How Much Does A Training Video Cost?

Learn 9 Top Benefits of creating Training Videos for your SaaS

How Much Does A Training Video Cost

Video training by a SaaS brand needs to be planned and executed in a way that enables clear understanding for the customers and figuring out the blind spots in the features while using the right soft skills, focusing on the brand, and using an efficient learning method to help with product adoption.

The format of training videos is flexible and can be used to explain any feature or step of onboarding in any way that the company wants. According to a report by Wistia, people spend an average of 2.6x more time on pages with video than without.

The video format enables the company to offer a better way of imparting information in a storytelling format that can be absorbed more easily.

Analysis has shown that 95% of video marketers say that video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service. These videos also create general goodwill for the brand and prove that the company cares about the users.

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What is a SaaS Training Video?

Training videos are focused on educating and training a customer on a specific skill on a particular topic related to the usage of a feature of a SaaS product or service. They are used by companies to impart knowledge in the onboarding journey of the user and are pivotal in improving product adoption and increasing customer retention.


A good training video is structured and relevant to the task at hand, has clear learning objectives, and puts dedicated emphasis on the feature being explained.

Training videos show that the company is passionate about customer service, it is willing to establish solid communication which is based on flexibility and patience, which is crucial in establishing faith in the product.

This further leads to building credibility around the brand and loyalty to the customer.

Training videos can cost between $1,000 to $3,500 per minute, with the cost varying depending on the video type, complexity, agency/ freelancer, length, motion graphics, etc.

5 Top Agencies to create a SaaS Training Video

1. Content Beta

Content Beta is a SaaS-focused Video Production Agency. Fairly young in the industry, they’ve worked with over 62 B2B SaaS brands since 2020 to onboard, engage, and retain users with studio-quality hybrid product demos and training videos.

Content Beta excels in creating engaging UI animation and spellbinding motion graphics. They have a skilled team of tech analysts, video marketers, scriptwriters, video editors, copywriters, and storyboarders who have spent years experimenting and mastering the process.

Advantages of working with them are that they really understand B2B SaaS, they’re full-service from script to storyboard to video editing to final video at fixed and transparent pricing, they’re low touch, therefore there is no need of spending hours on zoom calls explaining how the product works and they deliver fast (maximum 8-10 business days).

However, they don’t do 3D /character animated explainer videos. Content Beta even offers to update product videos according to the changing features of your SaaS.


Biggest Clients: Chirotouch, ManyChat, Dynamic Yield, Pipe, Service Now

Average Price: $500+

2. Demo Duck

Founded in 2011, Demo Duck has its headquarters in Chicago. They create unparalleled animated and live-action videos of multiple types including training videos, explainer videos, customer testimonial educational videos, commercial videos, internal communications videos, branded videos, social media video, company story video, video series and have worked with some of the biggest brands on the globe.

Their goal is to craft unique videos with engaging animations that are inspiring and fun to watch. They resonate with the target audience by means of the story, their portfolio is exceptional and proves that they have a power-packed video production team.


Biggest Clients: Dropbox, Netflix, GoFundMe

Average Price: $15,000+ (Pricing by enquiry)

3. Wyzowl

Wyzowl was started in 2011 when there was a bigger gap between the marketing demands from B2B businesses and the supply of explainer videos. With their headquarters located in the UK, they have worked with over 1500 companies and have created more than 3000 videos.

They adapt to the style of the brand and can create a wide variety of animation videos from a line drawn and 2D graphics to 3D and image-based animations and try to provide clear pricing, unlimited revisions, and quick turnarounds.

Having worked with businesses spread out over 40 countries, they are experts in story writing, scripting design, and animation and are pioneers in creating explainer videos. They create training videos, corporate videos, educational videos, event videos, onboarding videos, and many more.


Biggest Clients: Amazon, Dell, Deloitte, Kodak, Autodesk
Average Price: $5000+ (Pricing by enquiry)

4. Thinkmojo

Thinkmojo was started back in 2011 in San Francisco, California. Their primary goal is to craft videos to encapsulate the customer’s entire journey for a B2B product- creating leads, converting customers, and invoking advocacy.

Having worked with some of the top brands in the world, they specialize in creating explainer videos and also produce various educational commercials and personalized videos.

The team of expert writers, artists, designers, sound artists, and video editors create videos that decomplexify the product by means of engaging characters and powerful storytelling. Whether it’s an onboarding video, training video, user retention video, product launch, or event video they do it all.


Biggest Clients: Twitter, Slack, Google, Square
Average Price: Pricing by enquiry

5. Explainify

Established in 2011, Explainify has its headquarters in Arkansas and its primary customer base includes Banking and Finance companies, SaaS platforms, Science and Technology companies, Health Care, and Apps.

Their area of expertise is creating animated explainer videos for sales, marketing, and training purposes. The process is actually simple where the prospective client has to fill out a short form and review the details of the project.

The team at Explainify then sends over the proposal with the estimated budget and timelines which are reviewed by the company and its stakeholders.

