How did ManyChat work with Content Beta to create 150+ video course lessons?





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180+ employees



And it's not just ManyChat, many SaaS companies are trying to solve their problems with us.

About the Company

ManyChat empowers businesses to create Facebook Messenger bots for marketing, sales, and support, helping to grow ROI and revenue.

ManyChat is the #1 platform for Chat Marketing in the world. Starting in 2016, ManyChat has been used by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide for automating their Facebook Messenger Experience for their FB pages and Instagram messaging automation. 

With the ability to send SMS and Email now directly through ManyChat, businesses can create full automation sequences and reach their customers across multiple platforms.


Perfecting onboarding

From chatbots to SMS automation, ManyChat is a leader in the message automation space. But having multiple products delivering so much value, Manychat needed some video courses to help its customers easily understand their product and become masters at targeting their leads! 

Given their requirement for a large number of videos and Content Beta providing them at such short delivery times, it was perfect. One of the best ways to encourage people to try out your product is by guiding them all the way through. 

Manychat has now found a way to make it easier than ever before by making it simpler for customers to see the full potential of their products!



With Content Beta, ManyChat was able to create a series of easy-to-understand training videos which, in an engaging way, explained each feature of their product and how to use them.


The ManyChat Team had experts record their screens to explain each of the videos. The experts were amazing be it in their knowledge of products or even how they delivered them. This made it easier for our team to watch these videos and pinpoint requirements of elements on the screen, some motion graphics and other tips that could enhance the video altogether. 

The Content Beta teamwork worked brilliantly to create a polished experience for the ManyChat team. Our instructional designers took it up to themselves to learn the product and watch each second of all videos taking into consideration the points where each element or graphic would have to be added. 

Stationary scenes had animations added to them, key elements were zoomed, panned and enhanced as per the need. At the right spots, tips and in-app-help were added to make the video both engaging and educational


Until now with ManyChat, we have worked on 10 courses consisting of over 150 videos which were refined to look just amazing. These courses have helped ManyChat explain their product and help their users so much better.


Here are two videos, before and after for you to compare!

Video is one of the most popular formats for content consumption. It’s worth noting that 68% of Americans watch video on their smartphones every day, and 60% watch video on their tablets, at least once a day.

In addition to being a preferred format for content consumption, videos are also a powerful tool for conversion.

Video courses are a great way to engage your customers. With an increase in mobile devices, there is a need for video courses that can be accessed at any time, anywhere. Video offers an interactive approach to learning that has been shown to engage learners more than reading alone.

Video courses can be used to improve customer conversions and retention rates by providing education or training which educates customers about the product. It also helps with customer support as it allows customers to have a more personal interaction with companies who offer video courses. Further benefits include the ability to use the product before purchasing it, increased brand awareness, and improved search rankings as videos tend to rank higher in search engine results pages as compared to text-based content.

according to the Forbes Insights Report:

“74% of consumers are at least somewhat likely to buy based on experiences alone.”

ManyChat was really dazzled by Content Beta’s quality of work and response times that they decided to work with us over and over again!

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