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How to Write Persuasive Video Scripts: Do’s, Don’ts, & Examples

16 Types of Videos Every B2B SaaS Company Should Create

How to write persuasive video scripts Do’s, don’ts, & examples

In this article, we are going to discuss the B2B SaaS video script writing best practices that we follow that can help B2B SaaS companies up their video marketing game.

As viewer attention spans continue to fall, a question every B2B SaaS marketer would like answered is how to attract customer attention.

With text-based content falling out of favor, the latest trends show that video marketing, in conjunction with social media, is becoming a popular choice for many B2B software and SaaS companies to reach out to customers and leads.

However, as more and more B2B SaaS companies start using video, it becomes clear that businesses need to produce compelling visual content to stand out from the crowd.

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Why is it Important to Write a Persuasive SaaS Script

As we mentioned, a lot is at stake for B2B SaaS companies in terms of grabbing a healthy market share.

So, what is at stake? Let us look at some statistics to understand why it is important to write persuasive scripts, and in turn, create compelling videos:

1 66% of people consider video as the primary source of information
2 Every day over 500 million people watch Facebook videos
3 Three-fourths of all video viewing happens on mobile devices
4 Branded video content generates 93% of new customers for businesses
5 The average time spent by people watching online videos is 6 hours and 48 minutes/Week

A SaaS video should have a strong premise, compelling narrative, and clear message to engage with your viewers on YouTube, websites, and social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Moreover, recent trends suggest that people are not averse to the idea of sharing videos through email and MMS. Moreover, they are being used in press releases and landing pages.

What Broad Guidelines Should a B2B SaaS Video Script Follow

The primary objective of a B2B SaaS video is to help your viewers learn something new and useful. So, make the narrative relatable, because if it is not, it won’t be persuasive.

A B2B SaaS video script, whether it is an explainer video, a promo video, or a product demo video, should always keep the target audience in mind while writing, shooting, editing, marketing, and promoting the video.

Here are some broad script writing guidelines to keep in mind:

A SaaS video script should be simple and easy to follow, with a clear beginning, middle, and end. In addition, it should:

  • Move fast: Keep the SaaS video script to a maximum of two minutes, which means you should get to the point at the earliest. If it is a SaaS instructional video, provide as much information as possible in a short amount of time.
  • Be concise: The less time viewers have to spend thinking about what you are saying, the more time they will have to focus on your SaaS product.
  • Use visuals: A SaaS video script need not be all technical and boring. Use graphics, voice-over, and transitions to make it interesting.
  • Use humor: A SaaS video with some humor can be more engaging and entertaining for viewers. But exercise caution when you use jokes.
  • Follow best practices: Your script should use short sentences, have an interesting title, and be SEO-optimized (use professional SEO services).

How to Write a Persuasive B2B SaaS Video Script

What makes a SaaS video successful?

Well, there are a few key things that make a B2B SaaS video engaging and captivating: strong storytelling, catchy graphics, and engaging visuals. If you can combine all these elements in your SaaS video, you are sure to hit a home run. Sounds complicated?

Don’t worry—it is not impossible to create a successful B2B SaaS video without any experience or filmmaking expertise. What you do need is some creativity and an understanding of how to grab the attention of your audiences.

“In other words, you need a script that will engage and captivate your audience.”

So, let us begin by:

1. Researching the Topic

Before you write a single line of your B2B SaaS video script, think of what is important for your audience to know.

  • First, gather all the product or service information you can find.
  • Next, simplify technical jargon so that viewers will understand them easily.
  • Make sure the script showcases key points.
  • Include on-screen explanations to help illustrate your points.

2. Start with a Hook/Interesting Premise

When you write your SaaS video script, think of ways to capture viewers’ attention and keep them engaged throughout your video. Here are some obvious questions:

  • What product and services are you offering?
  • What problem are you solving?
  • Why should your audience care?
  • Why is it important to your audience?

This B2B SaaS video on weather intelligence, created for by content Beat talks specifically about how to create alerts and explains the process step-by-step.


3. Concentrate on Storytelling

When it comes to creating engaging content, the key is to focus on the story. Crafting a story that can capture your audience will take some effort, but it is well worth the trouble.

For example, if you are releasing a new SaaS product or service, you can include footage of people using it in real life. This will show your audience that the product is worth investing in.

Another way to keep your audience interested is by featuring interesting people or personalities. If you are making a product demo video, for example, try to get customer testimonials.

4. Be Clear and concise in your Writing

Scripts decide the success of your video marketing campaign. A good script can ensure your SaaS video is entertaining and engaging from start to finish. Therefore, you should pay attention to the three factors listed below:

  • Make it easy for your viewers to follow along by using simple and easy-to-understand language.
  • Use simple and concise explanations, strong verbs, and an active voice to convey action and encourage viewer participation.
  • Use engaging visuals in the script to illustrate your story.

5. Be Creative and Innovative

B2B SaaS videos can sometimes feel monotonous. While it is important to stay true to the story you are trying to tell, it is also rewarding to be creative and innovative with your video script.

As most videos follow a tried-and-tested formula, you should not be afraid to explore new and interesting ways to explain your SaaS product differently.

Three Example Approaches to Video Script Writing

We had a good look at the components of a good script. Next, let us study some example approaches you can use to write your B22B SaaS video scripts:

1. How to create a basic B2B SaaS video script?

Step 1: Plan Your Video

Think about what message you want to send and how you want your audience to feel. To engage and captivate your audience, you will need to consider the following:

  • What is the main message of your video?
  • What are the key points you want your audience to remember after watching?
  • What are the specific challenges or obstacles that your protagonist faces in the video?
  • How can you make the story more interesting or engaging for your audience?
  • What emotions do you want viewers to feel while watching?

