How To Create Whiteboard Explainer Videos?

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June 13, 2024


Why read a 1,000-word article when a short video can deliver the same message more effectively? If you want to optimize your marketing funnel and drive tangible outcomes, investing in a whiteboard explainer video is a strategy worth thinking about.

A whiteboard explainer video can create engaging content that simplifies complex concepts and makes them highly effective. A well-crafted whiteboard marketing video has the potential to significantly increase clicks on your website, leading to higher sales and improved ROI.

According to the 2023 Marketing Report by Insivia, 83% of B2B businesses use explainer videos as part of their digital marketing strategy for lead generation.

Learning to make whiteboard video content can be a very effective for your brand if you want to communicate complex ideas effectively. There are also a variety of explainer videos to choose from like animated explainer video, motion graphics, live-action explainer videos, etc.

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    What is a Whiteboard Video?

    A classic whiteboard explainer video involves animation by hand drawing and erasing elements and characters on a whiteboard screen. Recently, whiteboard explainer videos have emerged as a cost-efficient method to capture audience attention through attractive storylines.

    These videos effectively guide viewers’ storytelling journey, explaining product benefits to increase signups and conversion rates. Many whiteboard video companies specialize in this style.

    Choosing the right whiteboard video company is crucial if you want to make one. A reputable whiteboard animation company can be a valuable asset when it comes to simplifying complex concepts for a broad audience.

    Below is another example by Simpleshow that shows the impact of animated explainer videos.

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    Benefits of an Explainer Videos

    Choosing the perfect whiteboard video maker can turn your ideas into compelling visual stories with a strong impact.

    Some benefits of an explainer video include:

    • Explains complicated technical aspects with easy drawings.
    • Whiteboard style video stimulates the human brain‚Äôs mirror neurons, which release an extra dose of dopamine on completion of each hand-drawn image.
    • It helps in user engagement and recall.
    • Since explainer videos increase user engagement, they can help your website rank higher, leading to increased organic traffic.
    • They can be used across multiple platforms. You can share them on your website, social media, email campaigns, and even during live presentations.

    Top 10 Whiteboard Explainer Video Examples

    If you’re new to whiteboard videos, looking at whiteboard video examples and learning how to write an explainer video script can provide you with the inspiration you need to get started. Below are some good whiteboard video examples to create your whiteboard explainer video.

    1. Spotify

    Why we like it: The video is a straightforward ad that gets right to the point with upbeat music and hand-drawn characters. It emphasizes the ease and swiftness with which you can discover, play, and share music with your friends worldwide.

    The video quickly explains how the app would work, what mediums it would work on, and how it can benefit the user. The creativity and story keep you interested till it ends with a strong CTA, nudging you to check out the app for free.

    2. Hootsuite

    Why we like it: Hootsuite’s whiteboard explainer uses unique characters and an interesting story to explain its app. It shows how to schedule content, integrate tools like Google Drive, Mailchimp, and Dropbox, and analyze performance.

    The video educates but also entertains, making it memorable for viewers. Its clear focus on solving user pain points positions Hootsuite as a go-to solution for social media management. With eye-catching colors and on-point branding, it’s a standout explainer video.

    3. AutoDraw

    Why we like it: AutoDraw’s animated video gets straight to the point. This whiteboard explainer video shows how the app turns doodles into art using machine learning and artist input.

    The video uses the app’s UI to guide viewers step-by-step, emphasizing ease of access and no upfront costs.

    4. Pipedrive

    Why we like it: Pipedrive’s white board animation uses human characters to connect with users and quickly lists its benefits. This video is a good example of a 60 second explainer video that briefly shows its efficient UI and outlines how the tool organizes data, syncs, calls, and emails.

    The video positions Pipedrive as the go-to solution for sales teams and is a good example of a whiteboard explainer video.

    5. Beezer

    Why we like it: The video grabs attention with bright colors and doodle characters. It explains how Beezer helps you manage and promote your app without a developer. The video covers online store integration and sharing via SMS and email.

    The whiteboard video has a humor element to keep viewers hooked and ends with a CTA for a 14-day free trial.

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    6. ViGlobal

    Why we like it: This whiteboard explainer video features detailed doodle characters in a technical setting. With a compelling storyline and credible stats, it delivers its message.

    VI Global focuses on employee retention, outlining a roadmap for new hires. The color scheme aligns with the brand, reinforcing the brand identity.

    7. Pinterest

    Why we like it: The setting, the voice-over, the colors, and the characters take you into what seems like a story right out of an animated movie. The story shows the change of time engagingly with props and changing fashion and addresses the problem through the decades.

    The video explains the whole point of using Pinterest and then takes you through it, all in a 90 second explainer video.

    8. Retrospective

    Why we like it: The white board animation features a relatable protagonist facing a problem, quickly drawing in viewers. It shows how Retrospective solves issues by speeding up data searches, illustrated by doodle agents.

    The video sticks to the brand’s color scheme and highlights the product benefits effectively, making it a perfect example for a whiteboard explainer video.

    9. Moz

    Why we like it: The video has a professional tone and educates us on how to measure the predicted value of SEO efforts. It also offers actionable insights to close performance gaps and calculate ROI.

    The video leverages the whiteboard to break down complex topics, making them digestible.

