How to Create B2B SaaS Explainer Video Script Templates

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June 13, 2024


Video marketing is the most powerful and persuasive marketing tool. It helps you connect with your audience and showcase your brand story.

According to a study, video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs. Another study reveals that as much as 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter.

But creating video content can be daunting, especially if you do not have any experience in video production. That is where video script templates come in handy.

They make it easier for you to create high-quality videos by providing you with an outline that is easy to follow and customize.

Video script templates are a great way to start creating your own explainer videos without having to buy expensive equipment.

Before we talk about video script templates let us discuss:

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    1. Why should B2B SaaS companies use a script to create videos?

    A SaaS explainer video offers B2B SaaS companies a chance to build their brand, tell their story, and convince their audience to act.

    Explainer videos are one of the most in-demand types of video content around. However, creating a well-produced, engaging, and insightful B2B SaaS explainer video can be a daunting task.

    A well-made explainer video can help your business stand out from the competition and create a lasting impression with potential customers.

    So, how to make videos that stand out from the rest?

    The most important factor that makes a video appealing and entertaining is the script, which can make or break your video.

    2. An example of a B2B SaaS explainer video based on a Content Beta script

    This video is created by Content Beta, who specialize in B2B SaaS videos, for Checklisty.

    They follow a simple workflow for all their videos:

    • The script is written in-house by experienced scriptwriters.
    • Next, it is passed on to the production team consisting of storyboarders, designers, and UX and UI specialists.
    • The overall production is supervised by a dedicated account manager assigned to each client account to ensure the production is carried out smoothly.

    3. What factors should you consider when you write a B2B SaaS explainer video script?

    Your script should take into account the following details:

    • What is your budget?
    • What is the goal of the video?
    • Who is the audience for the video?
    • What tone and style of video do you want?
    • How much animation do you want in your video?
    • What should be the length of the video?
    • Do you have a deadline?

    4. How to create a good B2B SaaS explainer video script?

    To write scripts that will lead to more impactful videos and leave a lasting impression on the viewers, it is important to follow some basic points.

    • Start by identifying the key points your audience needs to know about your product or service.
    • Develop a clear and concise message that will resonate with them.
    • Make it easy to follow, while using strong visuals and sound effects to help capture your audience’s attention and make the information more memorable.
    • Provide enough context for the viewers to understand the action by providing some background information and tying it back to your video’s main message.
    • Finally, optimize your videos to help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERP).

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    5. What elements should a powerful B2B SaaS explainer video script have?

    An ideal script should have the following features:

    • A brief introduction of the company.
    • A quick introduction of what the product or service does.
    • An explanation about the problem the company solves.
    • A little information about the company’s USP.
    • A brief explanation of the benefits of using the product.
    • A list of industries they serve.
    • A demonstration of how the product works.
    • A call to action that encourages customers to purchase products.

    6. Another example of a B2B SaaS explainer video created using a Content Beta script

    This1-minute product into video is created for DataWalk.

    7. What is a B2B SaaS explainer video script template?

    Script-based B2B SaaS explainer videos can drive leads by enabling companies to educate their potential customers about their products and get them interested in signing up.

    But writing a top-notch script can be challenging.

    This is where video script templates come into play. With the templates, you can create high-quality explainer videos quickly and easily.

    So, why not use a video script template to make the process easier?

    A script template is like a blueprint for creating a video and it is the starting point for planning the entire video. It is a general outline of what specific parts of the video will show, along with some general suggestions.

    8. How are B2B SaaS explainer video script templates useful?

    Templates offer the following features:

    • They help you lay out your plan for the video in advance.
    • They take care of all the details, leaving you to focus on the more important things. All you need is some creativity and templates will take care of the rest.
    • They can help you reduce the cost of producing a video, as well as the risk of creating one that does not go viral.
    • They allow you to create a video that is more interesting and conversational, which will make your content much more shareable.
    • They typically use a step-by-step format, but they also allow for the inclusion of visual elements like graphs, charts, and typography.

    9. How should a B2B SaaS explainer video script template be structured?

    The script needs to break down the topic into easier-to-understand bits:

    Stage What is it What to include
    Hook - A hook or intro is a memorable line or phrase at the beginning of a script that grabs the reader’s attention and holds it throughout the script.
    It can also be compared to an opening statement made at the beginning of a speech.
    - Explain what you will discuss in the video and why viewers should care about the topic.
    - Compelling storytelling is a mix of creating suspense, adding emotion to the narrative, and drawing the audience in.
    - You could also use a visual to attract the viewer's attention.
    Key features - Take viewers on a guided tour of the product.
    - This is your chance to describe your product features and how they can address users’ pain points.
    - Keep it concise, and do not include any unnecessary information.
    - Include 4-6 important features, but anything more than that could confuse the viewers.
    Call to action - Summarize the narrative and tell the viewers what to do next. Get them to act fast.
    - Tell them to sign up for a free trial or about the hefty discount you are offering to the first 50 customers. - Create a sense of urgency.
    - Without a good CTA, your efforts may be wasted because viewers cannot be bothered to find out what they should do next.
    - Keep the CTA simple; none of the clever wordplay is necessary.

    10. A sample B2B SaaS product explainer video script template

    Remember, you do not need a complex script to create engaging videos. For best results, keep it short and simple.

