11 Best Live Action Explainer Video Examples

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June 13, 2024


A live action explainer video has many advantages over an animated one. Have you ever thought why they stand out?

Live action videos show real people, environments, and interactions. That allows the ICP to grow a level of familiarity and trust. To this, computer-generated graphics alone cannot match.

Today, there is a broader creativity dimension to making live-action videos. Consider using the latest drone, robotics, editing, and color grading techniques. Hyperrealist image and video creation platforms are there too.

Some examples are – Midjourney 6.0, Deepbrain AI, and Pika. Marketers can think of multiple human/AI partnerships to storytell ideas uniquely.

HubSpot speculated that live action videos will grow by 55% for first-time users by 2022. At the same time, 48% of video marketers are inspired to invest more in live action than any other video style.

A live action explainer video proves particularly effective for:

  • Driving app downloads by showing UI/UX and real mobile device footage
  • Connecting with C-level decision-makers by using business settings and decision-making scenes
  • Inspiring sign-ups by showing recognizable before/after scenarios
  • Building trust by featuring relatable customer personas and reactions

With this blog, we have curated some of the best live action explainer videos. Read on.

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    What is a Live Action Explainer Video?

    These are videos that use real video footage of people, products, and environments. They do not rely on animations or graphic elements. A live action explainer video utilizes:

    • Spokespersons: Film team members, customers, and founders speaking to the camera and explaining key messages.
    • Product Interactions: Filmed footage of people using/engaging with your product in real-life.
    • Environmental Footage: Sequences showing office spaces, processes, and manufacturing sites.
    • Screen Captures: Snippets of software/app usage recorded on video, workflows on a device.

    A typical explainer video live action is character-led. It follows a show-and-tell format. You can find scenes leading to digital screen captures of data figures and workflows. Some videos show screen recordings of app backends. These are compiled together with filmed shots.

    The intermix of styles breaks visual monotony. It also gives a marketing message crystal clarity. Concepts come to life through storyboarded snapshots of a product in use. It makes audiences lean in with greater interest (and attention).

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    11 Best Live Action Explainer Video Examples

    Marketers intuitively lean towards making a live action explainer video because they allow one to show more authentic, real-world user perspectives.

    Take inspiration for live action explainers from our list of curated examples:

    1. Grammarly

    Title: Future You Thanks You | Write Your Future With Grammarly

    Duration: 1:38 minutes

    Company summary: Grammarly is a cloud-based typing assistant. It checks English writing for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and plagiarism mistakes.

    What we liked in the video:

    • This live action explainer video has a script themed on self-sufficiency. It applies to writing and editing.
    • The surprise element of seeing one actor play two different personas.
    • The intermix of filmed parts with screen-capture elements to highlight the core message.

    2. Showpad

    Title: Showpad – Live Action Video Production – Demo Duck

    Duration: 1:33 minutes

    Company summary: The platform offers an all-in-one solution for marketing and revenue systems to collaborate. It empowers sellers with content and training.

    What we liked in this video:

    • Use of split-screen to show different scenes in one frame
    • Screen elements are blended with real footage in this explainer video live action
    • Rich color grading to make each frame stand out

    3. Gong

    Title: Gong Explainer Video

    Duration: 2:10 minutes

    Company summary: Gong records customer interactions and analyzes data patterns. Additionally, it provides insights to help teams make data-driven decisions.

    What we liked in this video:

    • Adoption of walkthrough video style, filmed in location
    • Humorous script with appropriate use of informal language and tone
    • Scene transitions with animated graphics

    4. DocuSign

    Title: DocuSign eSignature: How it Works

    Duration: 1:18 min

    Company Summary: DocuSign enables users to send documents for e-signature online. It makes creating, signing, and managing contracts easy and in one place.

    What we liked in this video:

    • The use of stock footage at the opening of this live action explainer video, followed by filmed shots
    • Zoom transitions into screen screen-recorded parts
    • Split screen to show simultaneous action

    5. Miro

    Title: What is Miro?

