Go-To-Market Playbook 2023

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Psst! Want the inside scoop on the most killer content assets that'll set your software apart from the competition?

Guides, ebooks & research reports were clear winners here as 35% of participants vouched for them! Content creatives and Product Videos came at a close second.

According to 35% of respondents- guides, ebooks, and research reports are the best content assets to differentiate your software.

This is followed by videos across the funnel, which came in at 23%, and content creatives such as infographics and blogs at 23%. Customer case studies and testimonials also proved to be valuable with 15% of participants recommending them.

Interestingly, battlecards and comparison charts were not as popular, with only 4% of participants suggesting them. Overall, it seems that in-depth, informative content that educates potential customers about the unique features and benefits of your software is the most effective in setting your product apart from the competition.

Know the best channel in town to lure in new customers and get 'em hooked on your software!

Cold email outreach, the clear champion was almost given a run for its money by the super platform, LinkedIn! The next loudest cheer was heard for Paid ads and Review Platforms.

LinkedIn proved to be a powerful platform, with a remarkable 17% of respondents citing it as their preferred channel. Cold email outreach also demonstrated its effectiveness, with 19% of respondents expressing their preference for it. Paid ads and review platforms (such as G2 and Capterra) were also popular, with 15% and 10% of respondents respectively indicating them as their preferred channels.

Other channels that received support include referrals (5%), organic traffic and SEO (9%), events (7%), social media (8%), and communities and groups (7%). While influencer marketing received the least support (3%), it still remains a viable option for some software companies.

Overall, the data suggests that a combination of channels may be necessary to effectively attract potential customers and get them to try your software, with a particular emphasis on cold email outreach, LinkedIn, paid ads, and review platforms.

Curious about the secret sauce for measuring the success of your go-to-market strategy? Check out these rad metrics!

MQLs and SQLs roared in victory as the topic success metrics experts swear by! Conversion Pipeline and Annual Recurring Revenue came next.

When it comes to measuring the success of a go-to-market strategy, it turns out that marketing and sales-qualified leads (MQLs and SQLs) are the clear favorites among experts, with MQLs and SQLs receiving the highest percentage of votes at 27% and 23%, respectively.

Conversion pipeline and sales win rate came in at 15%, while annual recurring revenue (ARR) and adoption rate received 13% and 11% of the votes, respectively. Cost per acquisition (CAC), retention, and pay-per-click (PPC)/cost-per-click (CPC) received lower percentages, with only 5%, 3%, and 3% of the votes, respectively.

It’s clear that tracking leads and conversions is crucial to evaluating the success of a go-to-market strategy, but it’s also important to keep an eye on metrics like ARR and adoption rate to ensure long-term growth and success.

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