Kissflow Academy Overview

A simple, optimal and efficient platform to manage and track all of your work.


Number of courses:


Indicative course names:

Workflow Automation, Dataset, Account administrator, User Settings, Case management, Project management

Average course duration:

1hrs 5 mins

Average video duration:


Supported Languages:

German, English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish

Hosting platform:


Key features

Tips from Kalyan Chakravarthy, Lead - Training & Academy, Kissflow Academy

How old is the Academy?

2 months

What are your favorite tools and gear?

Google ecosystem and Loom for content development. Thinkific platform for hosting Kissflow Academy.

Who do you take inspiration from?

Biggest lesson learned creating video content for Academy?

  1. Getting the workflow right the first time is highly unlikely. The more people it involves, the higher the uncertainty.
  2. Constantly watch out for errors and be flexible to changes, even in the final draft.
  3. Build a team that goes the extra mile to implement last-minute corrections.

How many students go through the Academy per year?

Predicting 1000 users in the first year

Make a similar academy around your product

Transform all your product knowledge into professional video courses that convert users into champion super-users

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