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How To Write An Effective B2B Explainer Video Script: 5 Expert Tips

Ten 60-second SaaS Explainer Video Examples You Can Copy

How To Write An Effective B2B Explainer Video Script 5 Expert Tips

The popularity of video as a marketing tool is on the rise. 83 percent of video marketers report generating leads using video content, according to HubSpot. And it’s no wonder why – video is an engaging and effective way to reach and convert your audience.

But if you’re new to creating videos for your business, you might be wondering how to get started.

If so, then you’ll need to make sure your B2B explainer video script is up to scratch.

In this guide, we’ll share some top tips for writing high-converting B2B SaaS video scripts.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of explainer video scriptwriting, let us learn a little more about explainer videos.

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Why Should Companies Pay Attention to B2B SaaS Explainer Video Script?

As the use of video in content marketing grows, high-quality and engaging B2B SaaS video scripts are becoming increasingly crucial. However, writing a B2B video script that converts can be a challenge, especially for B2B SaaS businesses.

Let us see why a good B2B explainer video script helps increase conversions:

  • First, a B2B video script lets you focus on the problem your product solves and how it can benefit the viewer.
  • Second, it helps you keep the video short and to the point – you don’t want to lose your viewers’ attention.
  • Third, it helps build excitement and intrigue around your product or service.
  • Finally, a B2B video script helps structure the narrative in a way that makes sense.

Here is an example of a B2B explainer video created by Content Beta for Twilio, a provider of programmable communication tools using its web service APIs:


What are the Basics of Writing a B2B SaaS Explainer Video Script?

If you’re running a SaaS business, then you know how important it is to have high-quality explainer videos. These videos help potential customers understand what your product does and why they need it.

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness or boost conversions, B2B SaaS explainer videos can be an effective marketing tool.

But creating an explainer video isn’t as simple as just recording a few talking points. You need to have a well-written B2B explainer video script that covers all the key points of your product.

Here are some tips for writing an effective B2B video script for your SaaS business:

1. The long and short of it is…

The average human attention span is only eight seconds, so make sure your B2B explainer video script is concise and to the point.

When it comes to B2B SaaS explainer videos, less is definitely more. Your target audience is busy professionals who don’t have time to watch a long, drawn-out video.

  • Get straight to the point and avoid including any superfluous information.
  • Don’t waste time with long introductions – get straight to explaining what your product does and how it can benefit the viewer.
  • Focus on the key points you want to convey and make sure they’re delivered in a clear and concise manner.
  • Don’t just rely on your words to get your message across. Use visuals to help tell your story and highlight the key points you want to make.
  • Make sure your video is under 2 minutes long.

Watch this 60-second long B2B explainer video example from Salesforce, the customer relationship management software company:


2. You talkin’ to me?

You should always keep your target audience in mind when writing the B2B explainer video script: What problems are they trying to solve? What would they like to see in a video?

  • Keep it conversational: The goal of explainer videos is to relate to your audience. Create a B2B explainer video script that makes the viewer feel like they’re having a conversation with you.
  • Avoid technical jargon: Use language that your target audience will be able to relate to. Avoid using industry jargon or technical terms that might not be familiar to them.
  • Use simple language: Don’t try to impress your target audience with big words and fancy language. Keep your B2B explainer video script simple and easy to understand.
  • Choose the best format: The best explainer videos have scripts that are written with an introduction-body-conclusion format in mind.

Here is an example B2B explainer video created by Content Beta for Intercom, the Engagement OS company:


3. What’s in it for me?

There are a few reasons why explainer videos should focus on B2B SaaS products when creating content for them.

First, customers within the B2B sector are more likely to be familiar with these types of products.

Additionally, businesses that sell SaaS solutions tend to have a higher level of customer service than those that don’t. This means that Explainer videos targeting this audience can help customers understand their product more comprehensively and receive better customer service in return.

Additionally, by talking about how B2B SaaS products work, Explainer video creators can show off their expertise and help potential customers make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing or signing up for a product.

Your B2B explainer video script should take into account the fact that the audience doesn’t care about your features, they care about the benefits.

  • Make sure you highlight the benefits of using your B2B SaaS product, and how it can help them in their business.
  • Try to answer the questions like, What makes your SaaS offering unique? Why should people use it?

Watch this example B2B explainer video created by Content Beta for Jivochat, the Live Chat Software for Websites:


4. What’s your story?

Stories are a powerful way to connect with your target audience and get your message across.

How do stories help B2B SaaS Explainer videos to be more effective?

  • Your B2B explainer video script should tell a story that resonates with your target audience and helps them understand the value of your B2B SaaS product.
  • Stories are an effective way to provide context for B2B SaaS Explainer videos.
  • The videos provide viewers with a deeper understanding of the concept and allow them to relate it to their lives.
  • They are particularly helpful when explaining complex concepts, such as those found in SaaS products, making B2B SaaS Explainer videos more effective and engaging for potential customers.

