How Content Beta helped Kissflow launch a $550 course in 8 weeks?




Business Process Management Software

Company size

200+ employees



Some Stats after the first 6 months




Average completion Rate


hours watched

And it's not just Kissflow, we work with many industry leaders.

About the Company

Kissflow is a SaaS solution that automates day-to-day business processes and tracks their performance. From leave requests to purchase orders, Kissflow helps initiate process requests, view items that require user actions and approve pending tasks.

Use case

From Pepsi to Uber, everyone uses them for a variety of solutions like HR processes including employee onboarding, timesheet management, vacation request approvals and invoice approval workflow or purchase order management, payment-process approvals, and purchase-requisition workflow processes.


Perfecting onboarding

Even though Kissflow has its UI optimized to the T, there is a learning curve to use it to its fullest. The fact that most people won’t come back if they don’t see results in the first month serves as motivation to make their onboarding process a seamless one.

Current Solution

They undertook a hybrid model of live training and pre-recorded video courses that the customers could refer to.

The Update

But the introduction of a new version meant that the training material including help docs, knowledge base articles, and video courses needed an overhaul. The training team had to manage time between live training and producing new content. With the launch soon, it meant the team had a difficult deadline.



With Content Beta, Kissflow was able to produce a video course of over an hour at a blazingly fast pace, under 8 weeks to be precise.


The process included scripts reaching a total of 10,000 words, storyboarding each frame which translated into upwards of 800 slides, professional voice-over plus acting, and video editing that took up more than 160 man-hours. Not to mention the edits, reworks, and subtitles that were made to make the course spectacular.


Here are the before and after video. See which one you like better.

Some Stats after the first 6 months




Average completion Rate


hours watched


While the course has been live very recently, Kissflow has been seeing great interest from people who want to master workflow automation on their new version.

Kissflow team has loved our work so much that they are back to revamp more of their training content

Do you want a similar academy around your product?

We at Content Beta specialize in building such quick-win videos courses that can help you onboard new customer or even with your marketing funnels.

About Us

Content Beta is a video production agency for Software Startups. We’ve helped around 72 B2B Software companies create engaging product marketing videos and how-to videos that generate more MQLs and get faster product adoption.

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