How To Boost Your SaaS Marketing Via Social Media Platforms

A Guide to Announcing New Features of your B2B SaaS effectively through Content Marketing

How To Boost Your Saas Marketing Via Social Media Platforms

Marketing SaaS products comes with its own unique set of challenges. Its digital nature makes explaining SaaS to new customers a demanding task. With the SaaS market expanding day and night, there are products available that directly rival yours.

So how does your saas product marketing strategy stand out? How do you grab the attention of new customers?

By meeting them where they are.

According to a study by statista there are over 4 billion social media users around the world currently. And we’re all aware of how consumer behavior is massively impacted by social media. It only makes sense that your company makes full use of it, by using social media platforms in its SaaS marketing strategy.

With a huge pool of consumers at one place, virtually every company is chasing after clicks and shares. And in the social media world, consumers are at the center and in complete control.

Competition is fierce therefore your SaaS Marketing game needs to be fiercer. This SaaS marketing guide will help you do exactly that.

But wait…

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Why use social media in SaaS Marketing?

People are easily attached to ideas and things they can relate to on an emotional level. It happens all the time, whether you’re watching an old infomercial from your childhood or reading a heart touching blog.

You’re inclined to click on it and find out more.

Social media marketing is simply another way to promote your products and services. With content creation, it allows you to move beyond one-on-one relationships and cultivate one-to-many ones.

Using social media gives you a platform to reinforce your other marketing efforts and reach a larger audience with your content. This means that B2B social media allows you to raise brand awareness and make your company more familiar and accessible to prospects, partners, and customers.

Incorporating social media platforms in your saas product marketing can also help you:

  • Build a strong community
  • Drive social traffic to your website and product
  • Easily communicate with your audience
  • Collaborate with industry influencers and thought leaders
  • Raise brand awareness around your SaaS

What are the Best Social Media Platforms for SaaS Marketing?

It is entirely up to you to decide which social media platforms to use for your SaaS product marketing.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could pick the best social media platforms for your SaaS company?

According to B2B marketers, the best social media apps for SaaS marketing are;

Instagram - 2 billion active users.
- Visual platform.
- Excellent in-app features.
- Helps in developing a niche audience.
Linkedin - 875 million active users.
- Popular among business professionals.
- Precise ad targeting.
- Promote both personal and business solutions.
Facebook - 2.96 billion active users
- Combines business specific and customer centric features.
- Easy to reach and interact with potential customers.

Now that you have a grip on all the whats and whys, it’s time to dig into some SaaS marketing tips!

Tips To Boost SaaS Marketing with social media

1. Create Buzz

This survey done by statista shows that on an average a person spends about 3 hours everyday scrolling through social media apps? Finding out where your target audience is should be your first step.

When your SaaS business is at its top of the funnel stage the main goal is to create as much awareness about the product as possible.

People are looking for solutions to their problems when they’re buying products or services. Therefore simply mentioning your product isn’t enough.

You want your audience to know about your company’s values, services you offer and how your products solve their problems. Here’s how Jotform, an Online Form Builder Software uses its youtube page page to spread the word about its brand.


Another effective type of content to grow your audience is UGC or user generated content. You can include user testimonials, reviews and compile them into an infographic or a saas product marketing video that showcases your strong points.

2. Focus On Quality Visuals

It doesn’t really matter which platform you use for your SaaS marketing; visuals are the key to everything.

They can also be the most difficult to get right. And not to mention, expensive.

It’s going to cost you money, whether you hire a graphic designer to create posts and banners or reach out to agencies to create saas product marketing videos. However, once you do, the return of investment is solid.

According to a survey by bynder Social media posts with high-quality images typically receive 650% more engagement than those without.

Most businesses prefer video over still images, which is ideal for your SaaS startup. Live video, in particular, performs admirably. A live Q&A session, behind-the-scenes of the product and how it functions, and panel discussions with various industry experts are all great options for SaaS product marketing videos.

These types of videos demonstrate your brand’s sensitivity as well as its authority.


3. SaaS Explainer Video

Saas video marketing is very effective. It does not have to be very intricate. A well-produced saas product marketing video that shows your product or service in action can help customers in visualizing it in their own lives, which can go a long way.

Here are some ways you can use social media for saas video marketing:

  • Posts with how-to content
  • Live streaming on Facebook and Instagram
  • Hold live Q&A sessions
  • B2B SaaS brand videos.

Creating explainer videos can also help you in acquiring new customers. These videos can also help you provide more information to your target audience. They are highly engaging and are proven to increase conversions.

For instance take this animated explainer video by Content Beta for Veriforce which is a Supply Chain Risk Management Solution company that empowers leading companies to stay ahead of risk.