    10. Cisco

    Why we like it: It does an excellent job of visualizing complex analytics topics, making them easy even for those not well-versed in the field. The video maintains a professional tone and is rich in insights, which can help viewers understand the value of analytics in IT infrastructure.

    It’s a prime example of how a whiteboard video can be both educational and entertaining.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    Steps To Creating the Perfect Whiteboard Explainer Video

    A whiteboard video maker or a whiteboard video creation firm can create for you if you’re not a DIY person. Below are some steps to create whiteboard animation easily.

    Steps Things to cover Tips Software to use
    Ace the video script 1. Quick overview of your product
    2. Introduce the problem
    3. Answer the problem
    4. Call to action
    5. Broadcast your well-known clients
    1. Keep it brief
    2. First 30 seconds- key message and value proposition
    3. Speak in 2nd person
    4. Keep the language simple
    5. Add humor if possible
    - Final Draft
    - Celtx
    - Writer Duet
    - Trelby
    - Google Docs
    Record the voiceovers 1. Take time to study the script
    2. Clarity is essential- pronounce every word correctly
    3. Understand what language and accent would work
    1. Hire an artist
    2. For self recording, rent out a soundproof studio
    3. Don’t compromise on sound quality
    4. Keep copies of the recordings
    (Hire on)
    - Voices
    - Craigslist
    - Fiverr
    Storyboarding and illustrations 1. Draw rough sketches first on paper
    2. Draw out the entire script to make changes and optimize it
    3. Keep tallying the storyboard with the script and voiceover
    1. Create all the characters and big objects first
    2. Have a basic mood and action chart in place
    3. Keep the color scheme of the brand in mind
    - RawShorts
    - Video scribe
    - Moovly
    - Easy Sketch Pro
    - Doodly
    Music & sound effects 1. Understand what type of music would work for the video and demographic
    2. Keep a few back up, royalty-free options
    3. Experiment with A/B testing
    1. Don’t overdo the sound effects
    2. Make sure the music doesn’t overpower the voiceover
    3. Check the sound file’s licensing agreement beforehand Keep a few back up, royalty free options
    - MusOpen
    - Free Sound
    - YouTube
    - Audio Jungle
    - Audacity
    Measure the performance 1. Measure video engagement regularly
    2. Tweak it to understand what works
    3. Try multivariate testing
    Note down the data in Excel sheets to improve engagement - Wistia
    - Google Analytics
    - YouTube Insight

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    Top 5 Software to Make a Whiteboard Explainer Video

    Discover the top 5 software options for creating impactful whiteboard explainer videos.

    1. RawShorts

    Raw Shorts is an AI-based whiteboard video creation tool that allows you to create animated videos from various templates. This cloud-based platform provides users with all the latest tools to produce professional-looking videos.

    Rawshorts whiteboard animation video

    2. Videoscribe

    VideoScribe is a DIY tool that lets you build animated explainer videos. You add some images from their library, upload your pictures, add some text, create a voiceover or music, and VideoScribe will draw, animate, and produce the video.

    Videoscribe whiteboard video

    3. Moovly

    Moovly is a decent option for people looking to create presentations and animation videos. It has simple menus and easy-to-access features. Moovly lets you add audio clips and pictures that can be used to make your whiteboard animation.

    4. Easy Sketch Pro

    Easy Sketch Pro is a doodle video creation software. It helps create videos that resemble drawings on a whiteboard in real time. Consider using a whiteboard style video to engage your audience with a visually appealing and easy-to-understand presentation of your software/product features.

    Easy sketch pro whiteboard video

    5. Doodly

    Doodly is a drag-and-drop whiteboard animation software for creating videos that appear to be recorded as if someone drew them on a whiteboard. It is beginner-friendly and can greatly help create a whiteboard explainer without high explainer video cost.

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    A whiteboard explainer video will add value to your business, attract the attention of potential leads, and help in increasing sign-ups and getting more product trials. Therefore, investing in one of the top whiteboard video companies for your whiteboard explainer video will give you better product adoption and high ROI.

    Choosing the right whiteboard animation company can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. If you want to make whiteboard video content, the investment is well worth it.

    The drawings and simple language in whiteboard videos make complex software concepts easy to understand for the user. This clarity often leads to converting the user into a permanent customer.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Whiteboard explainer videos are short videos that use simple drawings on a white background to explain a topic, idea, or product. They often include voice-over narration to guide the viewer through the content.

    These videos are suitable for breaking down complex information into easy-to-understand pieces.

    Creating whiteboard explainer videos includes the following steps:

    • Planning:¬†Decide on the message and type of audience to create a script.
    • Design & Storyboarding:¬†Sketch scenes and create visual elements.
    • Animation & Voice-over:¬†Animate the visuals and add narration.
    • Sound & Editing:¬†Incorporate music and sound effects to finalize the video.
    • Review & Publish:¬†Test for feedback and distribute once approved.

    Yes, they are, because they help in a variety of ways like:

    • They break down complex topics into easily digestible information.
    • The drawing process keeps viewers hooked, increasing retention rates.
    • Suitable for various industries and topics.
    • Typically it is cheaper to produce than other types of animated videos.
    • Excellent for tutorials, training, and explaining intricate concepts.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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