How Much Does A SaaS Motion Graphics Video Cost?

How Much Does A SaaS Motion Graphics Video Cost

According to Foundr, video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs. But for a video to be engaging, it is important that it resonates with the leads and clearly explains the benefits offered by the SaaS.

A study by Forbes suggested that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. Motion graphic videos that had begun as a marketing trend, are now an industry-standard practice.

When it comes to branded content, a customer can no longer appreciate just static images and text. They expect well-made, animated explainer videos to guide them on every step of their SaaS journey.

The goal behind any type of SaaS video be it an explainer video, onboarding video, or even a case study- is to increase the number of product signups, accelerate the conversion of trial users, and improve product adoption.

And here is where motion graphic videos can prove to be very advantageous since they are:

  • Visually appealing and attractive
  • Support different video and device formats
  • Easy to create and invest money in
  • Explain your SaaS clearly
  • Can be circulated on social media platforms
  • Keep the potential lead looped in till the end
  • Propagate branding, highlight color scheme, and logo
  • Attractive visuals help in easy recall of the product

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What is a SaaS Motion Graphics Video?

Motion graphics videos are basically animation videos that include animated objects, text, imagery, 2D vector graphics, 3D animation, and CGI animation, apart from the basics of the story and audio elements.

Small pieces of animated digital footage created are combined to help in creating illusions of motion, continuous storytelling, and action. When combined with audio effects it can prove to be an exceptional way to add depth to the story being depicted through the video.

These videos are highly interesting and attract more traffic and leads, have proven to improve conversion rate, increase the click rate and generate more views. Motion graphic videos provide an effective way for the brand to communicate the purpose and pain-solving benefits of its SaaS.


Learn from this great example!



Why it works: The storytelling is impeccable and the whole motion graphics video function effectively despite having no audio instructions. The colors and branding straightaway hit you with the vision of Slack.

We follow the protagonist through the story of the video as he wakes up to his alarm and tries to make sense of his workday, getting overwhelmed by constant emails, alerts, and meetings. The characters, animation, and transitions are breathtaking.

The scene shifts from one office chore to another, with the protagonist soldering through different team meetings and rooms. The black and white setting accurately depicts the misery of the protagonist, and with the music building up we can relate to how the work, messages, and meetings are getting overwhelming for him.

The video then suddenly shifts to a colorful world with soothing music, and we see that everybody in this world is relaxed and their work processes are optimized. With the introduction of Slack’s logo and colors, the frame shifts to happy and joyful workers using Slack.

The video, in a very clean, crisp, and nonverbal way, showcases the benefits of Slack and how it can transform anyone’s working life into a simpler, more pleasant, and more productive experience- every single day. The motion graphics video is impactful and can nudge any potential lead into trying out this SaaS.

How to go about making a SaaS Motion Graphics Video?

Motion graphic videos are highly engaging and almost guarantee that the viewer will watch the execution till the end. Even though they have a good ROI, the initial investment can be steep.

A one-minute, simple motion graphics video can cost around $2000. As the elements and complexity of the video increase, the value can even go up to $4500/min.

The budget varies depending on the:

  • Length of the video
  • 3D elements
  • Complexity of animations
  • Character building
  • Voiceover cost
  • Revisions

A few viable options to make SaaS motion graphics videos are to try out free tools online, download and use easy-to-learn software, hire freelancers or work with video production agencies. The call generally depends on the budget, target audience, and marketing strategy of the brand.

