comes a new set of challenges and opportunities.

Let’s consider some questions:

  • How can marketing videos effectively reach different cultures and demographics while staying true to the brand’s message?
  • How can interactive and personalized videos create stronger connections between brands and their customers?
  • What are some ways for small businesses with limited budgets to create high-quality marketing videos?

In this blog, we’ll explore best practices for creating culturally relevant content. We will also discuss the power of personalization. Some practical tips for making marketing videos are also shared.

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    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    What is Video Production in Marketing?

    Video production marketing means making videos to tell people about your company or product. It’s like making a movie. But, instead of entertaining, you want to show why they should buy what you’re selling.

    This involves thinking of ideas and writing a script. Then, filming, editing, and sharing the video. You do this online or wherever your customers are.

    Video marketing production is great because it is more interesting to watch than reading or just seeing pictures. It can show how a product works. It can explain what your company does. It can also tell a fun story. This can get people excited about your brand.

    Here is a Twitter post highlighting the importance of video production marketing:

    Benefits of Marketing Video Production

    Benefits of marketing video production include:

    1. Grab Their Attention in a Flash

    Video stops mindless scrolling and directs focus to your message. Sight and sound help to convey your unique selling point quickly. A powerful opening also creates a strong impact.

    2. Let Your Customers Do the Talking

    Video enables you to highlight customer wins, product walkthroughs, and expert insights. Watching real people discuss how you’ve made an impact is incredibly compelling. Prospects relate to such genuine emotion, and it sometimes beats marketing messages.

    3. Crystal Clear Communication

    Complex B2B offerings can be challenging to explain with text alone. Video helps you to demonstrate, not describe. Explainer videos, whiteboard sessions, and screen captures improve your understanding. They help you to see the value of the product.

    4. Have Enthusiastic Conversations from Start to Finish

    The secret to a successful B2B video is to prioritize your buyer’s needs. Avoid fluff-filled, jargon-heavy videos. Your audience will ignore them in video production marketing.

    Use the power of testimonials, explainers, demos, etc, to inform, form relationships, and inspire action.

    What are the Different Types of Marketing Videos?

    Different types of marketing video production include:

    1. Explainer Videos

    These videos simplify complex concepts, products, or services. They are short, live-action or animated explainer videos designed to make things easy for a wide audience.

    Here is an explainer video from SaraWorks by Content Beta:

    2. Product Demos

    These are videos that demonstrate a product’s features and benefits, demonstrating how it works. It also shows how it can solve customers’ problems.

    Here is Recurly product demo video created by Content Beta:

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    3. Brand Videos

    These videos focus on building a brand’s identity, values, and mission. They also work to reinforce them. They often bring out emotions and create a lasting impression.

    Here is a brand video from PayMate by Content Beta:

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    4. Testimonial Videos/ Customer Success Story

    The videos feature happy customers sharing their good experiences with a product or service. This helps in building trust and credibility. Many of these are remote video testimonials, making it convenient for customers to record from anywhere.

    Here is an example of a testimonial video for ScaleX by Content Beta:

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    5. Behind-the-Scenes Videos

    This marketing video production shows a bit of a company’s culture. It shows its operations and product development. It helps to humanize the brand and shows transparency.

    Here is an example of a behind the scenes video by Square:

    6. Social Media Videos

    The videos are short and engaging. They are made for specific platforms, like TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook. It’s aimed at getting attention and driving interaction.

    Here is an example of content repurposing and how Content Beta made this for Spinify:

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    7. Event Videos

    The videos capture the best parts of events, conferences, or webinars. They extend the reach and impact of these events.

    Here is an example from the Atlassian event:

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    Examples Of Best / Effective Marketing Video Campaigns

    Here are some examples of effective marketing video production campaigns:

    1. Content Beta

    Title: Your Creative Agency & Content Beta (we are NOT the same)😏

    Duration: 1:12

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    Overview: This video marketing production used stop-motion animation. This is helpful in displaying their expertise and features. The brand colors are incorporated throughout, conforming to the brand guidelines.

    The music, narration, and UI animation all sync to highlight the features mentioned. This simple yet engaging video keeps us interested and ends with a CTA to guide the users to the next step.

    A reliable marketing video production service such as ours offers ongoing support. This ensures your videos remain up-to-date.

