How do you make your trial users stick around?

In episode #1, Adi Azaria and Rishabh talk about how to educate your users and build your customer success teams. Tune in to hear how to make trial users stick around!
What do you do at your company to solve the problem of under-experienced lead generation?
It’s a major question that we need to answer, but in general, there are many challenges in your SaaS journey. It might be lead generation, how many leads can you generate at a certain point of time, what is their cost, what is the CAC etc.

How you define all of these things, of course, also matters. And it relates a lot to pricing, to product and the strategy or marketing presence.
What are your views on trial user conversion or poor product usage? Also, what do you do extra to make people stick around to the product after a trial of your product?
Anything from marketing initiatives you know, it involves giving them value, and not what kind of features you need to use, but how to create a better business.

I’ll give you an example. Now in our world i.e. the field service world, Many people don’t realise that they can give tips, basically offer the option for the customer to give them tips. And, once we are presenting the software, in almost one out of five jobs, we’ll get about $30 to $40 for technicians.

So you educate them that you don’t need to ask for it. We just give the possibility. You give the option very much like a restaurant. These kinds of marketing initiatives basically help the user to thrive as a business.

Even related to your software, when they see the value they see that you’re educating them with, you’re always successful.
So you’re saying you educate your users to succeed as an individual or as a business, and not only how work is solving all your problems.

Since there is much training available from your academy, is your team manually creating these videos? How do they go about this, is the customer success team involved?
It’s a part of product marketing as well. Both departments work together in order to create assets.

This is what we call the one-trick pony. Initial stages are easy, it’s only done manually, but once you get bigger, a little bit more complicated than that. You need some guides, and videos are the best way to offer them.

You need to segment users into as many as three segments. In our case, understand what the pain points of each of them are and basically create a journey that is light enough, engaging and educational.
Most people confuse product usability with product training, so should software only consider, if it is very usable or should they not consider training or vice versa?
You need to do everything, I mean, as much as you do, it’s never enough. So, educational content like an Academy is one way of educating people that do not want to do training.

There are many people that just don’t want to come to training. There are so many people who want to do both but many people want to do one of them.

It really depends on the persona. Not all people are learning in the same way. So, I’m a person who likes to listen to things versus people who want to see things more. You know, educating myself via listening. Some people are visual, so they can read the videos and you need to present all the options in order to sell.
Since we don’t know what kind of learner or user is up ahead, we present all the options, but how would you prioritise as a small SaaS company, how would you prioritise what would I do first and what second?
So, you need to know your customer very well. That’s what the product team does, via customer interviews, to understand the pain points: where they start, when they know, during the process or after they are very mature, try to give answers to these challenges. Every video, every help article, etc.
What would you recommend on giving your users wow moments at the start when they sign up so that they don’t give up on your product?
You need to know who they are without them even telling you their very personal experience. You need to understand who they are, how they work, what kind of tools they use, what type of job they have.
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