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Heap is an analytics platform that helps product, marketing, and customer success teams craft exceptional digital experiences that convert.

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47 mins

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Key features

Christy Hollingshead

Senior Director, Customer Education, Heap University

How old is the Academy?

2 Years

What are your favorite tools and gear?

We keep it pretty simple at Heap. We are largely video-based and use Camtasia for editing and Blue Yeti mics for great audio quality

Who do you take inspiration from?

A variety of sources for videos: Alton Brown (He’s a Chef that’s done a lot of TV shows – check out Good Eats), Nick Nimmin (YouTube), Pixar 22 story points, LinkedIn Learning, and a ton of other video creators.

Academy designs – HubSpot Academy, Asana Academy, YouTube Academy, and many other sites that aren’t academies, but make awesome learning content.

Biggest lesson learned creating video content for Academy?

When multiple people are contributing, make sure to normalize your audio levels across videos!

How many students go through the Academy per year?


What does your program receive praise for?

Short, digestible videos with a focus on use case-based content (vs feature based content)

Other important information that may help you grow your SaaS business:

Customer support videos – Customer support is probably the most neglected aspect of SaaS businesses. It helps in enhancing customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction. Customer support videos are created at a one-time cost and help in saving money and resources and help in drastically reducing customer support tickets.

Remote video testimonials – Build trust using 100% remotely created testimonial videos, it is a social proof of value addition. They are the most effective as the best marketing is proof! A final version of remote video testimonials can be created in as quickly as 10-12 days.

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