How to drive engagement with marketing?

In episode #15 of The Product Marketing Show, Joe Abusamra and Rishabh speak about SaaS marketing strategies, customer acquisition, and engagement.
How to drive engagement with marketing - Content Beta Video Production Company
I speak to a lot of SaaS marketers and they all tell me that we struggle with driving engagement with marketing because software audiences are quite different. So I’m curious how do you show your feature benefits?

We show them through product demos but to get them to that point, you need to engage them and educate them. The buyers today are actually doing a lot of work on their own. They’ll do 50-60% of research before they even want to talk to a person from a vendor.

So from a content standpoint, you need to somehow convey that, whether it’s a website, information books, infographics or those types of things, in an engaging way to get their interest in terms of features.

Now on the sales cycle, they really want to move and get involved, bring multiple parties and stakeholders into the meetings and really see what it can do and what’s important to them there. Everybody thinks their organization is unique.

So different types of internal systems integrate with them and we really need to understand so that really can be done when you’re doing a product demo.

At the service, do you involve in video marketing or is it mostly the website law of infographics?
We do video marketing. Everybody wants to obtain information differently. Some people want to read a website, some paper and some watch a video. So from our standpoint of video marketing, we create 2-3 minute videos that give a high-level overview.

It’s generally what we do when we get into more details, we don’t produce detailed demonstrations, those are usually done live so that we can interact with the client.
Have you seen any obstacles for video marketing, do you have a team in house, how do you go about it?
Well it depends on how you want to do it. We can create some videos that are pretty inexpensive to produce. We produce them in-house and they get the point across and that serves the purpose.

If somebody just wants to understand a little bit of the product then you can do that and show how you work through the interface of the software. But if you want a real high-quality product then the obstacle is money. In our case, we have to go outside to secure somebody who can help us put together this professional high-quality video.
And have you seen any benefit or measure the impact of any kind of campaign? For even video marketing, how do you guys measure the impact?
All the data we capture of who has seen the video, how they interact with us ,where a lead leads comes from,we watch their engagement throughout the process.

what information or what emails they’re engaging with. A lead becomes a qualified lead and an opportunity that ultimately becomes a sale. It is hard to track the power of a video by just engagement. If it doesn’t resonate with people watching it then people wouldn’t share the video.
One of our customers was into the real estate analytics platform and they had the same problem. They have the SDR who talk to their prospect and spend 1 hour on say, one customer.

They started using these drip emails where the combination of emails and feature videos & infographics was there and that could cut their sales cycle time by at least 30-40%.
It’s certainly today’s value providing things as you don’t want to say that we can do this or we can do that but rather try to find the problems and challenges that customers are facing.

What’s going to resonate with them is that they don’t care very much about how I can solve the problem but have problems and challenges they need me to address. How can I go about doing it? If you can connect with them on that emotional level to say ”We understand you’re understaffed and here’s how you can help address that” will be amazing.
One last question for smaller to medium SaaS, what would be your advice like 1-2 things for driving engagement with marketing?
Listen to your customers and understand their problems. How they can be helped and ultimately how you help them solve their problems and make their life easier. Save them money, make them more productive and help their customers.

For all those types of things, start with listening to your customers. It’s not easy and I think that listening is hard as you have to get them to talk to you. You know it’s engaging with your own sales force who is talking to them all the time.

So try to talk to your sales force about what they are hearing. It’s easy to say that we created this product and here’s what we think we can do. It’s their voice on the ground, you can listen to.
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