    2. Apple

    Title: The Underdogs: Swiped Mac | Apple at Work

    Duration: 8:10

    Overview: This marketing video production video is long but has a good cinematic storytelling feel to it. In this video, they have highlighted the best feature that they are known for, i.e., their security.

    The video combines many elements. This ad shows humor and suspense alongside great background music. It skillfully highlights Apple’s additional features.

    3. GitHub

    Title: What is GitHub

    Duration: 2:42

    Overview: This brand marketing video production starts with a funny conversation. It’s funny because the narrator is talking to an object. The scene then changes to a world of animation where all the features of GitHub are shared.

    The transitions, music, tagline(at the end), and narration all blend together beautifully in this video. It also appeals to our emotional side through the ‘Who is GitHub’ narration at the end.

    4. Searce

    Title: How Searce Engineered a 6-Week Rapid Deployment with Apigee for Zilch’s Multi-Cloud IT Success

    Duration: 2:04

    Overview: This marketing video production by Content Beta is a testimonial video that talks about how Serace helped Zilch. The video is a good example because it answers all the important questions about how and where it all began.

    The narration is linear, bold, and convincing, with subtle music in the background. We can understand the brief process of how it went about, step by step. The video had a mix of live footage and stock videos mixed with some animation that made it interesting.

    5. Zendesk

    Title: Analytics in Financial Services (Zendesk Demo)

    Duration: 1:57

    Overview: This corporate marketing video production is a demo video with a screencast that takes us through the entire process. The narration is simple and easy to understand. It has good mellow music accompanying it.

    The video gives examples showing us the steps that makes the overall understanding a little easier.

    Process Of Marketing Video Productions

    When choosing a marketing video production company, consider their – expertise, creativity, and track record. Look for results that match your business goals.

    Content Beta’s process of marketing video productions includes:

    Step 1

    When choosing a marketing video production company, consider their – expertise, creativity, and track record. Look for results that match your business goals.

    Content Beta’s process of marketing video productions includes:

    • Purpose,
    • Target audience, and
    • Desired outcomes.

    Content Beta has a simple process: Customers who wish to work with us are directed to a page where they can schedule a call. The call is fixed, depending on the available time and convenience of both parties.

    Steps 2

    After this, a creative brief is developed. It outlines the vision and production timeline. It also involves assembling a skilled team. The team will include scriptwriters, directors, videographers, editors, and actors.

    Step 3

    Then comes the script writing and storyboard. At Content Beta, we also do two rounds of revision in scripts and storyboards. This will ensure that both parties are fully on board with the corrections.

    Step 4

    This is where the video is produced, capturing high-quality audio with professional equipment.

    For example, for remote video production, we send the interviewee a recording kit. It includes a 4K webcam, mic, and USB converters which they can keep after the interview.

    B-roll footage is also recorded. It adds visual interest and context to the main scenes in video marketing.

    Step 5

    In this phase of marketing video production, the raw footage is transformed into a polished final product. First, a rough cut is created, focusing on story structure and pacing. Two rounds of revision also happen at this stage.

    Step 6

    Then it is refined with precise editing, color correction, graphics, sound mixing, and music.

    They add captions, titles, and call-to-action. Then, they export the video in various formats for different channels.

    Additional Steps

    a. Distribution and Promotion

    The finished video is uploaded to hosting platforms or embedded on websites, landing pages, or relevant blog posts. It might get shared across social media channels and promoted through paid advertising.

    b. Analysis and Optimization

    The video production for marketing’s performance is tracked using key performance indicators (KPIs) such as views, engagement, click-through rates, and conversions. The feedback from viewers is analyzed to identify areas for improvement.

    We ensure that you have a dedicated team of professionals at your disposal. Our marketing video production services ensure that videos are delivered on time.

    Strategies for Marketing Video Production

    Here are the main strategies for marketing video production from the guide:

    1. What is my goal here?

    Define the purpose and target stage in the marketing funnel (awareness, consideration, decision).

    Make the business case for high production values to achieve your goals effectively. This means being prepared to argue for the allocation of sufficient resources. This alone assists in creating a polished, professional video.

    2. Where is my audience?

    Develop buyer personas to tailor content effectively.

    Think beyond the video itself and plan how you will reach your target audience. This means teasing snippets on social media, repurposing content, etc.

    3. What’s the story here?

    Create a unique narrative with a clear protagonist, conflict, quest, and resolution.

    Find your video’s “hook” early on to immediately capture the audience’s attention. Also, set up the conflict.

