How Explainer Videos Help Acquire New Customers

How Explainer Videos Help Acquire New Customers?

Written by Rishabh
Written by Rishabh

Rishabh leads the content strategy at Content Beta, an on-demand creative video and design team for Tech & SaaS companies.

With the attention span of potential leads getting shorter, the old text-only advertising methods are losing their significance. That makes it difficult to capture and retain the interest of your ideal clients.

Explainer videos help in brand discovery and getting attention for customer acquisition. These short, compelling videos are device-agnostic and versatile across multiple platforms. They do more than just explain your B2B benefits. They build your brand’s image and authority.

According to a 2023 article by Hubspot, 96% of individuals watch explainer videos to learn about a product. 89% of them are influenced to make a purchase decision.

If you are not using an explainer video in your B2B marketing, you should rethink your customer acquisition strategy.

This blog discusses the benefits of an explainer video for your marketing and how they can help you with customer acquisition and retention.

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What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short, engaging video that clearly and concisely explains a product, service, or concept. It’s a strategic asset for B2B marketers to quickly establish their value proposition, clarify complex offerings, and address specific pain points of prospective clients.

Pictorial explanation of how videos play a role in a sales funnel by Content Beta.

It is essential for increasing awareness, product sign-ups, sales cycles, and converting users to loyal customers. These videos grab the potential lead’s attention and nurture existing client relationships.

Apart from initial introductions, explainer videos can be leveraged in the advanced stages of the customer journey. They can highlight product updates, offer tutorials on common queries, and ultimately contribute to reducing customer attrition or churn rates.

Consider your ROI when budgeting your explainer video. An explainer video cost can vary widely, ranging from as low as $500 to as high as $72,000.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos can significantly improve your B2B marketing campaigns, from lead generation to customer retention. In a B2B context, explainer videos offer several distinct advantages:

1. Simplification

B2B products or services can often be complex. Explainer videos clarify complicated concepts into easily digestible content.

A well-created explainer video script helps ensure the message is precise and targeted. It targets the specific pain points of prospective clients and offers solutions clearly and concisely.

2. Quick Engagement

In the age of the attention economy, an explainer video can quickly grab the attention of a prospective client. It conveys your message in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

Adding emotional relatability, like quick humor, can help in engagement. Explainer video Script templates can simplify the process of adding scripts. It provides a structured outline that you can customize to fit your specific needs.

3. Enhanced Credbey

High-quality explainer videos can elevate your brand’s professionalism and credibility, making you stand out in a competitive market.

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4. Lead Generation

A well-made explainer video can be a powerful lead magnet. It draws potential clients into your sales funnel and encourages them to take the following steps.

5. Sales Growth

Addressing common questions and objections in the video can speed up the sales cycle, enabling faster decision-making for your clients.

Using cost-effective whiteboard explainer videos can be a strategic move for sales growth. Investing in an affordable yet impactful form of content can reach a wider audience without straining your budget.

6. Versatility

Explainer videos can be used in various stages of the marketing funnel, from awareness and consideration to decision and retention. Using suitable videos for every marketing funnel stage is crucial for maximizing lead conversion and customer engagement.

7. Customer Education

Post-sale explainer videos can be used for onboarding, reducing the learning curve for your clients and decreasing churn.

8. Analytics

Video analytics from explainer videos can help you measure engagement, view rates, and ROI. It can be invaluable for improving your marketing strategies.

How Explainer Videos Help Acquire New Customers via Marketing?

For a B2B marketer, explainer videos are a necessary tool. Ideal for social media, emails, and landing pages, these videos increase engagement and ROI. Explainer videos can be used across various platforms and devices to maximize their reach and impact.

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly important in the B2B sector, especially. A well-made mobile app explainer video can significantly improve user engagement and downloads.

Here are a few ways to use explainer videos in marketing:

1. Videos on website

Putting an explainer video on the website decreases the bounce rate of a potential lead. It eliminates any challenges the viewer’s mind has in grasping the homepage’s content on your website.

