How do you Improve Trial Conversion using Training Videos

The average cost of acquiring a customer is much less than the average lifetime value of that customer. This creates an opportunity for companies to invest in educating their customers in order to provide higher-quality products and services that will encourage them to stay loyal.
How do you Improve Trial Conversion using Training Videos
It is no secret that the majority of people who sign up for a trial will not convert to a paid user. The most common reason for this is that the customer lacks information about the product and doesn’t know what they’re getting into, so improving trial conversion is something that marketers and customer success leaders always seek.

Many SaaS companies use customer training videos to improve their trial conversion rates and reduce churn. These videos help customers understand the product more easily and they also help customers get more productive.

Educating your customers is a key to reducing churn and improving trial conversion rates.

One of the biggest things that turn people off in a trial for a SaaS product is complexity. The most effective tactic for converting free trials to paying customers is to have streamlined instructional videos that guide the user through the experience.
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Training videos are an excellent way to educate customers about your product without them having to contact customer service or wait around for answers to their questions. Video training is a great way to refresh and teach your customers.

Video is an engaging and fun way to communicate with your customers. It’s also the next best thing to being there in person. It can be used to educate new customers, onboard existing customers, or provide them with tips on how to use the product they’ve just purchased.
SaaS training videos are an important part of the onboarding process for many SaaS businesses. But, what makes them really effective? The answer lies in how you use them.

9 ways we’ve outlined below will help you make your Training more successful

1. Offer Short Video Tutorials

If you offer a Saas service, it’s important to make the learning process as simple as possible for your customers. They need to be able to find all the information they need in one place.

Create short videos that show people how your product works and people will be more likely to buy from you. They have firsthand experience understanding and learning about your product and the benefits they get from it.

2. Let Users Know What They’re Getting Into with a Walkthrough Video

Even a basic UI animation video can speak a lot more than you think. Brands today use Ui animation videos to explain their features and benefits on the products itself. This makes it easier for the user to not just solve their problems but also navigate through the product more easily making it easier for them to feel the benefits of your product, hence boosting chances for conversion.

3. Create Multiple Videos to Answer All Users Questions

No one looks for hour-long videos explaining the whole product. They have specific problems and search for specific results. It is easier to watch a 5-minute video and have your problems solved than through an hour-long or more of onboarding to just be able to get your issue solved.

This also beats the expense that you would spend on customer support executives since now your users can solve their problems by themselves in a much quicker time without having to raise tickets and having to wait for it to be raised and resolved.

4. Create Videos on Specific Topics or Niches

Get niche. Every single pain point deserves its own solution. Make easily searchable specific videos which help customers . Don’t make it hard for someone to find their exact problem and solve it in a timely manner.

Give them the extra opportunity to spend much more time on your product and hence learn the benefits rather than anything else.

5. Include Seamless User Cases in Your Videos

Try to get real with your videos. Your customer most relates when they see their problem or something similar on screen.

Provide solutions to real customer issues that have been noticed or come up in the past so that your trial users can connect with them and spend least time figuring out your product and most time getting to know its benefits.

The main aim is to make sure that the customer spends least time figuring out you product and most time using it.

6. Explain How your Product is Valuable to the User

Try not to speak about your features but rather about problems that the customer has and how using your product can help them solve them. This makes it sound real and make it seem more valuable.

The first step is to define what you want to convey through your video. When thinking of video marketing, it’s best not to start with how much time or money you want to spend, but instead focus on what you want to say.

You need a clear goal for your video that will guide everything else in the process from production, distribution, promotion down to optimization.

7. Conduct User Testing and View Screen Recordings

Try to see what roadblocks your trial customers are facing. What makes them spend more time figuring out your product and not using it. These are topics that you must focus on making easier or more help videos on.

Sometimes even basic things like a log-in or uploading documents could be a challenge for your customers depending on their technical capabilities. It is key to understand this and also make sure that you address it with a short and to the point video.

8. Create videos in multiple languages

For SaaS products, it can be extremely valuable to reach out to their international customers and connect with them immediately by just creating multi-lingual voice-overs for their videos making it easy for their customers to understand it in ease in their own native, giving it a personal sense.

9. Create an Academy

B2B SaaS tools often require multiple videos and having an academy really helps. Using an LMS Platform, checkpoints for onboarding, gamifying the experience, and helping customers clearly understand how to use your product can be really helpful and often a no-brainer for SaaS brands.

In fact, here is an analysis of over 50 SaaS brands and tips from some of their founders!

Final Words

SaaS providers have a high customer acquisition cost. Most SaaS providers offer a free trial to get new customers, but very few take the time and energy to focus on the customer retention rate.

Companies can improve customer retention rates by providing value-added features and training videos. This will help them to retain their customers and keep them coming back. In addition, it can improve the customer’s experience and reduce churn.


A favored way to improve trial conversion is to create by bite-sized training videos that help new users with adapting better to the product, solve frequently asked questions and doubts with newsletters, and provide support in the initial phase.

Most B2B SaaS companies realize the importance of making the product easy to understand for the audience. They, therefore, create multiple support systems that can help new users maneuver through the complex onboarding process.

Some popular methods are creating short onboarding videos, providing customer support chat, hosting webinars to help with product adoption, creating a feedback loop for customers, creating video academy to help in training customers and through personalized emails.

B2B SaaS companies aim for a 25-30% conversion rate. Companies who are using opt-out free trial and have been established in the market for a while can try for a 55-75% conversion rate. For an average B2B beginner, 15% should be considered good.

The best B2B training videos are the ones that engage the new user for a longer period of time. This is done by adding elements like motion graphics, background score, kinetic typography, pop-up messages, sound effects, etc. Another extremely effective way is to get a good, enthusiastic-sounding voiceover artist to make sure the video does not become boring. These measures will help in decreasing the bounce rate.

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