A Guide to Hybrid Animation Videos

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June 12, 2024


Animation videos are very popular. They tell visual stories and are fun to watch. But because these videos are so common, it’s harder to stand out with unique animation styles.

Instead of using a single animation technique, combining various styles to make a hybrid animation video can be very effective. This mix adds to the video’s appeal, making it both attractive and unique.

In fact, According to GoodFirms, The use of a combination of 2D and 3D animation is the latest trend in the animation industry to bring the benefits of both techniques in one creation.

Now, you might be wondering,

  • How complex is it to create a hybrid animation video, and what tools are typically used?
  • What are the key benefits of using hybrid animation compared to other video formats?
  • What are the latest trends or innovations in hybrid animation techniques for marketing videos?

Below, you will find different types of hybrid animations, their benefits, and some of the animation styles with examples.

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    2D vs 3D Film: What is the Actual Difference?

    2D vs 3D Film

    Image generated using Dalle-3
    Prompt - I need your help in generating 2D and 3D images of the same object. I was thinking of a tech product, something like a camera that has some depth and will be helpful to show the 2D and 3D difference.
    Special instruction -

    • Choose the same camera model to make the 2D and 3D images.

    2D animations are flat and have height and width, while 3D animations have height, width, and depth. This extra dimension in 3D animations makes them look more realistic and lifelike.

    • In 2D animation, movement is achieved by displaying a sequence of individual images (frames), each slightly different from the previous one.
    • In 3D animation, movement is achieved by manipulating digital models within a three-dimensional space.

    Differences can be seen in appearance, methods of creation, techniques used, complexity, and realism of the project.

    Aspect 2D 3D
    Depth No depth (height & width) Has depth (height, width, & depth)
    Perspective No perspective (flat) Realistic perspective
    Creation Method Hand-drawn or vector-based Computer-generated 3D models using specialized software
    Skills Required Requires strong artistic skills Requires artistic and technical skills
    Composition Consists of a series of frames Consists of 3D models and movements
    Type Vector-based Pixel-based
    Movement Created by displaying a series of images in sequence Generated through the animation of 3D models
    Process Frames are drawn individually 3D models are animated, rigged, and rendered

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    2D/3D Hybrid Animation: How Does It Work?

    Hybrid animation includes both 3D and 2D elements within a single frame. Combining them creates a unique and original visual aesthetic.

    Here are some common approaches to hybrid animation:

    • 2D characters with 3D environments
    • 3D characters with 2D environments
    • 3D elements in a 2D scenes
    • 3D animation for special effects
    • 2D comic book-style characters in a 3D environment.

    Creating a successful hybrid animation requires careful planning and execution. The goal is to make sure that the 2D and 3D elements work well together without looking out of place. Plan every detail ahead of time to ensure that the video has a consistent style.

    To make a hybrid animation work:

    • Ensure that visual elements work well together and the video looks cohesive.
    • Ensure that lighting effects are consistent across 2D and 3D elements.
    • Use a color palette that compliments both the 2D and 3D elements.
    • The placement of 2D and 3D elements should feel intentional and balanced.

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    Benefits of a Hybrid Film Production Technology

    Using hybrid animation styles by combining 2D elements, 3D elements, and even live-action in videos offers significant benefits:

    1. Flexibility and Artistic Control

    Hybrid animation allows creators to combine the strengths of 2D and 3D animation. Hybrid animation gives artists more control over the various elements – how characters move, how scenes are put together, how special effects are used, etc.

    2. Cost-effective

    Using 2D and 3D elements together in a video can cost less than making the whole video with just 3D elements.

    3. Versatility and Experimentation

    Using hybrid animation allows for limitless creative experimentation. They can choose from various hybrid animation styles and use different techniques. This allows creators to innovate and expand the creative possibilities of video production.

    4. Unique Visual Experience

    Hybrid animation offers a unique visual experience. The combination of different animation techniques grabs the audience’s interest and leaves a lasting visual impact.

    5. Enhanced Storytelling

    Using the appropriate animation style for different parts of the video can improve the storytelling. Hybrid animations help emphasize certain parts of the video, making the story more interesting.

    6. Modern Appeal

    Hybrid animations look modern and trendy, which makes the videos attractive and interesting to watch. For instance, using live-action animation hybrid videos, a mix of 3D and CGI can make the videos immersive and modern.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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    What are Some Hybrid Animation Styles Used in Video Production?

    Here are some hybrid animation styles commonly used in video production.

    1. 2D and 3D animation

    Combining 2D and 3D animations is a very popular technique in hybrid animation. This style combines 2D characters with 3D environments or vice versa.

