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Convert your trial users with action-focused videos

You’re solving a pain with your product. But your customers don’t completely get it.

You’re killing it with your product’s features, but you’ve had NO TIME to help your customers make the best out of it.

You say the things over and over while onboarding your customers in your zoom calls.

You’ve even got a ton of “How to” articles in your knowledgebase, blogs, unstructured screen recordings, long recorded webinars… just sitting around!

You cannot afford your customers take a lot of time to learn how to use your product

You’ve tried an onboarding software but how do you train your customers the best practices and present different use-cases

Ugh. You need to hire someone to create onboarding videos, but… it just hasn’t happened.

"People don't value software-as-a-service. They value success-as-a-service".

Let Content Beta take over

One of the biggest reasons that customers churn is that they don’t know how to use your product.

They end up getting no real value from it. It’s a waste of their time and money.

The better you educate your customers…..


We’re the best at this:

⏱️ We are superfast to understand your product. You spend ZERO time in teaching us how your product works

✅ We’ve created 100s of eLearning Programs for PwC, EY, Amazon and Wallmart for internal training. The Learning and Development teams love us!

🏆 Our courses are rated 4.8/5 on Udemy and our video tutorials have 83% video retention on YouTube

🌐 Our Tried-and-tested process helps us to deliver Hubspot-like videos, minimize your role, and reduce turnaround time

🌟 We’re a team of instructional designers, script writers, storyboard designers, tech experts, content analysts, US-English Actors and Voiceover artists

Look what we've done......

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If you want different results? You need to take different actions.

You’ve hit the $100k MRR milestone, maybe even the $500k or $1M, and proven your product is resonating with your audience. You just haven’t had the time to show your customers their ‘Aha’ moment in a scalable way

A mere 5% reduction in churn can lead to a profit increase of 25-125%

It’s time to kick things into high gear. It is time to reduce the time-to-value to this Aha moment

Putting onboarding videos makes you seem like an expert in your field. You aren’t just offering a useful product, you’re also teachers and guides. 

That will elevate you above your competition.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple. You’ll send us your knowledgebase article, screencast video, pick the actors and voiceover artists, and your platform credentials, and we’ll get to work. 


  • Create Storyboard and Script
  • Create High-quality product interface recordings
  • Hire and Manage Voiceovers and Actors
  • Blend best practices and use cases with the ‘How to ___’ videos
  • Provide you analytics on how this is helping you

Epic, right? Book a call with us below to see when we’ve got our next open spot.

Make your customers fall in ❤️ with their jobs through your product 🤟🏻