How To Boost Your SaaS Marketing Via Optimized Twitter Video Ads

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How To Boost Your SaaS Marketing Via Optimized Twitter Video Ads

What started as an app to virtually connect others and have conversations has now become a playground for breaking news, jokes and random thoughts.

But did you know that twitter is also one of the top social media places for marketing social video ads?

Despite the fact that 16% of the users aged 16-64 use twitter for brand research, the app is overlooked by so many B2B SaaS companies in their social media marketing strategy.

Twitter user numbers are only growing by the day. The app has over 396 million users worldwide.

You’re probably running all your SaaS social video ads on facebook and instagram, and while they work wonderfully, you’re missing out on a gem if you’re not including twitter video ads in your plan.

But before you jump into the advertising pool, let’s walk you through the reasons why you should invest your time and money in twitter video ads.

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Why should your company invest in twitter video ads?

One of the most unique features of using twitter video ads or twitter ads in general is that you get to target a specific audience. Because only an insider in your industry would follow that specific niche influencers.

It’s possible to target ads on followers of any particular user. No other app allows you to do this. For instance you can’t target a product marketing video on your instagram friends’ followers.

Your sphere of influence knows no bound when you’re playing on twitter grounds. It’s immensely useful for B2B SaaS companies as it gives them the capacity to target niche specific accounts that would be interested in their product marketing videos.

The majority of users are wealthy, tech-savvy, educated millennials. In other words, the ideal customers for SaaS.

Twitter has about 206 million daily active users, who according to twitter spend 26% more time viewing social video ads than any other app out there.

Here are some other benefits of running twitter social video ads

  • Precise: The most effective are brief and to the point.
  • Unobtrusive: They blend in naturally with the news feed without jarring the reader.
  • Cost-efficient: They enable you to build your campaign on a shoestring budget.
  • Tailored: These ads can be precisely customized to target different audiences.
  • Versatile: In just a few clicks, you can create an effective retargeting campaign.

One more added benefit of launching twitter video ads is that you get to exploit twitter’s first view feature.

Twitter is constantly looking to innovate and introduce new product features. One of their most effective tools is First View, which displays your Twitter video ad to audiences when they first login and start browsing.

This is prime real estate for B2B SaaS marketers and advertisers to ensure that your social video ad is reaching their audience.

Twitter Ads campaigns can be tailored to fit your budget, whether you’re a small business or a large brand. Twitter Ads have no minimum spend requirement thus you always have complete control over your social media marketing budget.

As a B2B SaaS what kinds of video content can you push out?

What Are The Different Types Of Twitter Video Ads?

While there are several types of Twitter ads to choose from, including Promoted Tweets, trends, and accounts, the best Twitter ads contain videos.

These kinds of social shorts can be extremely dynamic and are an excellent way to inspire emotion and add zest to your Twitter posts. More than half of marketing professionals worldwide believe that video content has the highest ROI. As a result, it should come as no surprise that Twitter video ads significantly boost awareness and traffic.

Here are the different types of twitter video ads and their specs you can post on the app:

Video specs Twitter promoted video tweet Video website card Video app card Video direct message card
Tweet copy limit: 280 characters 280 characters 280 characters 256 characters
Video length 15 seconds to 2 minutes & 20 seconds 15 seconds or less 2 minutes and 20 seconds max Maximum 15 seconds

Best Practices for twitter video Ads

Twitter Video Ads are an incredible way to leverage the power of its influential audience, launch something new, connect with what’s going on, and motivate people to act and buy. In short, video works well on Twitter.

Twitter also provides the best opportunity for ads to be noticed, with a 32% slower scrolling speed compared to other feed-based platforms. So, how can your brand stand out and get people to stop and watch your twitter Video Ads?

We’ve compiled a list of some tips for your social media marketing strategy to help you maximize your twitter video advertising and achieve results.

1. Keep Your Videos Crisp and Short

It’s critical to stand out and grab attention quickly in the current crowded advertising landscape. Your social shorts need to be short, precisely ads of 6 to 15 seconds are more effective at generating interest and purchase intent.

Because your social shorts do not stand alone, the same goes for your accompanying Tweet copy. Depending on the goal of your campaign, grab attention with a short Tweet of up to 10 words/50 characters or provide detailed brand messaging with a longer copy of 30 words/160+ characters. It’s also a good idea to include a branded hashtag.

Use a Video Website/App Button to make it simple for people on Twitter to navigate to your brand’s website or desired destination.

For example look at one of the social shorts uploaded by trello that beautifully uses multicloured slides to showcase brand’s new updates with a link to the blog that explains to the user how to best utilize it.

2. Top Quality Video Content

It is now time to concentrate on the video content. What details should you include? Here are some essential elements to include in your social shorts:

First thing to ensure is that in your brand video, your company’s name and logo should appear at the beginning of the video, within the first four seconds. Use dominant colors within the video that are close to your brand’s palette.

For example look at this visually stunning twitter video by zoom that focuses on the brand’s color palette and core message at the same time

Include your product or within the first three seconds of the product marketing video and make sure it’s visible for 75% of the time.

Including a human presence, such as a celebrity or a crowd, works especially well. Subtitles are also important as they make the video accessible for all and can help reach on-the-go mobile viewers as part of a sound-off strategy.