    2D 3D hybrid animation can create a unique visual contrast and depth.

    a. Duolingo

    Video Title: Duo’s Work Day | behind the scenes of notifications

    Video Duration: 1 minute 29 seconds


    • The video includes a 3D animated Duolingo character and 2D elements like screens, UI animations, and icons.
    • The video includes a 3D streak icon (inactive) alongside 2D streaks (active). This variation emphasizes the 3D animation, making it stand out and drawing focus to it.
    • The video shows a visual story of a typical workday for “Duo,” the animated 3D character. It shows tasks such as sending notifications and managing streaks.
    • They include humor and funny moments, like showing the character getting annoyed.

    2. Live-action and animation

    A live-action animation hybrid video combines live footage with animated characters, environments, props, etc. This style showcases the interaction between real-life actors and animations.

    Live-action videos with animation create a realistic and cinematic experience. You can design environments that are impossible to replicate in real life and have a human character interact with them.

    a. Salesforce: (Live-action + 3D Animation)

    Video Title: What is Salesforce – The CRM Bringing Companies & Customers Together

    Video Duration: 1 minute


    • The video shows an animated workspace and home environment with real humans in it.
    • It also includes a 3D animated character that connects businesses and customers. This 3D character represents “Salesforce.”
    • Workspaces and the home are animated with a blue color palette to emphasize the real-life characters and storyline.

    b. Apple: (Live action + VFX + Comic Book style)

    Video Title: The new MacBook Pro | Apple

    Video Duration: 1 minute 49 seconds


    • The video includes live actors transforming into comic book-style (manga-style) characters, highlighting the fast performance of the M3 MAX chip.
    • They use CGI and visual effects to show MacBook’s abilities, such as its fast GPU, memory capacity for multitasking, battery life, display, and audio quality.
    • The animation exaggerates the features to show why the MacBook is superior.

    3. Stop-motion and CGI

    Stop-motion involves physically manipulating objects to create movement, while CGI (computer-generated imagery) includes producing animations and images using computer software. This combination creates a nostalgic video experience.

    a. Mailchimp

    Video Title: Game Face | All in a Day’s Work

    Video Duration: 2 minutes 44 seconds


    • The video features stop-motion characters such as the therapist, boy, and client, along with CGI elements like video filters and computer screens.
    • The change of expressions and movements of stop-motion characters are done well. The muted pastel background colors further highlight the characters.
    • The video storyline is comedic and light-hearted. The narrative focuses on a therapist’s workday that is unexpectedly turned into a fun and laughter-filled session.

    4. Life-like animation and Motion graphics

    Lifelike animation refers to animation that closely mimics the movement, appearance, and behavior of real-life objects and humans.

    Motion graphics are a form of animation that gives the illusion of motion. They focus on creating a movement to an animated element. Combining these two animation styles creates a balanced, realistic, and artistic video.

    a. Windows

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    5. Motion graphics and Retro animation

    While motion graphics create movements, retro animation includes bold-contrasting colors, distortion effects, and vintage-style fonts. Combining these two animation styles adds a nostalgic look to the video.

    a. Wix

    Video Title: Security’s on Us|Wix Website Security

    Video Duration: 1 minute 44 seconds


    • The video features animated retro elements such as video game clips, retro fonts, vintage colors, and VHS-style effects.
    • The video uses storytelling elements to explain the quality of Wix’s security. It takes a humorous approach to explain the features and advantages.
    • It includes fast transitions and cinematic effects that complement the animation style. Overall, it has a unique and enjoyable look.

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    Hybrid animation videos include a combination of visual elements for an attractive and unique look. These types of videos look modern and connect with younger audiences.

    These videos mix two or three different animation styles. Therefore, Creating them requires artistic skills and technical knowledge. We can combine 2D, 3D, motion graphics, CGI, stop-motion, cut-out animations, motion capture, illustrations, infographics, live-action, etc.

    Hybrid animation videos are highly effective for storytelling and visual communication. They utilize both traditional and digital techniques to create appealing content.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    It typically takes 5 – 8 weeks to create a hybrid animation video. This can vary based on the complexity, length, elements, revisions, etc.

    The key elements to consider when planning a hybrid animation project are:

    • Story and concept development
    • Choosing a hybrid animation style
    • Style guide and aesthetic
    • Technical planning – software, tools, and techniques
    • Asset creation and Character design
    • Compositing – animation styles are merged
    • Testing and Iteration

    The cost of producing a hybrid animation video typically ranges from $7,000 to $15,000. This can vary based on the project’s complexity, required revisions, video length, and other factors.

    The most popular styles of hybrid animation are:

    • 2D Animation with Live-Action
    • 3D Animation with Live-Action
    • 2D & 3D Animation
    • 2D or 3D with Motion Graphics
    • Animated Characters in Live Environments
    • Stop Motion with Cut-out Animation
    • Live Action with CGI

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