The video quickly explains the product and highlights its benefits. This encourages people to make a purchase decision.

If you’re considering a slightly longer format, 90-second explainer videos perfectly balance detail and engagement.

2. Videos in Social Networks

Explainer videos on B2B social media simplify complex offerings. They target decision-makers on platforms like LinkedIn. These videos help in brand awareness and generate leads. They’re also shareable, extending your reach.

If you want to create a concise and impactful explainer video, 60-second explainer videos are a great option, especially for social media. These short videos can effectively convey your product’s features, benefits, and value proposition without overwhelming the viewer.

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3. Videos in Emails and Newsletters

Brands need help to convert potential leads who discover their product. Capturing lead details allows for follow-up through scheduled emails and newsletters.

Adding explainer videos to these emails increases open rates and click-through rates. Videos make the content more appealing, helping in customer acquisition.

4. Landing Pages

Explainer videos on landing pages speed up a potential customer’s decision-making process. The videos visually show how the business solves problems. It encourages viewers to click on the CTA and enter the sales funnel, leading to conversions.

5. Videos in Client Testimonials

Social proof like positive feedback and testimonials build credibility for your business. Adding snippets of explainer videos between the testimonials can enhance understanding of your product’s features and benefits.

This approach clarifies your offering and adds a layer of transparency and authenticity. It fosters trust among potential leads.

6. Videos in FAQ

The key to customer success is showing that you care about their questions and concerns. Explainer videos are an effective tool for educating customers about your SaaS features and user interface.

We know how to sell your story using your product UI

7. Videos in Paid Ads

Paid advertisements with explainer videos increase awareness and drive leads toward the first step of the funnel and eventual conversion. They lay out the business’s benefits, positively impacting ROI by encouraging leads to purchase.

Animated explainer videos like this example by Microsoft serve as an engaging lead magnet that can quickly capture attention and help the sales cycle. You need an animated video-making agency that meets your needs for proper storytelling. Here are 25 agencies for animated explainer videos.

A product video demo is a necessity for B2B sales cycles. It transforms abstract value
propositions into tangible solutions. That’s where a product demo video agency comes in. Content Beta specializes in creating B2B product demos with options like 2D animation and motion graphics, all at different price points to fit your budget.

Why Content Beta?

Creating a high-converting explainer video can be challenging and time consuming for B2B marketers. From scriptwriting to animation, the process requires specialized skills.

We at Content Beta offer a one-stop solution for all your video production needs, including explainer videos. With a transparent pricing plan and vetted creatives, serving over 150 creative services. Our bank of happy testimonials and G2 rating of 4.7 prove our credibility.

We deliver tangible outcomes by transforming your video content strategy, saving you both time and resources. It’s not just a service; it’s an investment in quality and efficiency.


Explainer videos are a versatile and effective tool for capturing and retaining the attention of potential clients. From simplifying complex concepts to accelerating the sales cycle, these videos offer many benefits that extend across the entire marketing funnel.

They strengthen brand credibility and provide measurable results through analytics. Whether on your website, social media platforms, emails, or even paid ads, explainer videos can be the linchpin in your B2B marketing strategy.

Examples are a great way to understand what works and what doesn’t in explainer videos. For B2B marketers, looking at successful explainer video examples can provide valuable insights into compelling storytelling, pacing, and visual elements.

If you have yet to incorporate them, now is the time to leverage their power for better customer acquisition, engagement, and a higher ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Explainer videos attract and engage potential customers by simplifying complex concepts, leading them down the sales funnel.

They increase brand awareness, clarify your value proposition, and improve SEO, ultimately increasing customer engagement and sales.

Use explainer videos on landing pages, social media, and emails to capture attention and encourage clicks, driving conversions.

Share it across platforms like your website, social media channels, and email campaigns. Use SEO-friendly titles and descriptions for better visibility.

We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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