10 Best HR Explainer Video Examples

Human resources, as a field, has always been about people – their needs, their skills, and how they fit into the larger puzzle of an organization. But communicating complex HR concepts? That can be tricky.

Solution? HR Explainers. They are created for easy information exchange. They communicate the operations and benefits of the organization effectively. They can be used for both internal and external human resource processes.
Internally, they are used to communicate with existing employees. They provide info on recent updates, announcements, upskilling opportunities, and achievements. For new hires, they can be used for onboarding, training, and team intros.

Externally, they are used to attract top talent. These videos explain how to apply for the job and the qualifications required.

An HR explainer video can be used in webinars, company communication channels, social media, and separate company portals for training and onboarding.

Let me guess what you are thinking:

  • In what ways are human resources videos better than written documents for communication?
  • What kind of explainer videos are best for training and onboarding new hires?
  • How can HR videos be utilized to show the unique aspects of my company’s culture and values?

Below, you will find benefits and examples of how HR videos assist companies and simplify various processes.


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What is an HR Explainer Video?

HR explainer video simplifies the work for HR teams. They help in diverse areas of recruitment, employee training, and internal communication.

Human resources explainer videos are best used for summarizing and simplifying complex details. They help educate and engage existing employees and new hires.

They are creative with animation, characters, motion graphics, and conversational tone. These videos are beneficial for overall employee progress and development.

Explainer videos are effective, memorable, and easier to digest compared to PPTs and long manuals, which can be boring and hard to follow. These videos provide interactive and personalized learning experiences.

PDFs/PPTs/Manuals HR Explainer Videos
Creation Time Time-consuming to create Less time-consuming
Interactivity Limited interactivity interactive elements (quizzes, clickable annotations)
Attention Span Can lose attention quickly Keeps engaged for a longer time
Flexibility Fixed content structure (text and static visuals) use of animations, graphics, and storytelling techniques

Why are HR Explainer Videos Effective?

There are various benefits of using Explainer videos for HR processes.

1. Easy to understand

HR explainer videos simplify complex concepts and information. This makes it easier for employees to grasp and implement what they have learned.

2. Give more clarity

They reduce misunderstandings of specific programs and rules, ensuring that everyone in the organization is on the same page. This helps in smoother operations.

3. Less time-consuming

Lengthy emails or documents for HR information can take up a lot of time. Explainer videos provide the same information much faster, freeing up HR teams to concentrate on more important tasks.

4. Easily shareable

They are easily shareable via emails, social media, and internal social networks. This ensures that everyone has access to important information.

5. Interesting to watch

These HR explainer videos are much more interesting than reading a PDF or a manual. The videos are engaging and make you curious, grabbing your attention.

6. Faster learning

Explainer videos help in learning important information much faster. These videos use visual elements, icons, step-by-step demonstrations, and infographic examples.

7. Talent management

An HR video can be used for talent management. They attract and retain top talent by explaining work culture and growth opportunities within the organization.

8. Development gives satisfaction

Learning and growing at work brings satisfaction. Employees become more confident, get stronger skills, and become a valuable asset to the company.

9. Maximize productivity

Explainer videos make work more efficient by quickly providing information and training. HR professionals can then focus on other strategic initiatives instead of repetitive training.


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Top 10 HR Explainer Video Examples

Explainer videos in HR help reduce the workload of HR teams. Here are examples of Explainer videos that can be used in HR processes.

1. Build your career at Google Taiwan

The video features employees discussing their experiences and the work environment. It is aimed at showing the positive aspects of working at Google in Taiwan.

It simplifies the process of introducing new hires to the company’s values, culture, and global collaboration efforts.

2. All Around Engineering Interview | | Life Inside Dropbox | Dropbox

This video helps candidates prepare for interviews. They explain what interviewers seek and provide tips on showcasing skills and experiences.

It makes the process of creating a detailed write-up on preparation techniques much simpler.

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3. Working at Zoom

This human resources video features employees sharing their experiences about working at Zoom.

The video is made to attract new hires and potential candidates by showing off the company’s culture, values, and work environment.

4. How we hire at monday.com

This informational video explains the hiring process at Monday.com. Professionals provide insights into different stages of the hiring process.

This video simplifies the company’s hiring procedures, making it more accessible to candidates. They guide how to present themselves effectively during each phase of the recruitment process.

5. Bright Meet The Team

This video introduces team members of the company creatively. They are introduced based on their job role and favorite activities.

This video helps new hires decode who is what in the company rather than waiting for in-person interactions.

6. This is Zendesk

The videos talk about what Zendesk is and what kind of work they do. This video features stock footage, live-action, and UI of work processes.

The video simplifies the recruitment process by emphasizing the company’s culture and work environment to attract potential candidates.

7. Prepare for your first day at Amazon

This is an orientation video for new employees at Amazon. The video explains the new workplace, what to expect, and how to navigate various aspects of the office.

This simplifies the onboarding process for new employees. It helps new hires feel more prepared and comfortable as they start their journey at Amazon.

We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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8. What’s It Like Working Remotely at HubSpot?

This is an experience-sharing video of remote working employees of HubSpot. The video shows employees from various parts of the world sharing their work experiences and why they prefer remote work.

This encourages potential hires who prefer to work remotely to join the organization.

9. Siemens-Employee-Appreciation-Day-Video

In this video, the company shows gratitude towards its employees. The video starts with a thank you message. It also features videos of employees smiling and expressing their joy.

These kinds of videos increase employee satisfaction and build a motivated work environment. New recruits can also see the respect they will get once they join.

10. Work in Progress: Our Diversity and Inclusion Journey

This video emphasizes the importance of creating a diverse and inclusive culture. The video features people from various backgrounds being a part of the company.

The video inspires and encourages people from different ethnicities and cultures to join an organization where they are valued and cared about.

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HR explainer videos are best for sharing information in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand. They are guides for workplace communication and learning.

They help HR teams with hiring, training, and explaining aspects of company culture and protocols. These videos are budget-friendly and save time for the HR department to concentrate on other priorities.

HR explainer video contributes to talent management and overall employee development. This creates a workplace culture that values continuous learning and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

HR departments should use explainer videos to reduce workload, simplify complex processes, and engage employees effectively.

Topics that can be covered in HR explainer videos are the company’s culture, benefits, policies, onboarding, training, and attracting talent.

The cost of creating HR explainer videos is between $2000 to $10,000. The cost varies based on video style, length, and complexity.

Best practices for creating HR explainer videos are keeping it short, focusing on a key message, using a friendly conversational tone, and ending with a CTA.

We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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