Intercom Academy Breakdown

A Guide To Choosing The Right LMS Platform For Your SaaS Business.

In this article, we have tried to break down every peculiar detail from start to finish of the Intercom Academy.

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Landing Page

Upon landing on the Intercom Academy’s webpage, we see a consistent color palette with Intercom’s landing page.

It seems that a standard Skilljar layout has been deployed.

Intercom Academy - Landing Page

As we progress, we are hit with a sign-up wall, which one can beat with a temporary email.

(But in all fairness, this sign-up was for the Academy only and not Intercom- the tool.)


Coming back to the courses

You don’t get a gazillion choices like with Hubspot.

The choices are few-only three actually-which makes you really wonder the reason for the dearth of content.

On top of this considering the fact that the Academy was launched almost 9 months back, one expects to be spoiled with choices.

(Maybe that’s why a suggestion form has been added to the mix)

But one thing we really loved, was that all the courses were kept below the one hour limit which makes you want to complete them in just one session

The Course

We looked to audit a course called “For sales teams: Become an SDR pro” which is about 40 minutes long.

Furthermore, it has three sections.

The division of each section can be understood like this

First- Setting up the Intercom backend
Second- Handling and qualifying leads in Intercom
Third- Migrating the lead from Intercom to next stage

Before we dive into the teardown of the videos let’s look at the about page of the course.

Intercom Academy - About the Course
Intercom Academy - About the Course

Each section starts off with an introduction from Kate- an account executive from Intercom who also happens to be our presenter.

Let’s take a look at some of the finer details that went into making

A cool nugget of information is that the product demos are not simple screen records. They are actually wireframes on Aftereffects which gives a much immersive experience than say a regular loom-style video.

We hope you are taking notes.

What We Liked

A cool nugget of information is that the product demos are not simple screen records.

They are actually wireframes on Aftereffects which gives a much immersive experience than say a regular loom-style video.

We hope you are taking notes.

They also had a quiz after each section which we believe is a great way to engage a student.

4 questions each, that shouldn’t take more than a minute to answer?

Count me in.

Intercom Academy - Quiz

The videos were really short with none being longer than the 3-minute mark.

It’s a known fact by now that attention spans are getting smaller by the day.

Plus seeing the lesson being struck through in the curriculum section feels like an achievement.

It gives a sense of progression each time we complete a lesson.

What We Disliked

The expressions and head movements from Kate sometimes seem overboard

Maybe even disjunct from the subject matter but nowhere did we ever lose track of the video.

Every introduction video has a peppy Intercom Academy intro and soft background music all along, which makes you wonder why other lessons were discriminated against.

Sure, the no-music-no-branding strategy helps with continuity but we do miss it sometimes.

And considering the length of lessons, it wouldn’t have harmed to keep that 3-second intro.

A major thing that caught my eye was the use of full-page article lessons between video lessons every once in a while

Intercom Academy - Connect your calendar

Why break the flow?

Why use words and GIFs for content that can be made into a video?

We have no clue

One explanation can be that it was done to break the monotony and make the student more proactive by making them scroll and actually read.

But for me, it pulled me out of the groove real quick.

And to do that not once but thrice…. Weird.

Though 40 minutes is way too short of a time to be an “SDR pro” the title honestly should be “Become better at using Intercom”.

Out of the 17 lessons, We saw only 2 were about actually being an SDR, the rest were basically b2b explainer videos and best practices for Intercom.

Did we become a better SDR? NO

Did we learn more about Intercom? Hell YES

A much better way could have been to talk about how a generic chat support tool does it and how Intercom does it much better

But in reality, the purpose of this whole “academy” is to educate users about the features with real-life examples with were thoroughly ACCOMPLISHED!


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