Step 2: Determine your creative approach

Once you have figured out the main message and key points of your video, it is time to decide on your creative approach.

Since we are writing a video script, we should narrate a story that appeals to the viewers in the shortest time possible.

Step 3: Decide the type of video you want to create

A video is a powerful tool that we can use in a variety of ways. For example, we can use it to educate or entertain, promote a brand, or sell products and services. Decide what type of video you want to create.

Step 4: Choose an appropriate scenario to illustrate your message

The next step is to choose a story or scenario that will illustrate your key points interestingly and engagingly. For example,

  • If your SaaS video is about promoting healthy eating, consider creating a video about someone who has overcome obesity and become healthier because of it.
  • If you are making a SaaS video on safe driving, talk about a young driver who makes a mistake but uses a SaaS mobile app to learn and becomes a better driver.

An example of a well-made B2B SaaS video created for Kissflow by Content Beta. The video illustrates how to write a script to explain a fairly complex process compellingly.


2. How to create a B2B SaaS Explainer Video Script?

An explainer video, often animated, is a short video that details the features and benefits of a product or service.

Let us say you are writing a B2B SaaS script for your mobile productivity app explainer video. As a software creator, you are hoping that a good many companies will download your app.

What elements should the script incorporate to appeal to viewers? Here is an outline of how one could approach the script.

What problem does your SaaS product solve?

Explain how it improves the productivity of thor operations, reduces employee churn, and thus reduces hiring costs.

How does it compare with similar B2B SaaS products?

Highlight that your product comes at a lower upfront cost than other similar products. It will scale well as it supports multiple platforms and incorporates the latest UI elements for a better UX.

How can the users try your SaaS before deciding to purchase?

This is often a deal-breaker for many prospects. So, explain how they can avail a 14-day, without having to submit their credit card details.

What if the customers are dissatisfied with your SaaS product or service?

Assuring them that they are covered by a 60-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee will go a long way in improving SaaS sign-ups.

How do you demonstrate your commitment to your SaaS product?

Like the money-back guarantee and free trials, customers want to be assured of the future of the product. Tell them where they can access the roadmap for the next 18 months.

The pain points, features, and benefits mostly remain the same for most products. What makes the difference though is:

“Your treatment of the script is what makes you more persuasive than your competitors.”

The following example was created for Decile.


3. How to Create a Product Demo or Brand Video Script?

A video that markets a product is called a brand or product demo video. It is a short video that advertises a company, its products, and how to use them.

They can be animated or live-action, and they can be as short as 30 seconds or as long as 2 minutes. An ideal narrative should take a prospect from being a stranger to someone who understands your brand and products, and who is ready to become your customer.

Remember, your customers do not randomly land on your website. They are on your website because they have been searching for a product or service that can solve their problems.

What does a well-made product demo video look like? Here is a good example Content Beta created for Leadfeeder:


A sample approach to writing your product demo script:

Step 1: Explain the problem your product is going to solve.

Now that you have visitors on your website, which is not a mean task by any means, you should seize the opportunity to talk about the problem they want solutions for.

Step 2: Highlight product or service features and benefits.

If you did well in the first 30 seconds of your video, they will continue to watch the video. So, do not bog them down with unnecessary details.

Remember, it is all about them—not you. Impress the viewers by including a short demo of the product or service in action.

Step 3: Use the power of testimonials.

At this stage, your prospects have almost made up their mind. But they need further reassurance from customers who have already purchased from you.

You can include remote video testimonials from satisfied customers to help you clinch the sale.

Step 4: Show them your commitment.

Customers want to be sure that they can approach you easily if they face a problem after they make a purchase. Not paying attention to post-sale customer grievances is a one-way ticket to oblivion. So, don’t forget to include the contact details at the end of the video.

Step 5: Tell them what to do next.

Now that they are ready to commit themselves, do them and yourself a favor by including an easy call-to-action to sign-up, upgrade, or whatever you want them to do next.

How Long Should a Video Script Be?

A video script can be anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. The length of the video script will depend on your target audience, subject, and video type.

If you are making a video for a young audience, you may want to keep your video script to a few minutes. However, if you are looking for a video for a more mature audience, you may want to make your video script longer.

You should also include a call-to-action that tells your audience what they should do after they watch the video. Some examples are “Sign up for a free trial” or “Join our mailing list.”


Before we wrap up, we would like to reiterate that videos are essential for any business, whether you are a B2B SaaS start-up or a large software company.

However, you need to write a compelling script to make engaging, informative, and entertaining videos.

Now that you know how to write a persuasive video script, we hope that your B2B SaaS business will use video marketing to take your software business to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A B2B SaaS video script is an important part of your video production planning. A script allows you to visualize your video and create storyboards. Without an approved script, you are likely to revise your narrative multiple times, leading to wasted time, money, and effort.

It depends on the type of video you want to create. As human attention spans continue to dip, it is best to go for shorter rather than longer videos. For example, B2B SaaS product demo and explainer videos can be anywhere between 1-2 minutes to be effective.

Accounting for all the elements of a video like on-screen text, intros, transitions, and so on it is estimated that a word count of between 140 and 150 words would yield a video of one minute running time.

A good quality B2B SaaS video script should have a smooth narrative flow, use simple and precise language, get to the main topic of discussion without unnecessary diversions, and explain complex things simply. In other words, you make a SaaS video for the viewers and not for showcasing your creative flair.

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