Types of Videos Software/ Agency Cost Time taken Advantages Disadvantages
Easy Tools Biteable Free trials - $49/ mo - - Video analytics
- Call-to-action button
- Upload your own images and video with full audio support
- Access to 4 million pics, clips, and animations
- HD 1080p resolution
- Access to millions of premium video clips from Shutterstock
- Ready-to-use templates
- Limitations on personalization
- Need paid plan to unlock Branded Scenes, Customized training for your team and Dedicated account management
DIY/ Inhouse (Basic) - Adobe After Effects
- Premiere Pro
$20.99/mo - $52.99/mo 2-3 months to learn - Primarily used for motion graphics, visual effects, and composition
- Integrates with video collaboration tools, project management solutions, and 3D graphic programs
- Easy to make title and 2D animations -can place multiple video clips on the same video track
- Easy trimming and arranging clips, transitions between clips and creation of simple text layers
Learning takes time to get a professional looking output
DIY/ Inhouse (Intermediate and Pro) - Cinema 4D
- Mocha AE
- Nuke
$59/mo - $4,988/mo 1-2 years to learn - Used for modeling, animation, and simulation effects, tracking motion beyond a cluster of pixels, compositing 3D elements and video together
- Provides features like Nodal toolset, Deep Image compositing, Stereoscopic workflow, Rotoscoping, Keying, Keylight, Dope Sheet, Relighting, Volume builder, Node-based Shaders, UV Unwrapping, Improved CAD Importe, GPU accelerated tracking and object removal and Stereo 360/VR workflows
- Learning takes a lot of time to get a professional looking output
- Expensive, hard to work with, limited flexibility
Freelancers - Upwork
- Fiverr
$600 - $1200 24-30 days - Speedy results
- Cost is negotiable, with more options available
- Professional outputs
- Coordination can be a challenge
- Might not excel at their skillset
- Might not understand the product thereby hampering quality of video
Hybrid Video Agency - Content Beta
- Brafton
$500 - $3,500 10-20 days - Unlimited Revisions
- Provides UI/UX Updates
- Active Account Manager
- Dedicated Client Portal
- Process is on Autopilot
- Provide Quality Control and 24/7 Email Support
- Only understand b2B SaaS
- Don’t do character animated videos
Motion Graphic Video Agency - Wyzowl
- Vidico
$700 - $10,000 2-3 months - Active Account Manager
- Wide variety of video options: Animated, Interactive, Animated graphics, Live action
- Larger clientele and longer work experience
- Don’t have a Software/Tech Specialist
- Don’t provide Quality Control and 24/7 Email Support
- Separate specialist for Scripts, Creatives, Editing
- Pricing visibility only through email
- Expensive and Time taking
- Process requires to and fro on Calls and emails

“According to Agilitypr, having a video on the landing page of a SaaS makes it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of the SERP.”

When To Use Motion Graphics Video for your SaaS

1. To compile the full user experience

Most potential users skim and choose how much they want to understand in a textual or static infographic. But video is an interactive experience and it keeps the viewers connected with the story.

According to Wistia, videos up to 2 minutes in length have a strong viewing completion rate of around 70%. In fact, if the characters are alluring, the storyline is interesting and the benefits of your SaaS appeal to them, the viewers might actually watch your entire video.

2. To increase engagement and conversions

Many times potential leads do not convert even after reaching the landing pages of the company. Putting up motion graphic video in such cases has helped in explaining the SaaS more clearly, thus pushing the leads to take action in the desired direction. Video marketing has been found to help businesses grow revenue 49% faster.

3. To improve customer onboarding

Motion graphic videos help in decomplexifying the product and the workings of the UI. The story and the characters connect with the user and help in training the customer on a step-by-step basis to optimize their usage of the product.

8 Predominant Elements of a SaaS Motion Graphics Video and How to Ace them

Steps Things to cover Tips Software to use
Initial meeting 1) Can take place on the phone, over video conference, or in-person
2) Discuss key goals and mandates in real time
1) Keep it live to actively discuss the issues
2) Draw up an outline of the process and expected output
Zoom, Google Meet
Script 1) Plan a quick overview of your product, introduce the problem and answering the problem with your SaaS with emphasis on benefits
2) Brainstorm with designers, content writers, researchers, animators, and project managers
3) Remember to broadcast your well-known clients in the end
4) Work on a catchy CTA for the ending
1) Keep it brief
2) Get feedback from key stakeholders
3) Speak in 2nd person and keep the language simple
4) Add humor if possible
5) First 30 seconds- key message and value proposition
- Final Draft
- Celtx
- WriterDuet
- Trelby
- Google Docs
Storyboarding 1) Sketch out the rough frame by frame breakdown of the entire script
2) Tally the storyboard with the and expected voiceover
3) Finalize design and animation styles
4) Do multiple revisions and cut out filler content
1) Analyze whether or not your visual styles and story resonate with your brand's mission and objectives
2) Keep the color scheme of the brand in mind
3) Get feedback on the drafts
4) Work on reducing the length
- Plot
- Artemis Pro
- Studio binder
- Astropad Standard
- make Storyboard
- PanelForge
Voiceover 1) Take time to study the script
2) Clarity is essential- pronounce every word correctly
3) Understand what language and accent would work for the target audience
4) Make sure the emotions in the voice connect with your brand’s voice
1) Hire an artist
2) For self recording, rent out a soundproof studio
3) Keep copies of the recordings
(Hire on)
- Craigslist
- Fiverr
Animation 1) Decide between in-house production, freelancers, or agency for your video- the based on what would work for SaaS and your target audience
2) Great resources for advancing your knowledge of video production
- Lynda
- Udemy
- Ripple Training
- Larry Jordan
- Premiere Gal Media
- Inside the Edit
3) Edit mercilessly
1) For in-house production: study multiple tutorials of the software you zero down on to get best results
2) Consider outsourcing to a video agency for a more professional result
3) Get feedback from a beta group
- Biteable
- Adobe After Effects
- Premiere Pro
- Cinema 4D
- Mocha AE
- Nuke
- Upwork
- Fiverr
- Content Beta
- Brafton
- Wyzowl
- Vidico
Music & sound effects 1) Understand what type of music would work for the type of video and audience demographic
2) Keep a few back up, royalty free options
3) Experiment with A/B testing
1) Don’t overdo the sound effects
2) Make sure the music doesn’t overpower the voice over
3) Check the sound file’s licensing agreement before hand
- MusOpen
- Free Sound
- YouTube
- Audio Jungle
- Audacity
Marketing 1) Draw up a budget for investment
2) Hire a marketing strategist if possible
3) Analyze channels of maximum lead influx for better ROI on advertisements
1) Use SEO to generate more leads
2) Keep testing the performance
3) Optimize your videos and target for each channel
- Put up on landing pages
- Include in emails
- Include on website Ads on social media platforms - Facebook
- Instagram
- LinkedIn
- Twitter
Analytics 1) Measure video engagement regularly
2) Tweak it to understand what works
3) Try multivariate testing
Note down the data in Excel sheets to improve engagement - Wistia
- Google Analytics
- YouTube Insight