    Duration: 1 min

    Company Summary: Miro is a visual workspace for teams to collaborate on projects. The angles it covers are product development and strategic planning.

    What we liked in this video:

    • Focus on the shift from analog to digital whiteboarding
    • Scene transitions with motion graphics
    • Intelligent text use ensures the video makes sense on mute

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    6. ClickUp

    Title: Summarize with ClickUp AI

    Duration: 0.49 min

    Company Summary: ClickUp is a collaboration platform for teams to brainstorm and create. Creations range from process docs to product designs.

    What we liked in this video:

    • Humorous script focused on simplifying work
    • The short run-time of this live action explainer video makes it exceptionally engaging


    Title: Organize Your Life and…Work with

    Duration: 1:05

    Company Summary: lets you maximize productivity by centralizing activities. Includes – Marketing, CRM, HR, Software Development, Construction, Video Production.

    What we liked in this video:

    • Relatable office space and characters
    • Screen recordings showing digital processes
    • Conversationally put call-to-action at the end

    8. GitHub

    Title: What is GitHub?

    Duration: 2:42

    Company Summary: GitHub helps developers store, manage, track, and collaborate. Activities are centered on software projects and code. It enables the use of Git version control tools.

    What we liked in this video:

    • Intermix of filmed parts, graphics, and VFX
    • Warm and bright color grading

    9. Toggl

    Title: Before Toggl, Tracking Time Was…

    Duration: 0.48 min

    Company Summary: Toggl is an intuitive time-tracking software. It allows team performance improvement with accurate billing for every minute of work done.

    What we liked in this video:

    • Use of humor by contrasting modern digital systems with ancient-world systems
    • Overview of the app using animated screen recording

    10. Patreon

    Title: What is Patreon and How Does It Work?

    Duration: 1:42 min

    Company Summary: Patreon is a monetization platform that lets creators and artists set up subscriptions. It helps to fund their work while offering subscriber rewards and perks.

    What we liked in this video:

    • Interview-style live action explainer video with multiple POVs
    • Intermix of stock footage, filmed footage, and user-generated clips
    • Use of screen recordings and graphic animated scene transitions

    11. Square

    Title: Square for Restaurants: Serving Peace of Mind

    Duration: 0.58 min

    Company summary: Square is a financial services app. It enables small businesses to accept credit payments and manage point-of-sale operations.

    What we liked in this video:

    • Photographs arranged in stop-motion sequence make this live action explainer video quite unique
    • Syncing sounds of typing with words popping on the screen
    • Use of white noise-embedded soundtrack to create the ambiance of a busy restaurant

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    Some of the most effective live action explainer examples here combine three elements. You can find shot photographs, video recordings, and graphic elements. The filmed portions add to audience recall value. Viewers remember proprietary footage over familiar stock elements that blur together.

    There are more benefits in creating a live action explainer video. Think in terms of owning media assets and having advanced creative control. The examples compiled in this blog have custom-crafted messaging. The filmed visuals and experiences match particular ICPs and their pain points.

    Bookmark this blog for a wide collection of live action explainer video examples. They will be good for referring to various narrative techniques. Mark – speech pacing, effective non-verbal communication, and presenter diversity in these videos.

    Use the learnings in your next project!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    A successful live action explainer video can be made with the following:

    • Interesting characters in lifelike situations that connect with the audience
    • Smooth editing pace with clear transitions between key points
    • Visually appealing graphics and captions reinforcing the narrative

    The best-performing live action explainer videos are not more than 3 minutes long. The ideal is – 2:20 minutes.

    Live action videos feature real people in real-life scenarios and environments. On the other hand, animated explainers simplify complex concepts with creative and engaging visuals, providing flexibility in storytelling.

    You can measure the effectiveness of a live action explainer video by tracking metrics like:

    • Viewer engagement (views, watch time),
    • Audience feedback (comments, likes),
    • Conversion rates (actions taken after watching), and
    • Content retention (how well viewers remember the information).

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