    Let us look at a sample script template you can use to create an explainer video. We are going to write a product explainer video script, based on this template a little later.

    Stage Element Content
    Hook Grab attention Are you [ frustrated / unhappy / disappointed ] with [ Your product type ] you are currently using?
    Agitate problem D’ya get the feeling that it isn’t a good fit for your [ Business type ]?
    Introduce product / company Introducing [ Company / Product name ]…
    Empathize We at [ company name ] quite understand your pain. Because we have helped hundreds of [ Industry type ] with [ State the problem ]
    Body Introduce solution [ Your product name ] makes [ Function / Task name ] easy
    Mention features Comes with [ Feature 1, feature 2, feature 3 ] modules
    Mention pain point #1 D’ya worry about [ Pain point 1 ]
    Solution #1 [ Product name ] can take care of [ Mention the pain points ]
    Mention pain point #2 Have [ Pain point 2 ]?
    Solution #2 No worries. We can [ Explain how you can help ]
    Mention pain point #3 Are you [ Pain point 3 ]?
    Solution #3 Our [ Product name ] can [ Explain how the product helps ]
    Closing Summarize We’d love to tell you more about [ Your product name ]
    Gently nudge [ Take it for a test tide and see how it feels / Why not try our product and find out for yourself ]
    CTA [ Sign up for a free 14-day, no credit card required trial, TODAY! / Book a free demo ]

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    11. A sample script based on the B2B SaaS Explainer video template

    This script has a word count of 150 words, which is ideal for an explainer video of 60-second duration.

    A. Intro

    • Are you frustrated with your accounting software?
    • D’ya get the feeling that it isn’t a good fit for your small business?
    • Introducing XYZ Accounting Software…
    • XYZ quite understands your pain
    • Because we have helped hundreds of SMBs just like you with their bookkeeping.


    • Time being at a premium, state the problem up front.
    • This will catch viewers’ attention at once, so make the problem statement intriguing and identifiable.
    • Introduce the company and tell them how you can help.

    B. Product features

    • XYZ accounting software makes bookkeeping easy.
    • Comes with built-in invoicing, accounts receivable, and inventory management modules.
    • No need to worry about your platform or device compatibility.
    • Works effortlessly on windows, macOS, and android.
    • Have any specific requirements?
    • No worries. We can tailor it to meet your specific needs at no extra cost!
    • Are you always on the move?
    • Our free mobile app keeps you up to date with your work.


    • Using just bullet points to list out the features won’t help.
    • Use on-screen text and annotations to complement the narration when you describe the features.
    • Tell the viewers about the problems THEY are facing.
    • This creates empathy and helps develop trust in viewers. There is nothing like finding another person with the same problem.
    • The ideal way to do this would be to mention the problem and explain how your product can solve it, as shown above.

    C. Summarize

    • We’d love to tell you more about XYZ.
    • But we have a better idea!
    • We think you could do a far better job of finding out for yourself.
    • Take the software for a test ride and see how it feels.
    • Sign up for a free14-day, no credit card required trial, TODAY!


    • You did a good job with your pitch, but don’t stop there.
    • Do not leave your viewers in the lurch; lead them by the hand to the next step.
    • A good CTA is essential to nudge your viewers into taking action.
    • Throw in coupons or gift vouchers if you must, but make sure to get them to try out your product.

    12. A 2-column audio-video (AV) script template

    You can use this template to organize your ideas. This will help story boarders and designers to visualize the flow of the video and arrange for visual and audio assets that the video requires.

    This may look simple but it is effective for basic videos.

    Creating Explainer videos is about visualizing the end product and breaking down the narrative into manageable chunks, with necessary explanations.

    Templates make it easy to visualize how the video will turn out.


    13. What are the benefits of a B2B SaaS explainer video script template?

    Scripts are the backbone of any video project and are an invaluable tool for every video creator. But writing a script from scratch can be a time-consuming exercise because often marketing campaigns need to be run on schedule to drive maximum benefits.

    SaaS explainer video script templates are a great way to create videos for B2B companies.

    • They can help you save time and money by not having to hire a professional scriptwriter or video production company.
    • They are also great for SaaS companies, as they can help them create video content without needing to hire a marketing agency or professional video production company.
    • They can be edited to help professionals who do not know how to write scripts and for those who don’t have the time.
    • They give you a head start on your video project and eliminate the need for trial and error.
    • They help you stay organized, save time, reduce the amount of effort required, and avoid mistakes.
    • They make your video production process easier.
    • They can save a lot of time and energy for video producers who do a lot of similar projects.
    • They can be used multiple times with custom changes.
    • They are production-ready, so the producer can just replace the text and graphics with their own.


    Explainer videos are used by B2B SaaS companies as well as other businesses to convey their message in the most effective way possible.

    The benefits of using B2B SaaS video script templates include the following:

    • They save time and money spent on content creation.
    • They increase the chances of getting more views.
    • They improve conversion rates.
    • They let you tailor your videos to suit the target audience.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Explainer video script templates are ready-to-use scripts that explain your software, app, or website. These explainer videos act both as a marketing tool and a tool to educate your website visitors. They cut down the time required to create a video.

    Explainer videos are becoming popular with B2B SaaS businesses because they offer benefits such as enhanced productivity, increased accessibility, and better brand recall. They also help companies to cut down on marketing costs as they provide better ROI.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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