How Leadfeeder Created Video Content for the Entire Customer Journey with Content Beta?




A full stack of videos for end-to-end customer journey for a B2B lead generation software.


Changing UI

Anyone in a competitive SaaS industry knows that features and UI keep changing faster than one can keep track on. With videos based on an older UI, Leadfeeder wanted updates to the existing videos with the newer UI.

Perfecting onboarding

The company wanted to invest in their main features and stand out from the competition by showcasing them to the public. One of them was how seamless the integrations with CRMs like Pipedrive was.

Building Trust

Leadfeeder had enough text case studies, written testimonials and customers (in form of logos on website) to showcase credibility but still there was space to humanise and build trust.



Like the problem the task also was trifurcated into three separate projects. One was product explainers, second was the onboarding video and third was testimonial videos.


We took the old video along with access to the backend for the product explainer.

For onboarding videos, all we needed were the help docs.

And since Leadfeeder’s end user is usually a marketer, it was on us to make the video short and to the point.

The remote video testimonial is bit more work. We shipped equipment to their customer, helped them set it up and scheduled a call with our producer.

We made sure that it took minimal effort from their part. Our expert instructional designers worked out an amazing script and storyboard while the editing team worked through motion graphics, animations, and video editing that was developed especially for user retention and product adoption.


With Content Beta, Leadfeeder was able to create

1. A product explainer with updated UI


2. Onboarding videos explaining integrations.


3. Video case studies and remote video testimonials


At the end of work with Leadfeeder, we produced product demos, product explainers, onboarding videos and remote video testimonials. A full stack of videos capable of helping a lead convert into a customer and then some more.

Leadfeeder is a B2B lead generation software that identifies the companies visiting your site, how they got there, their behavior, and their intent to purchase.

With over 45,000 users globally, Leadfeeder is THE sales & marketing tool of choice for enhancing lead generation efforts.


B2B Lead Generation Software


Leadfeeder now has a wide variety of videos to tackle every objection and better convert leads.
They also made onboarding videos for frequently generated support tickets to make CS efficient.

Their customers now prefer to watch tutorial videos instead of attending demo calls.

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