3 Types of Motion Graphics Video for SaaS marketing

1. Product tours

Many brands take the assistance of product tours or product walkthrough videos to diligently guide the new users into finding their bearings and actively introducing them to the UI of the SaaS.

Product tour videos help in decomplexifying the SaaS, and motion graphics can help with the learning curve, and teach how to use key features that are most relevant to the user.


More than 85% of people say they prefer to purchase from a SaaS that invests in welcoming and educational onboarding content for new users.

Product tour videos use combinations of different UI showcasing techniques such as beacons, tooltips, short explainer videos, pop-ups, and interactive walkthroughs to aid in learning the ways of SaaS, thereby also increasing customer retention rates.

2. Onboarding videos

Onboarding is essentially the backbone of your future relationship with the customer as it eases the customer into the process of getting acquainted with the SaaS and by providing them with the tips and tricks of adopting the product in a better way.

It not only provides a warm welcome and provides valuable data to the customer, but once motion graphics are added to it, the video also helps in demonstrating the benefits and the features of the SaaS, thereby building customer loyalty and advocacy in the future.


Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

Customer Onboarding videos help in this process as they can improve customer allegiance and eliminate the potential frustration caused by difficulties that occur when a person uses a product for the first time.

The success of such videos is measured by the quality of the video which affects the behavior of the user after sign-up.

3. Explainer/Product demos

Critical in converting users to loyal customers, these videos are what keeps a customer going. A good demo video is one of the most essential pieces in your SaaS marketing kit as it not just successfully gives the potential user a tour of the product, it subtly informs the user on the non-highlighted aspects like affordability, relevance, and usefulness, prodding the client into making a decision according to his needs and taking action sooner.


The motion graphics explainer video also demonstrates upgrades on the product, how to use previously launched products, or even answer frequently experienced problems, thereby severely shrinking the churn rate.

“A study by Unbounce suggested that using video on a SaaS landing page can increase conversions by 80%”


Video consumption has been increasing exponentially over the past few years and it is a known fact today that videos drive sales for brands across all industries.

According to BusinessAnalyze, visual data is processed 60,000x faster than text. And with the kind of animation in objects and text, 2D vector graphics, and 3D animation that motion graphic videos offer, they are the biggest asset for any company to aid in enhancing their brand image and putting their SaaS on the map.

These videos connect with the potential user, stay in the memory, and account for easy recall when needed, thereby increasing conversions in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Depending on the quality, the agency chosen, the style of the video graphics, the deadline, and character animations, the production cost for a 30-second motion graphics video can range in between $2200- $4800.

3D Live-Action, Merging 2D and 3D, Kinetic Typography, Sophisticated VFX, Seamless Transitions, Thin Lines, Retro Motion Graphics, Web and Apps Motion Graphics, Liquid Motion, Hybrid style videos, and Whiteboard animation are some of the most popular motion graphics styles.

A video that has design elements and movements in its text and objects is a motion graphics video. B2B SaaS companies use motion graphics videos to illustrate the concept and the story of the product more creatively and in a visual way, so that the viewers can engage and connect better to the product. It provides leverage to the company as it provides the opportunity to define their narrative and present the brand’s goals in a way that increases recall value.

For simple 2D graphics and animation, the price range for a motion graphics video can be anywhere in between $3000-$7000.

Khyati Agrawal
Khyati Agrawal

Khyati is a seasoned writer and a hands-on marketing professional. She specializes in inbound and growth marketing, content marketing, lead generation, public relations, brand amplification, B2B communications and partnerships, and social media marketing.

Khyati Agrawal
Khyati Agrawal

Khyati is a seasoned writer and a hands-on marketing professional. She specializes in inbound and growth marketing, content marketing, lead generation, public relations, brand amplification, B2B communications and partnerships, and social media marketing.

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