3. Stay With The Trends

People use Twitter to find out what’s going on. When compared to people who haven’t been exposed to connect campaigns, brands that connect to what’s happening on Twitter see impressive results.

Keep this in mind when planning social media marketing plans, and connect with culturally relevant moments wherever applicable to your campaign goals. Major sporting events, holidays such as Christmas and Black Friday, award ceremonies, and music concerts are great examples.

For instance take a look at mail chimp’s fun video on corporate culture

This can help in developing a bond with your audience at a cultural level. Check out the Twitter Connect Playbook for more ideas on how to use social shorts to connect with what’s going on.

4. Make Sure Videos Are Engaging

Choosing a type of video to use is determined by your overall social media marketing goals, but keep in mind that some social shorts are simply more attractive than others. Some examples of highly interesting videos include:

  • Educational videos are excellent for increasing brand awareness. Showing your followers how to solve a problem establishes you as a trustworthy authority figure.
  • SaaS Product explainer videos should be used when introducing a new product or demonstrating a new feature of an existing product.
  • FAQ videos are ideal for providing video answers to frequently asked questions. Because customer service teams frequently receive the same questions, answering those FAQs with video messages saves them a ton of time while also increasing customer retention.

Here’s an example from content beta’s twitter account showcasing a founder CEO answering questions about podcasts and marketing

5. Mobile Friendly Video Ads Aka Vertical Videos

Nearly 90% of all Promoted Videos are now viewed on a mobile device as a vertical video. As a result, it’s critical that the requirements and dimensions of your video are compatible with all mobile devices so that users will engage with it.

Here’s a screenshot of a vertical video of jotform from a mobile device

Content Beta For Twitter Video Ads

Creating an excellent marketing strategy for your twitter video ads makes up one half of your journey. To help your B2B SaaS implement these practices and complete the other half, Content Beta provides excellent remote video production services.

You can take your pick from on demand videos, product explainers and video testimonials and video ads to best suit your company’s needs. Their dedicated team of graphic designers and copywriters ensure that every penny of your $1000 is worth it. For more details click here.

They’ve worked with brands like Trurev, Tomorrow and Tapclicks. Take a look at what they have to say about Content Beta:


How To Measure The Efficiency of Your Twitter Video Ads Campaign

In a Twitter ad campaign, you can track a variety of metrics. However, the key performance indicators we focus on the most are link click-through rates.

The interaction rate is significant because it indicates how well your tweet is connecting with your audience. In essence, it is determined by the number of people who click to expand your vertical video and read what your account has to say. The tweets with the highest organic involement are the ones you should advertise on.

For most B2B SaaS companies on Twitter, an engagement rate of 2% or higher is considered acceptable.

The cost per click is determined by the link click-through rate. Your CTR should be high if you have tight audience targeting combined with compelling tweets. The greater your CTR, the lower your CPC.

We’ve discovered that a CTR of less than 0.8% is frequently the dividing line between cheap and expensive CPCs.

If one or both of these metrics is underperforming, consider it a signal to revise your SaaS marketing strategy.

Examples Of B2B SaaS Twitter Video Ads

1. Airtable

When discussing the product, there is a good chance that you will go overboard. (Which isn’t always a good thing.) This post is an excellent example of a product marketing video of how to offer product updates in a subtle manner on a social platform.

2. Stripe

Here’s a beautiful piece of user-generated content that used tweets from users and turned them into a video to provide a product update.

3. Figma

Here’s an amazing example of a vertical video. This gives the impression that you are on call and someone is screen sharing and teaching you everything. This makes it so easy for people to connect with.


Twitter ads are very effective, especially if you’ve identified your target audience persona and know where your buyers hang out on the platform. Just make sure to target with keywords, make your product marketing videos are visually appealing, and create a proper plan before running and optimizing Twitter ads.

Here are some additional tips of launching an ad campaign

  • Optimize your Twitter posting schedule
  • Use Twitter lead generation cards
  • Ensure your Twitter ads are consistent with what’s going on
  • Use targeting handles to optimize ads
  • Direct people to your website

With ever-changing social media trends, this is an opportunity for you to have fun and create eye-catching, witty ads that draw double takes.

You can improve your Twitter campaigns and increase ROI by staying up to date on the latest developments and trends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can follow the steps to launch a twitter video ads campaign:

  • Select your advertising goal.
  • Create your ad group and bid
  • Choose your placements and target your audience.
  • Make your twitter video ads
  • launch your campaign.

It is entirely up to you how much you spend on your campaigns. You can control the amount you’ll be charged by setting up your budget during campaign setup. Learn how to create a campaign here.

Because Twitter campaigns are priced in an auction model, the price of each billable action in your campaign is not a fixed rate. In your campaign setup, the targeting, creatives, and bid you choose will help determine how much each billable action costs.

It is recommended that you set your campaign budget at a level that you are comfortable with, and then follow their campaign optimization guides to reach your target price per action.

Experts believe that based on the current statistics on running Twitter ads that they’re very much effective.

According to databox, 43.3% of their respondents believe their conversion rates from Twitter ads have improved. At the same time, 50% of respondents report that their conversion rates have remained constant. No surprise, the majority of respondents – 40%, launch new Twitter ads on a monthly and weekly basis.

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