But one thing to keep in mind is that failing to provide timely customer support can be a major setback for you. It can lead to your customers defecting to a competitor.

You can combine social media platforms with customer support services to solve your audience’s problems on the spot. Which brings us to our next tip

4. Customer Support

Social media is the connecting link between businesses and customers, therefore it stands to reason that customer service could be one of the applications for sites like Facebook and Reddit.

After all, if people use social media to complain about a product or service, it makes sense for the company to respond on the same platform.

This is supported by research. After seeing a brand respond to complaints on social media, hubspot revealed that 54% of survey respondents said they had a more favorable opinion of it.

You can use videos to increase B2B saas customer satisfaction. Getting near-instant feedback from your customers is invaluable when you’re just figuring out which aspects of your product and messaging work and which don’t.


5. Partner With Industry Influencers

The main issue that arises when working with social media influencers is identifying trustworthy and credible influencers who understand SaaS in general and can help in creating insightful content promoting your product.

Instead of paying top dollar for top talent, look for mid-level influencers with a slew of engagements in their current market. These influencers are frequently eager to secure sponsorship deals because it adds credibility to their audience.

Furthermore, if these influencers reach more people over time, you’ll already have a relationship with them that you can leverage in the future.

Influencer marketing is predicted to multiply exponentially over the next several years, just as it has risen in the past.

Use this wisely and it’ll be one of the biggest forces driving your SaaS startup.

6. Form A Community

Social media, by definition, is a collaborative medium. Creating communities and actively participating in groups strengthens people’s sense of belonging, so it stands to reason that partnering with complementary businesses will only benefit your SaaS startup.

Start off by identifying a few brands that complement your business. These could be in the same industry — or even a competitor — or in a completely different niche.

Sharing resources with other companies and sponsorships are great ways to form relationships. It is critical to remember that business relationships should not be based on one-time benefits. Instead, seek out collaborative relationships that you can reap benefits from for years to come.


Because of the reactive nature of social media, many SaaS businesses use their platforms as a storefront. Businesses can customize their profiles to include in-app checkout, product category tags, and links back to their main page.

7. Invest In Paid Ads

Paid ads can be a real game changer if you really want to push the envelope with your early-stage social media SaaS marketing. The majority of Facebook’s fortune has come from sharing demographic data with advertisers, and other platforms have followed suit.

Since organic reach on social media has declined in recent years, marketers have been forced to rely on paid advertisements to reach communities that they would not have been able to reach otherwise.

The key here is to build an audience with whom you can consistently communicate, and then retarget them with offers for your products and services.

You may not have a budget for SaaS social media marketing or even an audience to work with at first. Begin with low-cost awareness ads that simply announce your identity, and then use that data to create your custom audience.

You’ll also gain valuable insights into the types of messaging that your audience responds to and does not respond to, which you can apply to other platforms.

For instance this facebook ad by slack manages to stay relevant and engaging at the same time.

8. Repurposing Existing Content

Most brands believe they must constantly produce new content all the time, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Instead, you can simply repurpose your existing content into other forms such as infographics or even full-fledged drip campaigns using handy email automation tools.

Essentially, you will increase your marketing without working longer hours!

Furthermore, repurposing content gives new life to old work, saves time, and increases ROI by making the most of your existing content.

For example you can repurpose written content like PDFs and Case-studies into professional videos that engage your audience with saas video marketing.


It is essential for your SaaS company to make the most of social media marketing because it provides a great way to achieve your goals with minimal expenses.

Look into social media management tools for SaaS that can be extremely helpful and efficient to reduce your and your team’s efforts and potential losses.

When it comes to social media marketing for SaaS, consistency and intentionality are your best friends. Every venture into a new platform must be accompanied by a strategy that you intend to follow through on.

But worry less about taking the right step and more about taking a step in general. Because only with time will you learn all the ins and outs of the SaaS marketing game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Create long-form blogs and videos and share their links on social media. Request that your audience participate in and share your content with various groups. Add the appropriate CTAs to your organic posts to encourage people to return to your website.

Time management is one of the important risks that every SaaS startup must consider. If you create profiles on too many platforms, you will fail at all of them. Also, make certain that someone is monitoring your content and blocking inappropriate content.

Social media tools such as auto schedulers are excellent for managing platforms and tracking metrics. If you decide to use one, make a calendar to keep track of which posts go where and add a “human touch” wherever possible. Try to plan a month or more ahead of time.

It is entirely dependent on which one is appropriate for your product or service. Instagram, for example, can benefit highly visual businesses, whereas Youtube and TikTok are best for saas video marketing.

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