Top 10 Brand Instagram Story Dimensions, Specs

Did you know that Instagram Stories remain visible for only 24 hours after posting?

Instagram Stories consist of short, vertical photos or videos that are separate from your main feed. These stories are automatically deleted unless you add them as Highlights. The fear of missing out (FOMO) increases viewer engagement. To make the best use of this 24-hour window as a marketer, you need to do more than just share and post.

This brings us to three questions:

  • How can Instagram Stories increase my sales or lead generation?
  • How do following Instagram Story dimensions impact the quality of my posts?
  • What happens to the ranking of my IG stories if I ignore Instagram specifications?

According to Facebook Business Insights, 39% of Instagram users reported becoming more interested in a brand or product after seeing it featured in Instagram Stories.

Since the attention span of an Instagram user is notoriously short (just a few seconds!), we have very little room for error. Every second of viewing counts, and each click matters to ensure Instagram pushes our content to user feeds. Make the most of it.

This guide will help you understand and use Instagram stories to develop better marketing strategy.


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What Are the Instagram Story Dimensions?

Instagram story dimensions refer to the recommended specific size and resolution optimized for mobile viewing. Using the right dimensions makes your brand look professional, keeps content quality high, and avoids blurriness on various screens.

Using the prescribed dimensions ensures that your content will display correctly. Why? – Because it fills the entire screen on most smartphones. It also prevents issues like blurriness or pixelation when your story is viewed on different types of screens.

Using the right Instagram story dimensions guarantees a better viewing experience, is more immersive, and maximizes its impact.

Instagram Story Dimensions & Specifications

Content-Type Recommended Resolution Aspect Ratio Supported Formats Max File Size
Instagram Stories Image 1920x1080 pixels 9:16 JPG, PNG 30MB
Instagram Stories Video 1920x1080 pixels 9:16 MP4, MOV 4GB

When considering viewer engagement, Instagram story dimensions aren’t the only factor. The type of content you display also matters. Video content, for example, has the potential to be highly engaging.

Best Practices

Here are a few best practices for using Instagram story size and features to help you create content for better engagement:

1. Optimal aspect ratio

The recommended IG story aspect ratio for Instagram Stories is 9:16. The vertical layout fills the whole phone screen, capturing the attention of potential clients without any distractions.

2. Dimensions

The recommended Instagram story size is 1080 x 1920 pixels. These dimensions provide a high-quality display without cropping or hiding any part of your content. If you don’t use the correct Instagram story dimensions, the site may cut or zoom into your pictures, making them look bad. Small images will look blurry.

3. Video format

Instagram Stories specs recommend MP4 and MOV formats. It’s advisable to use video files that are smaller than 4 GB. Larger files take longer to load and may reduce your chances of attracting potential leads.

For further information on video format, ensure that the content you display is optimized for business engagement. Here’s an article about using Instagram Story Videos for Business Growth to help you with tips on the types of video content that work best for Stories.

4. Using interactive elements

Use the interactive elements available in the Instagram sticker options. You can use interactive polls, questionnaires, and sliders for surveys, feedback, and audience engagement. Stickers and GIFs let you show emotion and connect better with your community.


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10 Instagram Story Examples from Brands

Check out how top brands use Instagram Stories. We’ve compiled 10 great examples below. These examples will show you how to create stories that perfectly use specs, interactive elements, text, and more:

1. Samsung - Yes/No Polls for insights

In this Instagram Story, Samsung uses IG polls to find out what users like. They add a call-to-action for quick results. This helps both user engagement and business insights. In the story below, Samsung has perfectly followed the Instagram story dimensions. It is clear with the poll box added right in the middle where it’s visible.

  • Poll (Yes / No): “Should Samsung shoot another video with Son?”
  • CTA: Watch Full Video

2. Asana - Complete the sentence

This example shows the use of a business-relevant question sticker shared on Instagram Stories. It also provides a source for feedback and helps in community building.

