How Lawcus achieved higher product signups with Content Beta?




Onboarding videos for attorneys and legal practitioners to understand the law firm management software by Lawcus


Perfecting onboarding

Lawcus felt that user onboarding required quite some improvement since a lot of users were still left with questions, adoption rates weren’t at what they would like it to be and that an onboarding video that could easily explain the product and all the features. Their fear in making a video was in the fact that they were unsure of its success.

The company wanted to invest in their main features and stand out from the competition by showcasing them to the public. The showcased content needed to be easy for viewers to adopt, make a big impression, and communicate the purpose of the product.



With Content Beta, Lawcus was able to create a clear onboarding video.


Lawcus’s customers are mainly legal practitioners which made it important for Lawcus to have a video that was easy to understand even without a technical background.

While the Lawcus team was very particular about the details of the project since it would be their onboarding video after all, we needed to deliver something killer.

It had to seem seamless for Lawcus since we were the video agency and we made sure that it took minimal effort from their part. While our expert instructional designers worked out an amazing script and storyboard while the team worked through motion graphics, animations, and video editing that was developed especially for user retention and media consumption.


At the end of work with Lawcus, we produced an elegant and effective video that received a lot of praise from Lawcus for it’s contribution to reducing customer support tickets and increasing user adoption.

Here’s the result of all those hours our team put in.

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Lawcus is a simple and visual legal practice management software. Lawcus enables attorneys to automate consistent processes to help deliver more with transparency and less effort. With Lawcus, attorneys can visualize their matters, drag and drop them as they progress, add tasks, appointments, and documents in a digital matter file in the cloud so they can work from anywhere.


Legal Practice Management Software


Lawcus was initially scared of the videos having little to no impact whatsoever. Doubts about the conversion rate not going up were all taken care of once the videos were published on their YouTube page.

The customers now prefer to watch tutorial videos instead of attending demo calls.

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