    For example, a project manager juggles many spreadsheets, emails, and sticky notes while trying to coordinate a complex project with a distributed team.

    4. What statement do you want to make?

    Ensure alignment with stakeholders and manage feedback.

    Get specific on style and tone. Use examples and mood boards to capture the desired vibe and align everyone.

    5. How much time is too much?

    Maintain a detailed schedule for all production phases.

    Build in extra time for feedback and revisions to underpromise and overdeliver. This is because approvals and changes often take longer than expected.

    6. Is the value for cost logical?

    Plan financial resources wisely, considering in-house vs. outsourced tasks.

    Focus on doing a few things really well rather than stretching the budget too thin. Poor production quality can be an immediate turnoff.

    Tips to Maximize the Impact of Marketing Video Productions

    Here are some tips to maximize the impact of marketing video production:

    1. Tactical Approach

    • Clearly define your video’s purpose and target audience beforehand. This will ensure that you get tailored and relevant content optimized for each platform.
    • Grab attention quickly with an intriguing hook and humor (if the situation is ideal), and
    • Prioritize storytelling over hard selling.

    2. Actionable Steps

    • Include a clear call-to-action at the end of your video. Add captions/subtitles for accessibility,
    • Use YouTube cards and end screens to guide viewers to additional content or conversions.
    • Create a series of shorter videos to maintain engagement over time. Distribute them on other platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn.

    3. Concrete Visuals

    • Show real customers, employees, or influencers to show authenticity and social proof.
    • Incorporate product demos to show value and utilize eye-catching visuals. This includes motion graphics and animations.
    • Lastly, Invest in quality audio and lighting for a professional final product. Avail the latest technology and use platforms that can help you refine and produce quality videos. Examples: Midjourney, Adobe (new versions keep coming), Claude (to help you with script), etc.

    4. Specific Targeting

    • Make videos with specific messages and CTAs. Make them for each stage of the buyer’s journey.
    • Make separate videos for different personas. Connect them with your marketing goals and KPIs.
    • Also, A/B test elements for optimization and further strategy.

    Why Choose Content Beta?

    We have the experience, skill, and patience. We can make a marketing video that truly represents your brand. We can help your brand tell its story better because our team produces high-quality, engaging content.

    We also stay up-to-date with all the latest AI tools and technologies so that we can provide you with the best results.

    Our Creative as a Service (CaaS) plans fully support tech companies. They give expertise in video production, revisions, and more.

    How are we unique?

    • Transparency & Zero Wastage: At Content Beta, we have clear pricing plans. They have no hidden fees. Any remaining credits in your plan or subscription will be carried over to the next billing cycle.
    • Easy Collaboration: Our cloud-based platform enhances seamless collaboration between your team and ours.
    • Quick Response: We ensure a speedy delivery without any compromise on quality. Apart from these, Content Beta offers rapid, same-day responses for quick edits and revisions.

    Book a demo call to get a quote!


    Here are some additional tips to keep in mind before we conclude on marketing video production:

    • Prioritize cultural relevance: Have a message and visual style that speak with your target audience’s specific cultural context.
    • Embrace personalization: Utilize data-driven insights to create videos that feel unique to each individual.
    • Explore interactivity: Encourage active participation. You can use interactive elements like polls, quizzes, and branching narratives.
    • Maximize your resources: Focus on storytelling and creative execution even if you have a limited budget.
    • Stay adaptable: The world of video production is constantly changing. Be prepared to experiment, learn, and adapt to new trends and technologies.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    A good quality marketing video production can cost anywhere from $1500 to even $10,000 per minute, depending on the complexity of the video.

    We can use the power of technology in marketing video production through editing software with advanced features like motion graphics and color correction. This helps with worry-free post-production.

    Additionally, AI-powered tools can help with scriptwriting, voiceovers, and even generating video content. By using these technologies, marketers can create more engaging, impactful, and cost-effective videos.

    Different types of marketing videos you can create include explainer videos, product demos, brand videos, testimonials, customer stories, behind-the-scenes videos, social media videos, live videos, event videos, and personalized videos.

    The choice depends on your marketing goals, target audience, and budget.

    Some latest trends in marketing video production include the use of short-form videos optimized for mobile viewing, live streaming to connect with audiences in real-time, etc.

    Additionally, interactive videos that encourage participation and the integration of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are emerging trends that provide immersive experiences.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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