They have a team of specialists working on set deadlines to create a video that uplifts the brand’s reputation, explains the product, and impresses the target audience, without much to-and-fro from the client-side. They worked with over 350 clients, producing more than 1,000 videos.


Biggest Clients: NetSuite, BOSCH, Skybox Security
Average Price: $10,000+

5 Best Softwares to create a Professional-looking SaaS Training Video

Software Price USPs Capterra Video Type
iSpring Suite 30-day free trial $770/year Provides Tech support
Wide variety of editing features for audio, video, graphics, transitions, annotations, etc.
4.6 Training video, Instructional video, Video lectures, Lessons, Screen recordings, Webinar recordings
Moovly Free trial $24-49/month Can create different types of video styles: footage-based videos, motion graphics, cartoon, doodle, etc.
Large voice over library
Provide gallery of professional looking templates
4.1 Training video, HR video, Branded video, Business video, Explainer video, Promo video, Sales video, Video ads
Camtasia 30-day free trial $249 Offers Camtasia Packages that provides templates, libraries, themes, shortcuts, favorites,etc. in a single file
Wide variety of editing features for screen recording options, transitions, annotations, templates, themes, etc.
4.6 Video tutorials, Meeting recordings, Training videos, Video lessons, Webinar recordings, Instructional videos, Explainer videos, Presentation recordings, etc.
Snagit 15-day free trial $49 The video can be shared on a large range of applications like Slack, Gmail, TechSmith Screencast, TechSmith Camtasia, etc.
Allows Panoramic scrolling capture, provides animated GIFs, Cloud Library, annotations, exhaustive editing tools, template library, etc.
4.8 Employee Training videos, Customer Education videos, Enterprise videos, Higher Education videos
ScreenFlow Starts at $149 Provides Media Processing & Workflow Automation, Wirecast and ScreenFlow, Telestream Cloud Services, Enterprise Capture and Streaming, Virtual Events and Video Hosting
Powerful video editing tools, professional animations and motions graphics, built in stock media library, etc.
4.8 Customer and employee training videos, online higher education videos, Sales and marketing videos

6 Steps to Make an Optimized SaaS Training Video

1. Select the Topic

The topic not just needs to be useful and relevant, but also a stand-alone concept that can be explained in its totality. Research has shown that people quickly move away from videos that don’t provide relevant information or from a topic which they are not interested in. Therefore the SaaS the brand needs to identify and isolate areas of higher importance to target first

2. Decide on the type of Training Video

Format of the training video plays a key role in connecting with the viewers and it needs to be decided based on the analysis of the target audience, that is, people of different demographics, financial backgrounds, age groups, and professional sectors. The type of videos also depends on the budget, deadlines, resources at hand and the vision of the brand. Screencast, Microvideo, Presenter video, Animation, Interactive video are some of the options.

3. Lockdown Script and Storyboard

The final video produced can turn out to be different from what was initially conceptualized if a clear picture is not put down on paper. Everything from the scene-by-scene visuals, voiceover instructions, static or motion graphics, screen recording sections of the UI, etc. need to be scripted and sketched out in a full blown storyboard. This step will also give an idea about the length and effective performance of the video in the future.

4. Proceed with Recording and Editing

After a bit of practice on a software or by hiring a freelance professional, a great instructional, screencast training video can be recorded. Most softwares provides ample aid in the editing process.

  • Text overlays are used to emphasize on the point and highlight the key steps in a visual word format that stays in the mind of the viewer
  • Showing a narrator in the video can escalate the resonance felt by the viewers and can establish a connection with the brand and the feature being explained
  • Usage of intro and outro templates is popular including animations, images, music and motion background
  • Annotations such as arrows and shapes can be combined to create small animation effects to engage better with the audience

5. Host and Distribute the Training Video

The next step is to go all out in hosting, distributing and sharing the video on all available relevant platforms. Apart from uploading it on YouTube, it is a good idea to circulate the video through social media pages of the brand on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. these videos can also be put up on the website, landing pages and newsletters.

6. Analytics

Measure the performance of the video regularly and tweak it to understand what works. Try out multivariate testing and note down the data in Excel sheets to improve engagement. Platforms like Wistia, Google Analytics and YouTube Insight are used by video marketing to keep a track on the progress of the video.


Training videos are created on a one-time cost and therefore help in saving money and resources for future Training of Customers. These videos help in drastically reducing customer support tickets and therefore decrease churn and increase customer retention. It also reflects well on the company as good customer service means that they care about the customer with passion and the willingness to communicate with them to fix any doubts or problems preferably with no extra charges to explain the working of the SaaS product or service. It is therefore highly advisable for every brand to get a series of training videos out for its product or service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Depending on the complexity, advanced animation, motion graphics, design, video type, length, etc. a one-minute training video can cost anywhere between $1,000 to $3,500.

A 10 minute training video can cost from $15,000 to $100,000 depending on its scope, video style and detail of explanation.

Hiring an agency to get a professional email video can cost $5,000 to $10,000, while the cost of using software to create a training video using software is around $49/month.

A way of determining editing costs professionally is to count how many cuts per minute your finished video will have and multiply that figure by the finished video length.

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