How to Create a Regular Email Campaign Using DirectIQ

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If your contact lists and templates are ready, you are ready to create a campaign.

Click here to know more about – How to set up Contact lists.

Click here to know more about – How to set up Email templates.

[Overall Steps]

1. Once you’re logged in, go to Campaigns > Create Regular Campaign.

2. Fill in all the details.

  • Campaign Name
  • Tags (optional) – Select tags from the drop-down list or add new tags

3. Click on Save & Continue

4. Next, decide who will receive this campaign’s email.

  • Refer Pt. 1 – Choose the Contact List(s)
  • Refer Pt. 2 and 3 – Select the Segment(s) and choose the Tags (if any)
  • Refer Pt. 4 – Choose the language. E.g. English

5. Click on Save & Continue.

6. Now, you need to decide the Sender’s Address and Name.

Select an address from the drop-down list.

Or enter a new address.


If you enter a new email address, that needs to be verified before you can continue.

7. Click on Save & Continue.

8. Choose your email template by clicking on the rectangle on the left side.

9. You can also change the template by clicking on its image and selecting a new one.

10. Next, fill in all the details.

  • Subject Line
  • Pre-header (optional)

Best Practice:

People skim through your subject line in their inbox instead of reading it.

Add a subject line that establishes a connection with the reader, invokes confidence, and creates a sense of urgency.

11. Click on Save & Continue.

12. In the end, you need to set up a date and time for your campaign.

13. If needed, you can send it immediately by clicking on Send Now.

14. Finally, check, or edit the information you entered by clicking on the change button.

15. And that’s it, click on You’re Good to Go! to start your campaign.

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