Watch this example B2B explainer video from Asana, the Task Management Software, that has a view count of 17.25 million on YouTube:


5. What do I do next?

How can a good call-to-action in a B2B SaaS explainer video make it more effective?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the call to action in a B2B SaaS explainer video will vary depending on the product and target market. It is still possible to create effective CTAs by following some general tips.

One important factor to consider is the timing of the call to action. If it’s placed at the end of the video, viewers may be discouraged from watching further.

If it’s placed early on in the video, viewers may be lost or bored by its length. In either case, it’s important to ensure that the CTA is well executed and provides valuable information that will convince viewers to take action.

Another key element of a successful CTA is clarity. Make sure that viewers understand what they need to do to receive benefits from using your product or service. Don’t overload them with too much information at once; break it down into easy steps so that they don’t feel overwhelmed or confused.

Finally, consider making use of emotions and visual aids when creating your CTA. A sense of urgency can help persuade viewers to take action quickly, while images and videos that are visually appealing can help make your message stick in their minds.

This B2B explainer video created by Content Beta for Twixor, the Code Automation Platform integrated with conversational messaging, ends with an effective CTA:


What are the various types of B2B SaaS Explainer Videos?

There are three main types of B2B SaaS explainer videos, each with its benefits and drawbacks:

1. Problem/solution Videos

They address a specific pain point that your target customer is likely experiencing. You want to clearly articulate the problem and then show how your product is the solution. These videos can be highly effective in generating leads and getting customers to take action.

2. Features/benefits Videos

They focus on showcasing what your product can do and how it can benefit potential customers. It’s important to highlight both the features and benefits to give prospects a complete picture of what they would be getting if they decided to use your software.

3. Company Overview Videos

A B2B SaaS company needs a strong online presence to succeed. One of the best ways to achieve this is through video. That’s where B2B SaaS company overview explainer videos come in. These videos are designed to introduce your company to potential customers and partners concisely and engagingly.

4. Animated Explainer Videos

The best animated explainer videos are typically short, to the point, and use simple animation to help explain complex concepts. Most B2B brands tend to take the help of an animated explainer video company to explain complex concepts in a simple and easily digestible way, and are a great way to engage potential customers.

5. Live-action Explainer Videos

They are a great way to explain your product or service to potential customers in an engaging and informative way. These videos typically feature a spokesperson who walks the viewer through the key features and benefits of your product or service in a way that is easy to understand.

6. Screencast Explainer Videos

They are a powerful marketing tool for promoting B2B SaaS products. They are short, to-the-point videos that demonstrate how a product works and can be used to highlight key features and benefits. They are an excellent way to engage potential customers and give them a taste of what your product can do. They can be used to generate leads, build excitement and interest, and close deals.

Ultimately, the type of explainer video you choose should be based on your template, potential customers, and what type of video would best suit your needs.

What should a powerful B2B SaaS explainer video script look like?

A powerful B2B SaaS explainer video script should have several key elements to be effective.

  • First, it should clearly and concisely explain what the product or service is and how it can benefit the viewer.
  • Second, it should highlight any unique features or selling points that make the B2B SaaS stand out from its competitors.
  • Finally, the B2B video script should include a call to action that encourages the viewer to take advantage of the product or service.

By including these key elements in the B2B SaaS explainer video script, product explainers can effectively communicate their value proposition and help convert viewers into customers.


B2B SaaS explainer videos are particularly effective at communicating the value of complex products or services to potential customers.

An engaging B2B SaaS explainer video script breaks down the key features and benefits of a product or service in an easy-to-understand way and makes it easier for potential customers to see how a product or service can meet their needs.

To summarize, SaaS companies that initially invest in explainer video production generate more leads and close more sales than those that do not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

B2B explainer videos can quickly and effectively communicate the value of a product or service to potential customers. An engaging B2B explainer video script can describe what a product does, how it can benefit users, and why it is worth investing in. That’s why it makes sense to take the help of one of the top explainer video companies even if the explainer video cost goes up a little higher.

Product explainer video content should be engaging and informative to help potential customers learn more about the company and what it has to offer. SaaS companies should use a script to create videos because only a well-written B2B explainer video script can ensure the SaaS explainer video content is engaging.

B2B explainer videos have become popular with SaaS marketers but many companies do not have the expertise to create product explainers or B2B video scripts. They can engage an explainer video company like Content Beta that offer remote video production services. The explainer video pricing will differ depending upon the kind of animation needed, the length of the video, the detailed with which the features are shown, the budget, deadlines, etc.

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