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Iuliia Shnai

CEO & Founder, Marble

How old is the Academy?

The Marble Academy is one year old, born in 2020.

What are your favorite tools and gear?

We are using various kinds of tools. For video creation, we use either Loom, if it requires screen recordings, or Synthesia to create educational videos. For visuals, we might use Canva or Figma. And we use Marble, our platform, to package the content into training courses.

Who do you take inspiration from?

We are very much inspired by our users. They give us great ideas and feedback and we understand, what kind of content would be interesting and relevant to them. We want to make people better at their tasks and jobs and want to grow as an educational provider as well.

Also we get inspired by the community we are in and the academies and educational content providers that exist and evolve around.

Biggest lesson learned creating video content for Academy?

Choose a video type that suits the goal the best. Release once done and do polishing and improvements afterwards, based on the analytics and feedback.

How many students go through the Academy per year?

We have ~1,000 learners (and growing) visiting per year

What does your program receive praise for?

Marble Academy empowers the students to learn about customer training, employee onboarding and learn how to use Marble at its most.

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