Go-to-Market Launch Bundle

Get all your creatives ready on time for your next GTM launch

What our Customers Say

I liked how fast they picked up our product, which to their credit might look simple but is rather nuanced. On top of that our UI keeps changing, CB provides us with a maintenance cycle that helps us keep the videos updated.
Kalyan Chakravarthy
Product Enablement Manager, Kissflow

Go-to-market launch is a massive task for any team

Lack of marketing resources is the biggest reason great product launches aren’t creating impact


You have to create all the copy/assets yourself

for positioning and messaging.


Lost in chasing video teams for promo videos...

Teaching yourself video editing?


Endless templates for asset design...

Running out of Canva ideas?
Tired of reused designs from freelancers?


Nobody is using your feature? Low adoption rate?

Need to scale production education content?


There is a new way to get good product/feature launch content produced!

Dedicated Team model
Instantly hire a team of copywriters, video producers, designers, and a project manager without you having to manage people. Simply put, it’s like having a dedicated design team for your launch.

Flat-rate Pricing
Content Beta’s unique pricing plan ensures high efficiency, which means no dollar goes wasted. No disappointments, no surprises.

Built for Speed
You don’t have to spend time teaching us how your product works. No back-to-back zoom calls. We have spent years experimenting and mastering the process with 100+ software companies.

How can we help you

A variety of Creative Capabilities under one roof

Give your product marketing and GTM teams superpowers, literally. So you can rapidly go from concept to launch

Promo Video

Product/feature demos

Adoption docs/videos

Beta User Testimonial

Product UI GIFs

Social Media Graphics

Presentation Deck

Landing Page Design

Release Notes


Product Data sheet

How-to articles

Our Platform

All projects in one platform

You can see all your design and video projects on our platform that is built for collaboration

Streamline, manage and distribute your brand’s resources by organizing and storing them in a single, customizable location.

Stay connected with our team through instant messaging. Use our Client App to share files or give feedback..

Facilitate team collaboration and stakeholder communication on design projects by easily sharing and commenting on files. 

Our Platform

Flat-rate Pricing

Straightforward subscription pricing. Any unused hours in a month will be rolled over for a period of 90 days – eliminating waste! If you don’t use them, you won’t lose them


$ 3,000

Delivered in < 20 days

< 3 hours per day

● Launch/Promo Video (45 seconds)

● 2 Product UI GIFs (3 frames)

● 2 Social Media Graphics

● Release Notes (300 words)



$ 5,000

Delivered in < 30 days

< 6 hours per day

● Everything in Launchpad

● Use case/Feature Video (2 minutes)

● How-to video (3 minutes)

● Product Data Sheet Design (1 pager)


$ 6,500

Delivered in < 45 days

< 12 hours per day

● Everything in Liftoff

● Presentation Deck Design (6 slides)

● Landing Page Design (Single page)

● 2 Blogs (500 words)

● 2 Knowledgebase Articles (1,000 words)

● Beta User Testimonial (2 minutes)

Failed product/feature launch in the past? Want to repurpose that content or want to create a custom bundle?

Video Production

Explainer Video (30 secs): 24 hours

Demo Video (2 mins): 16 hours

How-to Videos (3 mins): 12 hours

Video Edit (Raw footage of 10 mins): 3 hours

Animated Video Ads (30 secs): 24 hours

Design & Marketing Assets

Posts/Banners: 4 hours

eBook Design (6 pages): 8 hours

Product GIFs (3 frames): 4 hours

How-to article (500 words): 4 hours

Carousal Ads: 7 hours

PODCAST & Audio Editing

Audio Podcast Editing (30 mins): 4 hours

Video Podcast Editing (30 mins): 9 hours

Podcast promotion graphics: 2 hours

Promotional clips: 2 hours

What can you expect?

Dedicated Account Manager

Access To Client App For Project Management

Weekly Update Calls

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing resources and Training Content for a product launch or feature release. Things like Design Assets, Product Videos, Social shorts, Pitch Decks, and Technical Writing.

We can help guide you! That’s what we’re here for. Just book a call with us and we’ll figure it out based on where your bottlenecks are, what your feature needs, your organizational set-up, as well as expected volume. We’ll find the best fit, together.

Please take a look at the services we offer to discover what we can do for you. For any doubts or questions, reach out on [email protected] - we would be happy to help.

We DON’T need your time in explaining how your product works. We have tried and tested process for knowledge transfer. All we need is your product docs or loom video and demo account credentials.

While we are very fast, a 24-hour turnaround is not possible for all asset types. However, a few tasks like updating presentation slides, resizing graphics, and making small edits to a video can be done with a shorter turnaround time.

Your Account Manager will always notify you if your deadlines can be met prior to starting the project.

All of our content is made from scratch and you have full legal ownership of the files as soon as we deliver them to you. However, ownership to illustrations, vector files, stock videos, and images belong to third party and have license to use without crediting the creator.


Our processes and pricing are reasonably lean. We have maintenance plans that keeps your Product UI updated for a fraction of the cost. Contact us for more information.

Yes! The Client App is designed to be used by multiple teams inside an organization. It’s precisely set up so as to remove the middlemen in getting design done, and to help you move fast (without breaking things). So as long as they are invited by the admin on the account, employees will be authorized to request design and creatives for their projects and campaigns.

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