  • Question sticker: “I am committed to completing…”

3. Mercedes Benz - Quiz

The Mercedes-Benz Instagram Story uses a quiz sticker. The quiz sparks interest and thought. It increases engagement and teaches about the brand’s history and value. Here is another example of perfect positioning of the quiz sticker and Instagram story dimensions.

  • Quiz sticker: “How much has the car been sold for?” with three answer options.

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4. Adobe Creative Cloud - Countdown for an Event

Adobe Express uses Instagram Stories to draw an audience to their live webinar. They add a countdown sticker two days before the webinar. This creates urgency and makes it easy for viewers to sign up.

  • Countdown: “Join LIVE on Aug 30 at 10 AM PDT/1 PM EDT”
  • CTA: “Register Now”

5. Rolex - Hashtags

During the US Open, Rolex shares Instagram stories about their collaboration with the US Open as the “timekeeping partner.” They have shared snippets from the US Open and added trending hashtags to increase their visibility.

  • Hashtags: #Rolex #USOpen #Perpetual
  • CTA: Link to their website

6. Flodesk- Slider

Flodesk shares content from a user’s account where they talk about its application. They include a heart slider to encourage people to interact. The slider size and position are perfectly aligned with the Instagram story dimensions.

  • Slider: ❤️

7. IBM - Captions

IBM used Instagram Stories to share a video about a new AI feature that adds AI commentary to the US Open app. They used captions for the voiceover. This informs and engages their audience about their tech innovation.

Talking about AI, It is also instrumental in Instagram’s advertising strategies, ensuring that users see ads that fits their interests and online behaviors. AI-generated stickers and AI backdrops are some of the other AI additions available for Instagram.

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8. Asana - Story Series

Asana uses a step-by-step approach in their Instagram Stories to lead viewers to their blogs. They use a series of four stories featuring sliders, quotes, and infographics. At the end, they add a link to their blog. This interactive method draws people in and guides them to more content. It used the correct Instagram story dimensions, ensuring that the sliders, quotes, and infographics in the series display perfectly on all devices

  • Slider:
  • CTA: “Become a high performing leader”

9. Hootsuite - Behind-the-scenes moments

Hootsuite shared behind-the-scenes moments on Instagram Stories. They showed their mascot and CSR activities. This makes the brand more relatable to its niche. It also highlights their values and social efforts.

  • CTA: “Take the survey”

10. Mmschocolates - Blurred image to drive curiosity

M&M’s used an Instagram Story to share a reel announcing a new flavor. They shared it with a catchy caption and added the text “Any guesses?” This makes people curious to find out more. They have also ensured that their reel was perfectly formatted for the platform by adhering to the optimal Instagram story dimensions.

As you look through these examples, notice how some brands have used testimonials and user-generated content (UGC) in their Instagram Stories. They help your brand in building trust and credibility. Check out our article How To Use Testimonials In Social Media To Turn Fans Into Sales to leverage testimonials in your social media strategy.

Instagram Story Mistakes to Avoid

In the B2B space, first impressions matter. Following the Instagram Story specifications and avoiding common mistakes are essential for effective communication of your products or services.

Here are a few mistakes you should avoid:

1. Always follow the specifics

Follow the recommended Insta stories dimensions, ratio, and resolution. Not maintaining the IG story px size could result in low-resolution or cropped content. Poorly executed Instagram Stories can undermine trust. It can make potential clients question the quality of your services.

2. Do not post with a poor internet connection

Posting with a poor internet connection can make your story appear blurry or glitchy. It can lead to lower engagement rates and fewer potential leads.

  • Pro Tip: To ensure your content is uploaded at the highest quality, go to Profile > Settings > Data Usage > High-Quality Uploads.

3. Ignoring Safe Zone

Remember the Instagram story’s safe area or “safe zone” to make sure that key information isn’t cut off and the content is fully visible. The top and bottom should have a clear space of about 250 pixels. Stick within 1080 x 1420 pixels for the safe area. Instagram provides a grid guide for assistance. Consider this important message, and CTAs don’t get cropped out.

Below is an image showing the Instagram story safe zone.

4. Using lengthy videos

Posting Stories longer than 15 seconds isn’t a good idea, as your audience might get bored and miss the actual message. This can reduce watch time, as viewers may drop out of the stories. To avoid this, split long videos to send a clear message.

5. Hashtags and Geotags

You could miss out on potential clients if you don’t use hashtags and geolocation. Hashtags are important for targeting an audience in your niche. Geo-tags help your business reach an audience in a specific location.

  • Pro Tip: Drag and minimize the size of the hashtags and geo-tags until they are small enough to be invisible to your story viewers.

6. Not using CTAs

Most viewers of your Insta stories are likely to be your followers, who are already aware of you and trust you. These warm clients may only need a simple push to become buyers. Using CTAs in your stories encourages them to take the next step.

  • Pro Tip: Avoid using links to your page as your CTAs if you are looking to grow your Instagram account. Contrary to popular belief, this can actually reduce engagement rates. Since your links will direct viewers to another page, the Instagram algorithm is less likely to favor your Insta story.
    Instead, use CTAs like Instagram DM automation. They increase the engagement.

7. High-resolution files

High-resolution files can appear blurry when uploaded to Stories. The reason is that Instagram compresses high-resolution files. To ensure smooth uploads and maintain resolution, create graphics ensuring your files meet the recommended Instagram story resolution. Poor resolution can look unprofessional and may negatively impact sales and inquiries.

  • Pro Tip: When uploading high-quality images or videos, use a file compressor before uploading to retain better image quality. However, make sure the Instagram story px size is maintained.

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8. Overcrowding with texts

If you pack too much text in your Instagram stories, it gets confusing and distracts viewers from the actual message or CTA. Keep in mind the instagram story dimensions when considering the size of your text.

9. Neglecting sound

Skipping sound and stickers in Instagram Stories can make your B2B brand look dull and less engaging. Sounds and voiceovers help you connect better with potential clients and make your messages more impactful.

  • Pro tip: Use the captions feature to add captions when you’re speaking in your stories. Often, your viewers may be in an environment where they can’t turn the audio on. E.g., office or public places.

10. Neglecting interactive Stickers

Leverage the Instagram algorithm by using Instagram stickers, gifs, and music. Polls or questions can help you understand your audience, get feedback, and increase overall engagement.

  • Pro tip: Polls and sliders are the easiest way to make your audience interact with your stories than open-ended questions. Your audience can take action without much effort.

If you are looking to expand your online visibility beyond Instagram, consider expanding to other social media platforms. To get an insight into how to fit social media into your marketing strategy, refer to our guide on How To Increase Your SaaS Marketing with Social Media Platforms.

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Instagram Stories are a valuable resource for brand engagement, whether it is B2B or any other business. It helps you connect with your target audience authentically and increases customer loyalty. Instagram story dimensions and specifics are important factors to keep in mind when creating content.

To leverage the full potential, pay attention to the technical aspects like Insta story size, the Instagram story ratio, and content formats. Failing to stick to these guidelines can negatively affect your brand’s credibility and engagement rates.

By following these best practices and avoiding common mistakes, like ignoring the Instagram story’s safe area, uploading low-resolution files, etc, you can ensure effective communication, higher engagement, and ultimately more leads and sales for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The recommended dimensions are 1080×1920 pixels, and the aspect ratio is 9:16.

Factors like posting time, story quality, following Instagram story dimensions, Instagram story specifications, and frequency can impact views. Using features like polls, questions, and interactive stickers can increase engagement.

Instagram story videos turn blurry when you are posting with a poor internet connection. It can also cause glitches in them.

Yes, you can add, but the “Swipe Up” link feature is only available to verified accounts or those with more than 10,000 followers.

The safe zone is an area within the dimensions where it’s safe to place text or important elements, generally around 250 pixels from the top and bottom.

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